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pookah 01-22-2005 10:25 AM

air purifiers?
sorry if this has been asked before- i am looking for a really good air purifier. i want one that is extremely quiet (some noise is tolerable), and excellent with dust, pet dander- the usual allergens. also, i have looked at those with mold and bacteria killers. my mom has one like that; very good, but it is extremely noisy. i'd be willing to pay about $350.00, but if it's a really good one, i could go higher.

in addition, i'd like one for my car, since my air vents seem to spew dust (even though it's a new car).

any brand suggestions?


Crossbow 01-22-2005 08:57 PM

Re: air purifiers?
You should have the air vents in your car looked at - they shouldn't be spweing dist even if it weren't a new car.

I read a Consumer Reports article that basically said the quiet air purifiers don't work and the ones that work aren't quiet, but that was a couple of years ago. Maybe they make better ones now.

steph1pk 01-24-2005 08:22 AM

Re: air purifiers?
The Ionic ones emit some ozone which is very bad for your lungs. There is a lengthy report from the EPA regarding this. I recommend one with a HEPA filter. Mine is a Hamilton Beach one. It is a bit noisy on the highest setting, but fairly quiet on the other settings.

pookah 01-24-2005 11:59 AM

Re: air purifiers?

maybe i was exaggerating a little when i said "spewing dust". this is a new car with a black dash; and i notice every bit of dirt on it. :rolleyes: but it seems to get dust/lint frequently; i can't compare to the other car since i never noticed the dirt on that old junker. :p i did buy a car air purifier, and when i take the car in for service, i will have them check the vents.

as far as the air purifiers go- i was wondering about the ozone and if it was safe. my mom's is O3- i don't know what that means, really- but i looked it up, and every website said it's supposed to be healthy for your lungs- but it doesn't sound like it. :(

i ended up buying one on amazon- forgot the brand, but it looked good- pretty sure it's a HEPA filtered one. it has a "silent" operation mode for nurseries or sleeping areas.

thanks for your help!

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