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bunnee 11-03-2004 09:00 PM

My hypoallergenic recipes mmm PIZZA !!
Buy a spelt, kamut or rice pizza crust from the health food store.

Spread olive oil (or any oil you can tolerate) onto the crust, add oregano, salt,rosemary and thyme and garlic if you can tolerate garlic.

Buy 2 -3 jars of organic carrot baby food

add same above spices to baby carrot food and stir, then spread onto pizza crust as paste

use goats milk mozzarella cheeze bought in health food store, shred it and spread on top of baby food paste.

Add cooked ground lamb or turkey, chicken(whatever meats you can tolerate)

Add no sugar added pineapple from tin

Add any veges you can tolerate if any

Add more shredded goat mozzarella

Top with goat or sheep feta cheeze

finish with more spices

Cook as normal pizza, lightly browning feta cheeze.

Ginger can add spice :)

bunnee 11-03-2004 09:06 PM

Re: My hypoallergenic recipes mmm PIZZA !!

Get some barley and cook well. Add tolerated spices as desired. When cooked drain water.

Cook some ground meat, lamb?

Lightly cook in water some leaves of collards...(not too soft)

Get 2 jars of sweet potato baby food.

Mix meat, baby food, and barley together, season to your liking

drop small amopunt into collard roll and roll into a tube shape. Place each tube into a baking pan and cook in oven until collards begin to harden. Flip once and remove from oven when done. Put in fridge to cool.

When ready to eat.. microwave for best results :)

bunnee 11-03-2004 09:11 PM

Re: My hypoallergenic recipes mmm PIZZA !!
Fettucine alfredo with chicken and greens...

Get rice, kamut or spelt noodles and boil, add tolerated greens.

Add goats milk and spelt, kamut or rice flour to cold milk and stir into noodles while cooking on low. Add salt and favorite spices.

Add grated goat parmesan or salerno cheese from health food store and serve hot

top with more greated goat salerno or parmesan

bunnee 11-03-2004 09:13 PM

Re: My hypoallergenic recipes mmm PIZZA !!
Hot chocolateless chocolate

Boil cup of goats milk

Add 1 tbsp of carob powder

add 2 packets of stevia alternative non sugar powder

stir and serve :)

bunnee 11-03-2004 09:16 PM

Re: My hypoallergenic recipes mmm PIZZA !!
peanutless and chocolateless peanut butter cups.....

Mix carob powder and goats milk to thick creamy texture. Add small amouint of maple syrup. press into small half ball shape and depress hole into middle

Add sesame paste mixed with maple syrup (tahini) to center of ball and then add simular top carob cover.

Freeze in freezer for 1 hr. allow to semi thaw and serve cold

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