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Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

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Old 06-30-2005, 03:19 AM   #1
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DorableAng HB User
Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

Hey everybody! Im new to the boards, but not to allergy symptoms.

I have had allergy/ sinus problems my whole life. ..... Since it has proved virtually impossible to avoid this combination of allergens, and the many allergy meds i have tried never seem to help, I gave up trying to aleviate my symptoms, and decided i would just live forever in discomfort. I moved to Texas 11 years ago, and since then i have had slight puffiness under my eyes and more severe puffiness over my cheeks where the maxilarry (SP?) sinuses are. The puffiness has become more severe over the past year, which has brought me back to my forgotten search for the cure to my allergy/ sinus symptoms, because i cant stand looking like this anymore. I took action by researching sinuses and allergies on the net...never found anything about puffiness of the cheeks like I have though....I have been to the dr about all this recently, and his third treatment option has failed to work, just as the first two did....I guess ill call back for option 4 next week. I dont know what to do about this.
Please Help!!!! I dont know what to try next...

I feel like a freak because of my puffy eyes and cheeks....well, more so because of the dent in the middle of the puffy areas that starts below the corners of my eyes and runs diagonally across the front of my face. Who of you out there can relate?

I would truely appreciate any suggestions, and I am open to trying just about anything at this point! Has anyone with swollen cheeks tried gel masks or other topicals? Homeopathic (i think thats the word for natural meds) remedies? I would also appreciate hearing about what didnt work for those of you with facial swelling.


WHAT IM ALLERGIC TO: dust, dustmites, feathers/birds, tomatoes, rag weed, grass, clorine and plenty of pollens

1. Pronounced puffiness/ swelling of face/cheeks located below my eye area where Maxilarry sinuses are (THIS IS WHAT I HOPE TO CURE MOST!!!!!)
2. Slight puffiness/ swelling under eyes
3. nose constantly stuffy (I cant ever breathe through both sides at once, usually I can breathe partially through one side)
4. pressure in my sinuses most of the time
LESS THEN ONCE A WEEK: runny nose or allergy attack

(My puffiness is never better or worse depending on time of day, seasons, or allergy attacks)

WHAT MY DR. SAID: The puffiness is from being constantly stuffed up. He says my sinuses arent getting air in them which is causing pressure, this is resulting in irritation and that is creating swelling.

1. claritin....(is claritin-D different then claritin?)
2. Allegra
3. zyrtec
4. Astelin in combination with Nasonex
5. Astelin in combination with Nasonex, patanol and Singulair
6. Performing saline sinus washing (wash contained no preservatives) while taking otc decongestants
7. Sinus clearing facial massages
8. Benadryl....i dont know if it helped cause it put me to sleep for 48 hours lol
9. Rubatussin (spelling?) found out I am allergic to it
10. (For swelling) aleve, soy based topical lotion, caffinated tea bags under eyes, cucumbers on eyes, preperation-H cream under eyes, ice on cheeks and under eyes.

I have not seen an ENT yet, but plan to in the future. I am currently using nasalcrom, but havent used it long enough yet to tell if it will help....Does anyone think visiting an Allergist would benefit me? I have seen one several times throughout the years, but the last time i went was seven years ago.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. If you are looking for someone to chat about stuffiness, and or sinus infections related to allergies with a deviated septum Im your girl! I have had a septoplasty (nose surgery for deviated septum) a few years ago. Im affraid im not much use on any other allergy related questions... as i havent yet found a single thing that works for me....All i can hope to offer you all is my support, which is something I am always happy to give.

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Old 06-30-2005, 11:50 AM   #2
Junior Member
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va_girl64 HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

Well thanks for writing my story out for me.. saves me the typing. LOL.. No, seriously I have EXACTLY the symptoms you are talking about. I have suffered for yrs. and just took decongestants when it got too bad. Finally got an allergist who said "we better do a sinus CT just to make sure everything is alright in there"... well guess what? I have what she called an extensive infection.. put me on 3 wks. of augmentin, nasal rinses, nasonex.. geez. She told me that I had cysts that had formed from having this infection so long.. please do yourself a favor and get a sinus CT done.. it doesn't take but a minute but shows EVERYTHING that is going on in there.

Your symptoms are just like mine.. I'm now on 3 allergy shots a week too. I have puffy eyes, headache, ringing in my ears, stuffy nose constantly just feel crappy in general.. lol. I hope I am on the right track now tho.. just have to stick with it all so that it does some good. Best of luck to you and please let me hear how you're doin'!

Old 07-01-2005, 01:34 PM   #3
Junior Member
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Jillygirl HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

Hi there,

I was just browsing on this allergy forum for answers to some of my questions about allergies, when I saw your question. I get really puffy cheeks when I have bad allergies. I have a seen an allergist for this, and he will give me a shot of celestone steriod, and the puffiness & other symptoms will abate for awhile. This is also with treatment of steriod nasal spray & of course, allergy pills. I also had allergy shots for a long time, but had to stop them, as I developed a lipoma on one of the arms, and very severe symptoms while on the shots. If you want some relief make sure you see an allergist, as primary physicians are clueless as to how to treat severe allergies, which it sounds like you have.
Good luck to you in your search for help with the puffiness!! There is help out there!!

Old 11-10-2005, 07:38 AM   #4
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burnspc HB User
Smile eye allergies

I started to get the full range of symptoms a few months ago. I tried erythromycin (sp?), dexamethasone, tobradex, patanol, baby shampoo, lens scrubs, etc. It only got worse. Finally, the opthalmologist (first time he saw actually saw me in the office due to the fact that I had been travelling), told me I had been taking Alphagan (a glaucoma medicine) for so long that I had become allergic to it. Voila! Within hours of discontinuing the Alphagan, the symptoms started to go away. So, if you are a glaucoma patient and taking that drug, be sure and ask about that.
Best of luck.

Old 11-10-2005, 08:04 AM   #5
Senior Member
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Lilly10 HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

I also have very puffy eyes and think that it has to do with my sinuses. Right now I am on Flonase and that helps a little but nothing to rave about. My doctor also put me on a Z-Pac because he thought I had a sinsu infection.

Here are some things I do for my puffy eyes

1. Drink plenty of water but stop drinking a few hours before bed.
2. steep chamomile tea bags in hot water then put in the freezer till nice and cold then place them on my eyes (this works the best for me)
3. Take Allavert D 12 hour in the morning (keeps me up if I take in the afternoon)
4. Flonase 2 times a day
5. Sometimes I make a big bowl of ice water and just splash my face for a few minutes
6. Do my best not to sleep on my face but on my back this one is hard because I always wind up on my face. (this helps the fluid not to pool up around your eyes and cheeks)

I have constant congestion as well I cant stand it I will be requesting a Cat-scan of my sinsuses as well as allergy testing because I just cant stand this anymore! My face is always in pain from the pressure in my sinsuses which even makes one of my eyes ache.

Oh and I will be purchasing a humidifier which I hear can help with swollen nasal passages and sinus headaches? This is all about trial and error I guess.

Good Luck!

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Old 11-10-2005, 08:55 AM   #6
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Titchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

You might also stop ingesting anything with synthetic sweeteners as that is probably what causes your problem with Robitussin...some will have aspartame and some saccharin...I am sensitive to both and can't take any Robitussin as a result.

Old 11-10-2005, 09:51 AM   #7
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MandyPandy HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

All the meds that you listed (Claritin, Allegra, Zrytec) are antihistimines but not decongestants. Did you try the Claritin - D, AlegraD, or ZrytecD? I have constant stuffiness too (I was tested of 20 things and was allergic to all 20) and the ZrytecD seems to work best for me. The antihistimines should help some with the puffiness but if you are puffy due to being stuffed up I would think you would also want to treat the stuffiness. Other than an ENT you may also want to visit a chiropractor. My chiropractor does trigger point therapies on my sinuses which helps to releive them at times. There are some over the counter things you can get in the beauty section of a drug store that may help such as masks that can be put in your fridge or freezer that helps with swelling/pain around the eyes.

Good luck.

Old 11-14-2005, 04:22 PM   #8
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Lyndy27 HB User
Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

I have puffy eyelids and puffiness on the tops of my cheeks. The Dr. took an X-ray of my face, and said I had partial blockage in my sinuses and that's causing my puffiness and headaches. I was taking allergy meds and nose spray the dr. prescribed, but at $80 a month, and not feeling different, I quit. I take benadryl daily, and I read that what causes allergies is that your body has too much acid in it. The way to reduce the acid is to take a tsp. of baking soda daily, 1-3 times. I've been doing for a few days and have not felt different, so I'm afraid I'm not much help. I know what you mean though about how the puffiness makes you look. Old and tired.

Old 01-12-2006, 03:03 PM   #9
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Re: Please Help! puffy cheeks over maxilarries

Sounds like a chronic sinus inflammation, if it's not a sinus infection. I used to have it all the time too. I was given nebulized antibiotics and prednisone, also nebulized. Unlike the ones taken by mouth, they work directly where they're needed. Although I'm noticing sinus swelling now, I had a few years where I was fine. I also move down south, so I can easily attribute it to that. If you haven't yet done so, see your ENT doctor.

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