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  • Can I trust my food allergy test?

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    Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Okay, so I was pretty much miserable for the past two years with bad eczema and what i recently found out was hives. I was treating it like Contact Dermatitis, but then when my doctor saw the hives he said it could be something else.
    Anyway, I went to an allergist, and he decided to run a couple of tests. He did the toothpick-thingy scratch test, that didn't really show much, then they gave me about 25-30 shots on my arms. Just under the skin. I pretty much reacted to EVERYTHING. Except for water, and lightly on dogs. According to that, I'm allergic to Oats, Wheat, Whole Milk, barley, hops, corn, soy bean, rye, mushroom. Those are the foods. Then we also got, Cat, dog,(slightly) feather, house dust, mites, mold, ragweed. Now I had athsma as a kid, and i remember during certain times of the year, I would get bad allergies. But according to this, the only thing i can eat is like Bird seed. I can't live on that! Something's gotta be wrong. I never had a reaction to any of those foods. At least not one that was right away. I would just eat whatever i wanted and wake up the next day sometimes with a rash, sometimes not.

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    Re: Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Yes, you can trust them. Not all food reactions are instantaneous. My only food allergy symptoms are nasal/sinus symptoms. I never connected my symptoms to food. I went along with the food tests to humor my allergist. I was convinced I had a chronic sinus infection. But I was found to be highly allergic to eggs & tomatoes, and slightly to a few others. Cutting out the egg and tomato made me feel better within the week!

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    Re: Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Advance search low dose allergen (LDA) therapy on this site and on the net. I understand that bird seed comes in lots of different flavors. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Eczema and hives are definitely food allergy symptoms. You don't want them to progress to a worse reaction.

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    Re: Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Food allergies ARE important to pay attention to.
    But allergies come in diff "degrees" for diff people and even diff have effects in the same body .
    After all it's common knowledge that a peanut allergy can kill a person.
    It's a medical fact that if a person totally avoids something they have a bad allergy to and then runs into it.. they can go in to analetic (spelled wrong) shock. That is a bad life threatening thing.

    So never take a food allergy (or any allergy) lightly.
    It is important to work with the DR to find out what is severe for you and what is not.

    But if you know which foods give you the bad reactions and which ones you can handel then you can figure out what to eat.

    You need to discover the exact foods that give you the rash and which don't!

    Some of your allergies don't give you the rash or else there would be no days where you woke up without the rash.

    Diff foods can have diff allergic reactions in your body.

    I have multiple food allergies, way too many to list, as well as breathing allergies to petrolium based and made made scents.
    Dust, mold, mildew makes my nose stop up and my sinus run like crazy.
    I am not allergic to animals.
    I am not allergic to pollen.

    In the 1980's I took a zillion and ten scratch tests.
    I'm sure it was a zillion and ten!
    Results were that I'm allergic to every food except blueberries.

    He gave a lsit of foods I could never eat and the rest he said he had a neutralizing shot for certain brand names.

    What effects had my allergies giving me..

    30 pounds of swelling (which disappeared within 3 days (yes 3 days) of not eating anything on the "never eat list" and taking shots for the other things. Came back overnight (yes overnight) once when I tried eatring a spoon with tomatoe sauce. Sure thought me never to touch tomatoes again)

    Some foods give me a fake galbladder attack. ( before I knew I had the allergy DRs had wanted to remove it when those painful attacks had occurred but the tests all show the galbladder itself is fine and dandy. I still have my gallbladder)

    Other foods make my stomach hurt as though I had swallowed sharp knives and they are cutting my inside. The pain from eating an apple made me stop eating apples when I was 18, even though I didn't have any idea it was an allergy. I just knew apples were too painful to eat.

    Other foods (raw fiber type food) will give me intestinal bleeding.
    Very disconcerting.

    Some foods give me a monster backache, like being hit with a sledge hammer.

    Some foods or chemicals give me a monster headache.

    Some chemicals make my sinus drain fast and constant.

    Other checmical give me symtoms as though I have a bad case of flue.

    My allergy to aspirin and salyslates (spelled wrong) is actually and ER situation. My tongue swells monsterouslyand a metal taste takes over.. and, well, lets just say I don't take aspirin or any of its realtives.

    So I cleaned out my cupboards and took shots.
    OH yes, the health became great.
    I was bursting with energy.

    Then one night I suddenly got very dizzy.. the room spun around me like I was on a carnival ride. It was scary..there was no "up and ther ws no "down" everything was moving around me! They took me to the ER. My inner ears were very swollen. Seems I have allergies to things you breath and that makes my inner ears swell which ment I lose all sense of balance.
    So now I had another list of things to avoid. Tests came out it was "environmental allergies" to petrolium based products (like paint fumes or gas fumes ect ect) and man-made scents (scented candels, room deodorizers, perfume ect ect)
    The only thign to do was totally avoid breathing such fumes.
    This brething allergy is still severe today and I still must, without fail, avoid all these fumes and it is hard to do that.

    Then I began getting stomach aches every time I took the allergy shots (once a day)
    Dr said I was allergic to the stuff the shots were suspended in
    ..but not ot worry he had a shot for that too.
    So I would take my shot and then take a shot for the shot

    Of course the shots always had to be "redone" so I would have to go in for retesting fairly often (Thus the zillion and ten)

    This was getting extremely expensive and after a year or so my ins raised my rates very high.

    Then I changed my work situation (because of the breathing allergies) and this change resulted in my having no health ins.

    So I quit the shots.
    I quit seeing the allergy DR.
    I DO, still today very defiantly not eat any of the foods on the "never eat list"
    BUT I eat many of the foods that had been covered under the shots but not the ones I got worse reactions to..
    I have a lot less energy, swell a bit and sometimes eat something that swells me bad with pure gas.. when that happens I put that on my "never eat it list"

    That was the 1980's and I'm still here.
    NOW I got a rash (blisters on my eyelids whenever I perspire or cry) and got tired of fighting it and went to a skin Dr.
    He says Excema.
    He tells me most people with ashtma will get Excema.
    I told him I've never had asthma.
    Later he asked me again.. are you sure you don't have asthsma?
    I have never had asthma!
    My food allergies have NEVER given me a rash and I've know about my food allergies for over 25 years.

    But I read on the web that people who are genetically predisposed to allergies of any kind are also predisposed toward Excema.

    I wish you luck.
    It's NOT a small problem.

    Please excuse all my spelling mistakes and typos.
    I'm a bit tired tonight but wanted to post anyway.

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    Re: Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Snowmelts, did you tell the dermatologist about your food allergies? I find non-allergist types tend to lump asthma and allergies together, and forget you can have allergies and not have asthma. I think it is because for so long asthma was maligned as psychological, that they drill the asthma/allergy connection in their heads now.

    If you were able to see an allergist, he would definitely tell you your excema is caused by your allergies.

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    Re: Can I trust my food allergy test?

    Well I gave him a copy of the allergy list..all four pages of it.. that was given to me years ago as well as a typed record of every medical thing I've had done since 2003.
    I always hand all that info to new Dr's on my first visit cuz of the allergies!

    But come to think of it exactly "how" my allergies effect me is not on that list.
    Yes, you are right people "expect' to see a rash or runny eyes or some visable sign of the allergy.

    Since the only time this eyelid blister rash appears is when I pirspire or cry I personally think its a sensitiveity to the salt when its on my skin in the perspiration or tears. OK so my thinking is sort of keeping it simple but now I have read that pirspiration is actually an excema trigger to those prone to it.

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