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  • Whole body all kinds of allergy problem

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    Whole body all kinds of allergy problem

    ok , please help me out , i had suffered a lot from all the below symptom for years and i have being wondering is it interrelated to each other. Do u have any idea what is happening to me? I really suffer a lot ... ur useful advice may help me . Thanks.

    Nose allergy
    -I was diagnosed to have deviated septum in few years back .
    -Also did allergy test. i am allergy to dust mite.
    -Personal experienced that i am allergy to milk , always have a lot of phloem -after drink milk .
    -Also did experience diarrhea if drink milk too often a day.
    -If i drink pure orange juice that are too acidic , my throat will get very itchy and if it itch too long , it may suddenly make me suffer Wheezing (can't breath like suffering asthma)
    - I love to sing .But if i sing more than 20 minutes , i will immediately suffer nose block. No matter how i try to sneeze the phloem out, the nose block will still be there only until i stop singing and drink lots of water.
    -Suffer from short breath when swimming.
    -I always have to sneeze a lot when i wake up
    -I am also a constant sufferer of running nose , it normally started in the morning with itchiness in the nose .

    Throat problem
    -If i talk slightly too much , my throat will feel very dry and uncomfortable.
    Therefore i always cannot talk for too long with my friends , especially on the phone because the soreness will develop into pain if i continue to talk.
    -If i eat fried food such as Mc donald or KFC, my throat also easily get irritated
    -When i swim , my throat always feel very dry, and i always have to drink water to make it feel better, also spit a lot of thick phloem out during swimming.
    -If i eat too much food before i sleep , the second day i definitely will have sore throat and fall sick.
    -I always have to drink lots of water before i sleep , if not i will feel very dry throat in the middle of the night or even wake up with sore throat.
    -When i am too excited or laugh a lot, my throat will feel very dry too.
    Teeth Gum
    -There are a "empty space" between one teeth of mine to another teeth .
    the food always easily get in and if i never dig it out , the day after the meal i will feel teeth pain.
    -Sometimes the "empty space" will even bleed a lot , if i try to suck it.
    -I tried to used tooth pick to clear the " food remaining " inside the empty space , and i realize some the tooth pick will be very smelly.
    -Some times i had bad breath too , especially in the morning.

    Itchy Scrotum
    -My private part , the skin near the scrotum itch terribly at almost every night. The itch is so intense that it always disturb me from sleeping. I tried to apply antiseptic cream , lotion , wash before sleep but sometimes it just did not help.
    -I realize the itch normally will occur if i sit for too long, swimming that day , or do any type of sports that sweats a lot.
    -The itchiness nearly make me gone mad.

    Ear Back Ithciness
    The back of my ear , the outer layer part of ear (skin ) connecting my ear to my neck , always very itchy. It is just unbearable( dont know is it allergy ) that i will scratch until there is a wound there .
    The wound get slightly better everyday but the itch always come everyday , and i always scratch it . The cycle repeats ,and the wound is always there.

    Itchy eyes
    -If i used computer for too long . my eye will start to itch and it may then cause me terrible nose block and sinus problem may occur.

    Hair Scalp Itchiness
    -I often have itchy hair scalp, with extremely lot of dandruff , the dandruff is kind of like "eat" into my head scalp.
    -If i eat spicy food my hair scalp will get itchy , if i never wash my head in the day , the second day it will itchy.
    -Sometimes i scratch too hard my hair scalp even bleed a bit.
    -This make me to suffer hair drop a bit.

    Wake up tired
    I realize sometimes even if i sleep well and enough , i still feel very tired , especially if i had class in the morning. The sleepiness is just so hard to control i normally cannot even focus.
    I realize that its harder to get out of the bed if the weather is colder than normal.

    No matter how clean and eat , no fried food , normal rice , meat and vege (chinese meal ) , and even a bowl of oat in the morning , i have constipate problem.
    -I used to drink 1.5 litter of water at a time , in order to force my self to ****. It helps.
    -I used to try to eat lots of fruit such as apples and banana but sometimes it does not help too.

    Cannot concentrate , cannot focus
    I realize this few years i have problem on focusing ,when people talk to me , when watching movie , studying and memorizing things.

    Mood swing , depress and insomnia
    -I sometimes may feel very unmotivated and sleepy .
    -Morning i usually will feel very sleepy sometimes , even if i sleep a lot.
    -At night i usually feel very energetic , sometimes even have problem sleeping early . Sometimes lay down at 12 , 3 o clock only can sleep . This make me oversleep till 12afternoon the second day. And this make me have problem to sleep early for the following day and the cycle repeats and get worse.
    -I always have problem waking up early , feel not refresh , and even unconsciousness.

    Cold and sweaty palm
    -When i am uneasy i will suffer cold palm , and my palm will sweat a lot.

    *Is all symptom of mine caused by individual reason or is it interrelated ?
    Could it cause by Candida or my deviated septum that leads to all my allergy?
    please help~~ i really suffer a lot.

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    Old 07-29-2007, 04:41 PM   #2
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    Re: Whole body all kinds of allergy problem

    i am wondering if you have been tested for alleriges or illnesses? besides the dust mite allergy If you have had any tests can you post what the results were here, it might help.
    first thing that springs to mind is have you been tested for diabetes and for celiacs disease?

    I spent years at dr's and almost gave up as no one seemed to have any answers, they just wanted to treat symptoms. finally i found a medical dr who specialised in allergies who sorted me out.

    I started on a diet of brown rice and pears, but I did it under medical supervsion and underwent allergy testing as well.

    one thing I would suggest is keeping a diary of your daily food intake, activity, mood and symptoms, it will help to work it out. This was essential to be able to work out what symptoms were being affected by what.

    also your skins itches may be chemical allergies. so soaps, shampoos, washing powders may be causing problems, nylon in clothing can cause itches as can food allergies. I found chemical allergies caused my headaches, brain fog, sleepiness and poor concentration. so do these symptoms occur mainly after being in a particulat places, like the classroom. this could be perfumes, cleaning products, plastics. stop using any toiletry products for a week or two and see what happens.

    start with recording everything so that you can identify patterns. I am sorry you are feeling so yuckky, i know when i was really ill with allergies i just wanted to give up on life some days. I used to scratch my skin so much it would bleed. hang in there and post some more info,

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    wakkochic17 HB User
    Re: Whole body all kinds of allergy problem

    I agree you need to post more info.. what kind of doctors have you seen? Have you been to an allergist.. or to an ENT? Allergies and sinus problems can lead to many of the above problems (except the constipation part.. you may want to ask your doctor about that). Heavy congestion can cause problems breathing, an irritated throat.. itchiness in the ears, etc. It sounds to me like you may have several things going on though, but definitely look at the allergy and sinus problems. The only other comment I have is about the milk.. milk and dairy in general cause high secretions of mucus.. this isn't an allergy but is actually normal. For some of us it causes more than others.. and if it's giving you diarhea, you are probably lactose intolerant versus actually allergic to milk.

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    Re: Whole body all kinds of allergy problem

    wakkochic17 and chickpeas thanks for your sharing! really appreciate that.

    ok , i have seen allergy doctor in Singapore , he is an ENT specialist, did the allergy test by putting allergen on my skin , and the test came out that i allergy to dust mite.

    Ya i agree with u that i should check on the allergy thing again, maybe will try to
    do a more wider scope of allergen test... but very expensive here .I think my DEVIATED SEPTUM problem maybe is the main reason all this sinus problem occur to me.

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