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Missy2001 04-30-2001 05:13 PM

I have similiar symptoms as the post on Facial Swelling. However,I'm not so sure its a true Food Allergy since I tested negative on everything. My symptoms always occur after I eat. I've really restricted my diet (which has helped). Does anyone know the symptoms of "Dumping Syndrome"? Does it exist? My symptoms seem to occur most often after I've eat something sweet,greasy or processed. I've also eliminated most processed foods & increased my B vitamins (which also has helped)and decreased the number of reactions. But I can't tolerate a lot of food at a meal (which goes back to improper digestion as someone mentioned in a post). My symptoms include itching of palms,wrists,feet,stomach, hives all over,swelling of hands,mouth, redness over entire body, wheezing, drop in blood pressure, heart racing.
I have kept a food diary & was able to see somewhat of a pattern which involved the sugar,greasy & processed foods.
Does anyone have a clue??

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