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rush_rulz 01-18-2005 02:51 PM

At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
What I want to know is how did those of you (if any..) who used to suffer from allergy/siunitis related symptoms finally stop it all? Surgery? A miracle Rx that finally worked??

I am at my wit's end! I know I still need to be tested for allergies but haven't the $$ and am not insured, so there is little I can do as far as testing goes. I pay attention to what I eat and when I have a reaction but my sinuses it seems constanly stay infected--the last time I was on antibiotics the symptoms didn't even go away, they just lessened. For a few weeks the blowing was less, the bleeding quit but then it all came back full force.

It doesn't help that I live in Lousy-anna, where the weather goes from 45 to 85 in a matter of days, sometimes only 24 hrs too! Now we're freezing again, so my nose will normally drip when I'm cold anyway, but I've been blowing it non stop for days, and still have blood in that too, although i've since bought some Silver Colloidal stuff, or Welness Silver, that's suppossed to be some natural antibiotic....we'll see I guess. After taking it yesterday I did notice that though I've still got a LOT of mucus coming from the nose, it isn't ALL yellow like it was when I first got sicker than I had been. I had a light fever (it felt like) when I got my worst these last few days...I'd get cold and just shiver for hours, despite being under a blanket. That's when I thought hmm maybe it's just a cold, and my sinuses are aggravated because of that! Because I didn't really run a temperature I just felt like I did.....but I am still blowing my nose and my life had to go on, I had to work, even though we had the holiday Monday. I'd hoped I'd be better by now, but I'm not....I have to carry kleenex packs with me--those small kinds--everywhere I go which is very embarrassing--and I've been going through one whole small pack like that A DAY!!!! That is a lot!

I just don't know where else to turn with this, the only ENT I've seen said that really the only hope for me is surgery, but i've also been told (mostly by friends and family) that I should get a 2nd opinion. But one of myDrs, who used to be a GP, said that most likely I'd be better off just moving to a different climate...or getting out of my house (like that's possible) I live in an old moldy house, that smells kind of musty. The mold on the outside is controllable, but recently we've discovered it growing under the sheetrock and only in our bedroom. Greeat! What luck that ours is the moldy room! We would just switch rooms with the other room, but the AC Unit doesn't work in there, it's way smaller than ours now (which is even now too small for me and my husband) and in Louisiana, it's summer 10 months out of the year or so.

Any suggestions to battle the symptoms in the meantime? I am just getting into things like meditation too, to calm my mind as my symptoms do flare up more when I'm ultra stressed... But what finally made life livable for all of you?

comeonnow 01-18-2005 04:52 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Sorry to hear about all your sinus problems. I can certainly relate, as I've suffered with chronic sinus infections for probably close to ten years now. It seems like the doctors don't have an answer. I've been put on antibiotics only to have it clear up (at least appear to) and then come right back. Then it's another round of antibiotics, and so on. One year I had eight sinus infections from November to March. I was hardly ever well. I'm so fed up with being sick half my life I could scream! The doctors seem to have no answers, as all they can come up with when I ask them what I can do to prevent getting these darn things all the time is, "Blow your nose more" and "Wash your hands more." Well, if I do that any more than I already do, I'll look like Rudolph and have my hands scraped raw! So much for their advice! I tried colloidal silver; maybe it makes a difference for some other people, but I couldn't see any chance...I still got sick. I decided to save all that money and not buy it anymore, because it certainly is NOT cheap! I do have allergies, especially to dustmites, so I've removed all the curtains and carpeting that was in the house and try to keep the place vacuumed as often as I can. I wet mop our bedroom floor and dust frequently. I wash our bed linen in hot water. I use the air conditioner in the summer. I have an air cleaner running in the winter. I've done everything that the doctor/allergist suggested short of ripping out our heating system, which is forced hot air. I can't afford to replace that, and if it's like everything else that I've tried, it wouldn't matter anyway even if I did spend all that money to replace it with another type of heat. One thing I want to try yet is nasal irrigation. I just ordered a Hydro Pulse machine on the net and it should be getting here in about a week, so I will cross my fingers that daily nasal irrigation will be the answer for me. I thought that $80 or so was a lot for the machine, but considering all the money I spend at the doctor and pharmacy during the fall and winter, the money spent on the machine is a mere drop in the bucket compared to those other expenses! I long for the day when I can say goodbye to sinus infections forever! I will post on here at a later time how the machine is working out for me, and maybe that can be an answer for you too (I'm already kind of counting on it being one for me!)

rush_rulz 01-19-2005 09:15 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Hi comeonenow,

Well it certainly seems you've had your share of nasal/sinus miseries!! All my life I have had allergies, was born with them and have always had skin rashes and stuff like that too. But the sinus infections didn't start till I moved to the house I am in now, I've never been so sick in my life, but even when I'm not in that house, then my alleriges get worse--it is like the sinus pain is bad when I am at my house, when I go anywhere else I sneeze and get red eyes and if it isn't one it's the other!

Like you, all the drs ever do for me is say here are some more antibiotics but even the ENT said that those won't really help me, they'll just make me feel better for a limited time. He was right, after being on antibiotics for almost 3 months straight (talk about a yeast infection from hell, after that, if your a female like me!) I still got sick yet again, it only lasted like 3 months, and I was back to a Dr again.

But perhaps I've been this way all my life and really do need the surgery, regardless of where I live. I just can't aford it now!

I hear you about the cost of the meds, and the silver! It's bad. I liked being on the Zyrtec when I was, have you tried that? I wouldn't sneeze hardly at all on it.

I hope that the machine does work for you. I am thinking of investing in a humidifier, like I used to have as a small child. I got sick every single winter as a kid, and had sinus infections and bad allergies then, and I couldn't sleep without it, so I'm thinking if I can't get one of those Hepa filters, then a humidifier like they sell at walmart might offer some relief! I hope you feel some relief soon!

comeonnow 01-19-2005 12:13 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Geez, your life does sound a lot like mine. It's not fun, is it? :( Getting these infections sure does detract from one's quality of life, I think. I really get disgusted big time, and I think my husband gets tired of me being sick all the time. Yes, I'm a female, so trust me, I know exactly what you mean with the yeast infections...ugh! I had one for three months one time and thought I'd go nuts or something. Talk about misery! Now I've been taking acidophilus pills that I buy at Walmart and take them while I'm on an antibiotic. Although I just can't seem to avoid a yeast infection, at least the acidophilus seems to keep the yeast in check so it doesn't really run wild and make it completely unbearable.

My doctor did write out a prescription for Zyrtec with the first sinus infection that I had of the season, but when I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist said that my husband's insurance doesn't cover it so then I didn't get it filled. The insurance we have used to cover allergy medications such as Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, etc., but those days have come and gone. Our insurance isn't one of the best, and even on my maintenance prescriptions now I have to get the generic brand, whereas a few years ago I could get the name brand. It seems like every year it gets worse. Anyway, I've never tried Zyrtec because I don't recall that the doctor ever wrote out a prescription for it while the insurance covered it. Actually, I guess Zyrtec hasn't been out for a real long time, so maybe our insurance even stopped covering allergy meds before Zyrtec was on the market, I'm not sure.

I got sick a lot as a kid too. I guess mine was mostly all colds though. I wore Vicks on my chest and nose more than I care to remember! My mom and dad tell me that I was sick almost every single Christmas. I remember throwing up a lot as a kid. I guess I was mostly always a mess. About 15 years ago I was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia and felt like I was going to croak. I coughed so much that I had to hold my sides. It hurt so bad it felt like I had broken ribs. That hospital stay was when I was diagnosed with asthma, although I had suspected before that that I had it because I would wheeze sometimes. It seems like my getting colds/bronchitis/pneumonia has stopped and the sinus infections took over where those other things left off. Either way, I'm miserable. I didn't like getting that heavy feeling on my chest that I would always get with those things, but I also don't like the sore throats and headaches and the gunk that I get with these sinus infections. I'm so counting on the Hydro Pulse machine. If it doesn't work, then I'll be at a loss of what to try next. I hope that humidifier works for you when you get it.

sneezydiva 01-19-2005 11:13 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
:nono: If you have an old musty. moldy house then a humidifier is the last thing you need! It will just help the mold grow. I can relate to your story, I had always had allergies but they didn't get out of control until I moved to South Carolina. And my house was old and musty, and I felt worse at home until we got some HEPA filters.

Honestly, It wasn't just one thing that helped me. It's been a combination of drugs, allergy shots, sinus surgery, HEPA air cleaners, daily sinus irrigations and moving from humid SC to the desert of Arizona. And even now, I'm not completely well yet, but it is under control, and I can function like a human being again.

tip2mol 01-20-2005 07:14 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?

I would recommend first purchasing a dehumidifier. Mold thrives in wet moist conditions. A dehumidifer will dry things out. It can also dry out your sinuses, which in place it would be good to use a saline nasal mist (Not something like Afrin or a decongestant though- as they have rebound effects if used over just a short period of time, meaning that they will cause additional swelling in the nose). I suffer from sinus problems due to allergies and use something relatively simple which is called Sinus Rinse by NeilMed. It is just a saline powder that you mix with distilled water and it comes with a nasal rinse bottle. The kit costs around $12, I believe and it comes with 100 packets which will last quite some time. It was recommended by my allergist and it is a Godsend for me. Due to the severity of my allergies, I also take Singulair which is also great for helping sinuses. In addition to that, I take Zyrtec, Palgic and use Flonase.

Take care and I hope things get better for you

rids 01-20-2005 07:50 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Mayo Clinic studied sinus infections- and discovered that 97% were fungal related- i.e Yeast- meaning an anitbiotic is not the answer.
Cleaning up your diet, and taking Nystatin/Diflucan script or Grapefruit Seed Extract/ Oil of Oregano/ Caprycillic Acid will get rid of sinus yeast. It gets worse before it gets better- you do not want to see what comes out of your head....

Iadinae 01-20-2005 08:56 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
I was taking allergy meds every single day for almost a yr and a half when I finally heard about a natural therapy at the chiropractors office. The place is an allergy wellness center and they use NAET (I think that is the spelling) techniques. It is a combination of acupressure and breathing. My therapist also put me on a candida diet along with a supplement of acidopholous to help the good flora grow again. The treatments are done in a series that allow your body to first of all absorb some of the nutrients and vitamins it isn't absorbing and then works toward ridding you of your stronger allergies. I have been for approximately 11 treatments so far. I go in once a week and I have about 5 more to go. She was saying the avg is 20 visits, taking into account people who have mild allergies and those who are anaphelactic. I have noticed a significant improvement. I am no longer stuffed up. I have not had a sinus infection yet this winter. I no longer wake up and use a half box of kleenex before I can function. I no longer have a chronically runny nose, and it has cleared up the bad breath I always had due to PND. If this is available in your area and you can afford it I would highly recommend it. I have seen it work wonders for me, and from what I have heard from others they are just as happy. Best of luck to you. I hated feeling like my life revolved around my sinuses.

rush_rulz 01-21-2005 09:42 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
"I really get disgusted big time, and I think my husband gets tired of me being sick all the time."

Boy, my husband can relate to you!! Ha-ha! He is tired of it too!

Sneezydiva, I have done some reading up on humidifiers and it seems you are right, I don't want that but now I've never seen nor heard of a de-humidifier so where would you get one?

Yes, I had ear infections and bad colds a lot as a kid. And, I've read also about the antibiotics not working b/c if it is fungal related it won't kill it--I am still doing the Silver Colloidal though and I am hoping to see a difference, and I do not feel as congested RIGHT After I take it, however the amount of pure SNOT coming out of my nose--and the bleeding has lessened a lot with using the nasal spray---but that does't help with the blowing at ALL...:( So I am wondering if I should step it up and take just a bit more SIlver than the bottle says b/c I only feel relief when I take my last dose at night, and just right after I take it in the morning but it seems now that mornings are worse and when I get to school--and some of these buildings have mold build up I know for a fact, I am at my doesn't help that I spend all day from 7:45 in the morning till 4:30 sometimes 5 at school either!

Iadinae, that sounds interesting about the treatment you are getting--I would love to try it but I wouldnt know who in this area I could turn to for that, most of the drs around here just say here take another round of antibiotics--they don't even hear all your symptoms, if you say your nose is bleeding they just prescribe that when it could just be from blowing it so much! I have also read how if you do get say a sore inside the nasal passages from constant rubbing from blowing, it can then become infected so you've got THAT infection to deal with on top of the sinus infection!

What foods are suppossed to help though, with the fungal if your infections are fungal based?

Iadinae 01-21-2005 02:30 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
If the infection is fungal/yeast related you should avoid all starchy foods, sugars, or anything your body will convert to sugar for a period of at least two months at which time you can evaluate your symptoms if they are still present and introduce healthy starch foods again. A good idea t follow is the southbeach diet. I didn't follow it to a tee, but I followed the general guidelines for it. If you do a search for NAET you should be able to come up with a fountain of information. Another good search would be for a candida diet. Good luck to you.

sneezydiva 01-25-2005 01:43 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Lowes or home depot will have dehumidifiers. I would not increase the Collidal Silver, it can be dangerous at high doses.

rush_rulz 01-25-2005 03:07 PM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
Hmm Thanks for the suggestions, guys & gals. I have noticed a bit of improvement with the Colloidal and honestly, while I thought I needed antibiotics, I have not wentback to see a Dr and yet I still feel like I would, had I taken them--antibiotics never bring me total releif but when they give me the steroids for the swelling that always does help that part of it, but I know that those are dangerous to take a lot too...

ChantalB 01-26-2005 01:54 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
I suffered horribly for a couple years with allergies and continual sinus infections, blocked ears.... plus moderate depression and weight gain from my life being turned upside down.

We found out that there was a good deal of mold in my house and took the very expensive route of getting the drywall all removed then plastering redone.... got rid of all carpeting. It worked. Within a week of the work being done, I was symptom free and felt like myself again for the first time in a couple of years.

Although it was very expensive, we were able to get part of the work done under home owners insurance. Mold traced back to a leak covered from a storm.

BTW I spent half of the last year going to the south west (2 weeks there, then 2 weeks back in the north west) and even while I was away, I'd have mild symptoms. Flying was always brutal for me too with inner ear problems.

rush_rulz 01-26-2005 08:57 AM

Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?
ChantalB: I wouldn't even imagine what it would be like flying--my ears have never been the same since the bad middle ear infection that I had sometime ago....

I just can't seem to shake all this...but I am sure mold is a problem in my house, so that could be a big contributer (even though I was like this at my parents house that doesn't have mold). Unfortunately we don't own the house and homeowners insurance isn't an option for us, so we wouldn't get any help there--our walls are sheetrock and in our room, the only room I've seen the black mold in--the sheetrock is just coming down and splitting off the walls....


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