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peter** 05-05-2007 02:55 AM

asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing
I was diagnosed with asthma last year and around the same time I lost my sense of smell and taste.It transpired I also had nasal polpys.All this came about very quickly.I was given antibiotics(Clarithromycin) and prednislone steroids for a week and it all cleared up for about a month until it came back.For the last 16 months I was given this course of medication every now and then when my symptoms got bad.I was also given some FLIXONASE nose drops a couple of times and this cleared up my polyps but they kept coming back.
The biggest problem though is my asthma.I have an asthma attack pretty much every morning.I take salbutamol and seretide inhalers but the latter doesn't seem to do much.My doctor has given me singulair,not sure how long it takes to work,but it doesn't SEEM to be working.I've tried many antihistamines.
Another thing I tried was ALLERGY TESTING.Firstly I tried FOOD INTOLERANCE test which showed I was intolerant to WHEAT,YEAST AND COWS MILK;however I omitted all these things from my diet for nearly 2 weeks but it didn't help.I am now waiting for the results of an ALLERGY TEST which tests for cat hair,pollen etc.In the mean time I bought a dyson with a HEPA filter and vaccuumed the entire house.This was 2 days ago and I,ve not noticed much difference.:confused: :confused:

mkgb 05-05-2007 12:09 PM

Re: asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing
Pollumps will not go away.. they must be surgically removed. Any irritation will cause them to swell. You need to go to an ENT.


peter** 05-06-2007 02:57 AM

Re: asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing
[QUOTE=********;2964927]Pollumps will not go away.. they must be surgically removed. Any irritation will cause them to swell. You need to go to an ENT.


When I went to the ENT specialist ,he told me that the polyps I have shouldn't be causing me much problems because of their location so he basically said surgery wouldn't help much at all.
From what I understand though is that polyps can come back,but not so soon after they disappeared like in my case after I took the flixonase drops,so to me this suggests that it COULD be an allergy.I really need to know what the CAUSE is.

peter** 05-06-2007 02:59 AM

Re: asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing

Do you know what probiotics are? I've read your post and it looks as though you are taking ANTI-biotics, which basically kill all the bacteria in your gut.

F.Y.I. : 70% of the human immune system is located in the intestinal tract. You need to eat food that has GOOD bacteria in it, to get your immune system back on track ! Any type of yogurt would be a good start for you.

Here in the U.S. a product came out called " DanActive "(by Dannon)... it has about 10 times more the active cultures than yogurt does.

I suffered with asthma, allergies, colds, fevers MOST of my life. Allergy shots, albuterol ihalers, and decongestants all have helped, but have helped only to the degree that I had to use them on almost regular DAILY basis.

Since I have been drinking DanActive probiotic drink every day, I have ZERO need for inhalers and don't suffer from any allergies any more. On top of this, it has totally stopped my acid reflux issues and has made my arthitis almost unoticable.

Everything thing I have mentioned above to you is related to immune system issues. I never knew ANYTHING about where the immune system was located in my body or knew that it could be FED healthy stuff. Again , 70% of the immune system is located in your intestinal tract. The other 30 % is split up in our lymph nodes and our lungs.

It's a FACT that when you feed your intestines GOOD bacteria that it will eventually get to your lungs and lymph nodes too.

Do your self a favor, search the internet for specifics, like " Probiotics and asthma" Probiotics and immune function" "Probiotics and allergies"

...And you can take your meds and use probiotics too. I'll BET the probitics work BETTER though !

To your recovery !


thanks.I shall give that a go

pepsipleasekm 05-18-2007 05:56 AM

Re: asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing
Was told I had asthma 4 years ago was put on singulair, advair, and albutral. After 4 months of all of that lost my sense of smell. Finally went to an ENT was told I had a sinus infection. Went for CT scan and was placed onj antibiotics. After a month was sent for another scan, still infected. After 4 months on antibiotics went in for surgery. They remove enough pus to fill 3 jars about 2 inches high and around, and a polyp(which didn't show up on CT scan because I was so infected) Never had any headaches or pressure,just couldn't smell. Got sense of smell back for 8 months. Then it started again, went thru second round of antibiotics and finally second surgery in OR for almost 2 hours cleaning out sinuses again. I finally had to give up my job. An amazing enough since I have left work have not been sick, Leads me to believe I was in a sick building. Did have start of a polyp about 4 months after leaving work. ENT put me on a maintance program on 250 mg of erthymycin 2 times a day. Polyp disappeared and have been healthy since. No one seems to know why erthymyicin works but it does. Go for a check up to ENT every 6 months and have been fine. Will not give up my antibiotic we are both afraid of the polyp coming back and do not want to go thru that surgery again

Melissa29 09-01-2007 03:50 PM

Re: asthma,nasal polpys and allergy testing
Anyone hear of a nasal nebulizer? My allergist had a pharmacy from CA send me one with meds. I live in FL. I work for a DME company and this is new out on the market. I just started using it yesterday. I have chronic sinusitis, and severe asthma and allergies. He said the meds in the neb should get rid of the polyps so we can avoid surgery!!! I am happy to hear that. The medicine he has me taking is budesonide, and amphatericin in the neb, and prednisone and Avelox. Hope everyone is better soon! Take Care, Melissa

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