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  • help 23 month old with allergy problems

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    Old 08-03-2006, 11:35 AM   #1
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    help 23 month old with allergy problems

    Ok. My DD who is now 23 has had allergy symptoms since she was like 4 month old. When we go outside she get a red bloches on her face, watery eyes and runny nose. There have been a couple of times when we've been in a dental office that have strong smelling flowers or at the greenhouse and she will have breathing problems. So over the last couple of years she was on oral albuterol a few time like 3 or more. Then last october she spent 3 days in the hospital with problems breathing and needed nebulizer treatments every 2 hours,plus she was ompletely dehydrated. So we have been through that cople of more times. Then they decided to put her on flovent daily and albuterol inhaler as needed. So about once a month for about a week or more. She gets really congested, runny nose, watery swollen eyes. She will have troubles breathing and alot of coughing. We have to give her albuterol inhaler every time this happens. I really feel like this is allergies. She has had these symtoms so bad that at 9 months they had her tested for allergies. They didn't find anything. They told me at that age they couldn't have allergies and that at that age a test wouldn't be accurate. Also when she gets like this she gets ear infections. Which we've already had tubes placed we've had so many ear infections. We've been to the doctor 4 times in the last week. Congestion, both ears infected, runny nose,and watery eyes, and bad cough. Today they put her on nasonex and said we would see what this would do for her. If it gets her better and she stays better then that's it. If at the age of 4 or 5 she is still having symptoms then they'll have her tested. If this doesn't work and still having problems then they will have her tested now. I am at my wist end. She is getting really bad once a month and i just want her to feel good. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this problem. I feel like she is always sick or got an ear infection. I feel so bad for her. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    Your little DD sounds like she is having the same sort of problems as my DGS. He had all the same things going on with him from his age of about 6 months till about 18 months ago (they moved from PA to CA) he just turned 4. They were back to visit late last summer and he got real bad in just a couple of days. The dr in CA said it was allergies that he had from the climate on the east coast...humidity, our grasses, trees and the mold spores. Because of his reaction to our climate certain foods had him all upset both respirtory and digestive tract also. Luckily his old dr was able to fill in while he was here thank goodness. His ears were so bad that on the plane flight home all he did was sob and cry. Its very hard when a child has allergies..I know I was one...and my Mom went the whole course a treatments and precautions ...that was back in ancient times like my kids say. May I suggest you take your DD to a pediatric allergist they may be able to help with either testing or suggestions on how to handle her much has changed that if a doctor doesn't specialize in a particular field they are not aware of all the options....not all allergist are up to speed.

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    If your gut says it is allergies then I would start doing things around the home as if she had positive allergy test results. Almost everyone who has allergies is allergic to dust mites so I would put some dustimite proof covers on her bed and pillow and wash sheets weekly in hot water. If she has a favorite stuffed animal, stick it in the freezer periodically to kill the dustmites. Buy a HEPA air cleaner for her bedroom, and perhaps one for the family room. Use high efficiency furnace filters to help trap dust and change them regularly. Use the air conditioning instead of opening windows. Even if she doesn't actually have allergies, the better air quality will help her breathing. My husband doesn't have allergies, but has remarked he can tell the difference in air quality in our home vs homes that don't use air cleaners.

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    Do you have pets in the house? If so, remove the pets, clean furniture good to remove hairs, and see if the allergy is better. Our newborn grandson was allergic to the family cat but it took a few months before it was discovered what the cause was.

    Wheat and eggs are foods many people are allergic to. Read labels good and be sure wheat and eggs are not in foods she eats.

    Our children were tested via food elimination. Gave only one food for period of time to determine whether they were allergic or not. Continued the safe food and added another food. Never add a new food until a reaction clears up.

    Don't know whether this will work for a little one or not, but, my dermatologist told me I could tape a piece of suspected food or item to inner side of upper arm and leave for 24 hrs. (do not get wet). If arm turned red where the item was it meant I was allergic to it. However, I am allergic to latex and the tape always makes a horrible place on my arm. Will have to use some other way to attach item to arm.

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    it does sound like allergies. but not food allergies, more like outdoor, dustmite , etc.
    they can test for food allergies as young as i think 6 months. they tested (by drawing blood) all common food allergies on my son at 10 months, all came back negative. so they said we would have to wait to test for outdoor allergies. so still waiting on that, he is 12 months, but most of his problems are his skin. My friends daughter was tested at 22 months when she had symptoms like your daughter, and although the dr. said they may not be that accurate and not show anything because she was so young, it did. it showed what type of trees, grasses, animals, etc. she was allergic too.
    i think most doctors wait until they are at least 2, so maybe they will test her soon and you can find her some type of relief.
    good luck

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    Wow, you must feel so stressed out waiting for that inevitable week every month when your child gets sick. Before my two children's allergies stabilized, I also was stressed all of the time waiting for them to get sick. The person who mentioned controlling the home environment now was right on track. Doing this helped my daughters a lot. We cleaned out their bedrooms really well. If your body can get relief from the allergens while you sleep, it makes a big difference. We took out all of the stuffed animals, bedspreads, decorative pillows, etc. I change their pillow case every other night and flip it in between (in addition to dust mite covers which also need to be washed in hot water periodically). Thick winter pjs need to be washed in hot water. Thin summer pjs do not. My children only wear their pjs once and then they get washed. Wipe down furniture and surfaces every week to remove dust (mite droppings are very allergenic). During the time that my children had carpeting in their bedrooms, I vacuumed it every evening a few hours before bed (lets the dust settle back down). Bathing before bed and removing pollens from the hair also helps. We have a pollen window screen (we found it on the net) which allows us to keep our windows closed but still get some fresh air in the house every day. Wash blankets frequently in hot water. We found that quilts worked the best for dust mites. Velour blankets were the worst (tighter weave more hospitable for the mites?). Remember to periodically vacuum couches and chairs. They are full of dust mites! If she likes yogurt, feed it to her every day. The acidophilus in it is very healthy for the gut and this is where your immune cells are. If your gut and immune cells are healthy, allergies will be better. If the nasonex works, maybe the doctors could add more allergy medicines such as zyrtec or Singulair. Nasonex will only work for the nose and if she has asthma, she needs an allergy medicine for her body and lungs. Having a positive allergy test will add the opportunity for allergy shots. Controlling the environment and adding allergy medicine might do the trick for now, though. My daughters started allergy shots at 3 years old after maxing out allergy medicine and controlling the environment as much as I could. The allergy shots really helped. There is a lot you can do now, though, even without an allergy test. Good Luck to you. Being a mother of a sick child is so hard!

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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    You have already recieved some very good advise. I just want to add that even when you seem to only have environmental allergies, usually you also have food allergies. I have had terrible allergies my whole life and through changes in diet and lifestyle, have been allergy free. However this weekend my family came and I ate a typical cookie/cracker from our country which is made of wheat, and I have had terrible environmental allergies since. That was 4 days ago. It can take up to a week to get it out of my system.

    An ellimination diet is the most unobtrusive option to try for anyone, but especially for such a little one.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


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    Re: help 23 month old with allergy problems

    you talked about breathing problems & nebulizer treatments, have they ruled out asthma? Sometime it's triggered by pollution, heat, etc.

    I advise you to log everything - symptoms, day, time, weather, location, what you did that day. See if there is a pattern & take it to your doctor. You should definately get a second opinion. Most children that age don't get allergies, but with all the toxins in our lives that seems to be changing. Our immune systems are constantly being bombarded by pollutants. And children have it worse because their little bodies are still developing and their absorbsion rate is higher than adults.
    You have had some great advice in cleaning out your home as well. However, many of the household cleaners we love agitate the problem with all the harsh toxic chemicals. You may want to seek non-toxic solutions so as not to further pollute your indoor environment.

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