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lsilzle 07-21-2005 12:27 PM

Weird lip swelling & itchy hands
My husband has been having an allergic reaction periodically for 2+ months. his hands become itchy rather frequently, and sometimes it is followed by sever swelling on one side of his lips. The doctor thought it might be his blood pressure medication, but he has stopped taking that for a month and he is still getting a reaction. There doesn't seem to be a pattern with food or anything like that, plus, the allergy seems so localized - not all over hives or anything. Any thoughts?

rck213 07-22-2005 01:44 PM

Re: Weird lip swelling & itchy hands
Look up angioedema. Is he off all meds?
Aspirin, nonsteriodals?
I have had the same reaction several times, sometimes leading to laryngeal edema.

lsilzle 07-22-2005 07:16 PM

Re: Weird lip swelling & itchy hands
He doesn't take any medication regularly anymore. I looked up angioedema. He doesn't report any pain at all, just swelling on one side of his lips. The site on angioedema said allergy tests would only be performed rarely to determine the allergen - is this something he'll just have to live with - taking Benedryl often?

p8triot 07-22-2005 08:32 PM

Re: Weird lip swelling & itchy hands
I have lip or tongue swellings occur about once a month. I went in for allergy patch testing and blue dye came up positive. I am in the process of testing this theory out, but I think there is a good chance this will be the cause. I think this because the only reaction I have had since the testing, came after eating lime sherbet (blue dye) for dessert.

Thinking back, there is a good chance I could have had one of these products on the days of my other reactions: blue colored Gatorade, peanut m&mís (blue ones), key lime yogurt (blue dye), Hawaiian punch (blue dye), blue popsicles and who knows what else.

I also had some red rashes on my biceps quite frequently. After the patch testing, I realized my deodorant, shampoo and hand soap all contained blue dye. I know a lot of toothpastes do too. I got rid of these products and went to fragrance free, dye free products and my rashes are completely gone. Although, I am also taking Allegra daily know, so who knows if it is just the antihistamine working.

Good luck and I would pursue allergy testing, you can be tested for product you come in contact with, as well as products you ingest. Itís a pain to go through testing, but not worth it to not go.

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