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serpentgirl 10-06-2004 03:54 PM

chronic hives questions
Has anyone here gotten chronic hives after an allergic reaction??? Also, if your hives start out fairly mild, what are the chances they will get worse over time, and is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

Thanks for the insight!!!

alliemay 10-08-2004 08:38 PM

Re: chronic hives questions
i used to get hives very badly so the doctor prescribed claritan and it works

CheerAngel 10-09-2004 10:58 AM

Re: chronic hives questions
I have cases of having rashes when I was younger and then I have CIU in my teens. But mine started very badly. Now, my hives are much more better with management! Have you been diagnosed with chronic urticaria? Has a cause been found yet? Have you done the elimination diet? Btw, since you asked that qn, so what allergic reaction you had?

An antihistamine a day should help with the hives and prevent them from appearing. If you stop taking it and only take it when the hives appear, the med might not be that effective. Though for more severe cases, an antihistamine a day might not be enough. All the best, hope this helps. :angel:

serpentgirl 10-11-2004 10:56 AM

Re: chronic hives questions
Thanks for the responses! About six weeks ago, I slept on sheets the detergent hadn't been completely washed out of. My skin became very itchy and irritated all over. It almost hurt to run my hairbrush over my scalp. A day later, I noticed a few fairly small hives had formed in various locations around my body. This purple dime sized lesion also formed by my elbow. It hurt at first really bad, but eventually it stopped hurting and went away completely. A few days after I changed my bedclothes, the itching and hives started to lessen. However, the hives never completely stopped errupting. I still get them, on my hands or forearms mostly but I've also gotten a few on my upper arms (these are a little bigger, maybe about the size of a pea) and one or two possibly on my legs. Sometimes I can go a whole day with only one or two hives errupting. Other days, my hands will itch more and I'll notice a hive or two starting to errupt maybe every 3 or 4 hours. If I don't touch them, they usually go away fairly quickly. I also get these very small blood spots on my hands sometimes since the detergent incident. They start out bright pink, fade to purple then go away. Sometimes they go away really quickly. Others they hang around for hours. I usually never have more than one or two at a time and I can go days without having any. They are mild and not hard to deal with, but I worry for two reasons. #1.) I noticed some slightly swollen lymph nodes in my neck a few months ago. I went to 3 docs who said they're from my allergies (I've had chronic post nasal drip for 2 years) and not to worry, but I read hives can be a symptom of lymphoma so I'm quite nervous! I've made another appointment with my ENT to be on the safe side.....#2.) I've read that chronic hives are usually not allergy related so I'm really comfused as to why I'm still getting them and if they will get worse! I've had acute hives many times before because of reactions, but they always went away went I distanced myself from the allergen. I only had chronic hives once when I was a baby and apparently they were much more severe....I have not talked to an allergist yet about this. I actually got allergy tested RIGHT before the hives started. I got an allergy shot a week after the initial reaction, but I never went back again because I realized how expensive getting these shots every week would be. I know I'm allergic to dust, 7 types of mold, trees, grass, weeds, feathers, roaches (yes, roaches), etc....After I see the ENT, I'll make an appt to see the allergist since he's in the same building. In the meantime, I will try Claratin for the hives. I am a litle skeptical though honestly because I tried it for my PND (as well as Flonase) and it did absolutely nothing....Again, thanks so much for the feedback!!!

serpentgirl 10-11-2004 12:11 PM

Re: chronic hives questions
I just read in the archives that people who have skin allergies shouldn't be skin tested for allergies. Does anyone know more about this? I got the second half of my allergy testing done while I was having my detergent reaction. It was actually on the worst day of the reaction. I mentioned it to the allergist but he never said anything about it being an issue. Now I'm wondering if maybe that played a role in why my hives are still popping up....Any thoughts???


CheerAngel 10-12-2004 12:19 PM

Re: chronic hives questions
Hi there, well... as for hives being a symptom of lymphoma, that can happen but it's not that common if you are just having chronic hives/hives alone and without other symptoms of the disease(lymphoma). The swollen lymph nodes might be due to an infection. The chances that the chronic hives are caused by lymphoma is lower than it is caused by infection.

Yes, chronic urticaria are usually not caused by allergies unlike acute urticaria. Usually allergy skin test for patients with chronic hives prove that they don't help with the diagnosis since it is not caused by allergies, though the person who has chronic hives might already have allergies. Usually(but not always), people with chronic urticaria find that they have a problem with salicylates. Many food, cosmetics, cleaners, etc... stuffs that you come in contact with daily-contains salicylates. If your are salicylate sensitive and by avoiding the things that contain it, you might be able to get your CU under control.

or Maybe what you might have been experiencing is chemical sensitivity. You might want the doctor to perform the test in his office, where he puts the offending agent on to your skin and see how you react to the detergent.

Chronic hives is not so common in young children though it can happen. Do you know what's causing it?

As for the antihistamines, do you take it everyday at a specific time or only after a breakout? Let me know what the allergist says. Good luck! :angel:

serpentgirl 10-12-2004 03:33 PM

Re: chronic hives questions
Thanks Cheer Angel, esp for the reassurance concerning lymphoma......I know the lymph node enlargement isn't caused by infection because I had a CBC test done the first time I went to the doc. It came up normal. My docs think it's my allergies. I have constant post nasal drip and my adenoids / tonsils are very swollen. The nodes haven't decreased or enlarged since July. I guess the fact that I touch them a lot doesn't help.......Chemical sensitivity has been brought up as a theory for my hives before. I've done wash since the incident and haven't had any noticible reaction to detergent, but maybe I wasn't exposed long enough? I think the initial reaction came from sleeping on in it for a couple nights. It is so hard to tell though because the hives seem to come out so randomly....I usually only take the antihisamine at night because it makes me very drowsy. Really, my hives aren't severe at this point. I can't even say I get actual "breakouts". I might get a couple on my hand in the morning. Then in late afternoon feel an itch on my arm, roll up my sleeve and find another one, etc. They don't really bother me. The FEAR of what could be causing them is what really scares me!....Anyway, thanks for the advice and I'll let you know what the doctor says :-)


CheerAngel 10-13-2004 09:37 AM

Re: chronic hives questions
Could it be something in the bed that's causing the hives? hmmm... it's just so hard to find a cause sometimes. To prevent the hives from even forming, it's best to take the antihistamines regularly, e.g. one tablet every night at the same timing. If that tablet can't stop your hives, it's time that the dosage it up or change of meds. All the best on your doc appt! :angel:

genster 10-14-2004 05:53 AM

Re: chronic hives questions
have you had any severe stress in your life lately? I find my hives much worse when I am under a lot of stress - and I have a stressful work environment! :rolleyes: I hadn't heard about the salicylate (spelling??) sensitivity before, but I do have it also. Good luck with the docs - if they give you a miracle cure, please post! :D

palominogirl 10-14-2004 08:38 AM

Re: chronic hives questions
Hi, I started getting allergies when I was about 38 yrs old, at first I thought I was sick all the time and I had horrible itching hives, especially on my stomach, shins and back. No one helped me. I finally figured it out for myself, I eliminated everything and started slowly adding things back in, if I had a reaction, then I knew what caused it. I had to switch to Ivory for my clothes. The main thing that helps me is BUFFERED vitamin C, it is called Hypo-Aller-C by NutriBiotic, it is powdered, effervescent and I mix it with water. Take it at least every morning and every evening before bed. I get it at a local healthfood store. It might be cheaper on the internet. It has helped so much. Every once in awhile I get a reaction again and I have to think, did I just buy a new bottle of stuff that was working for me? Because sometimes they change formulas or add new ingredients. The words New and Improved drives me crazy. Then I have to eliminate it from the very few things I can use or eat. Hope this helps you.

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