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Sco24 11-23-2007 06:03 PM

Leaky gut STILLLLL
wow, just got my 2nd intestinal permeability test back and it's still showing my gut lining is hyper-permeable. going crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy... any ideas?


tonster120 11-29-2007 04:56 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
I have been calling gastroentronologists and so far NONE will do any tests for Leaky gut? What type of doctor are you going to and what was the test called again? Thanks for any help. :)

whatishappening 11-29-2007 06:00 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hi. I was diagnosed with leaky gut one week ago. I had food allergy testing done at a natural dr. I am allergic to dairy,eggs, soy and cain sugar. How long have you had this ?? The only thing i had was allergy testing, and the dr. said that it was leaky gut. Does anyone about long it takes to heal ?? I know i am taking all these suppliments and mixing powders with glutimine.
Thanks :)

Sannah 11-30-2007 05:25 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hi Sco, our doc fixed up my daughter with her leaky gut so you can be helped. Maybe contact our doc and see if he knows of anyone around you who can help you? Our doc does phone consults. He is Theodore Cole in Cinncinati, Ohio.

Sco24 11-30-2007 02:09 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL

thanks i will give him a call and see what he has to say... I'm actually going to go up to seattle next friday to see a woman regarding mercury chelation and also my leaky gut.. i want to rule out Mercury as a cause for this, or a contributing factor. if it is, i will chelate the rest of the mercury and see if she can offer any more assistance for the leaky gut.. if she can't i will absolutely pursue Theodore Cole more aggressively.

how was Theodore Cole anyhow? knowledgable? what was the cause of your daughter's leaky gut? what was the treatment like? i definitely want fix this before i entertain getting those LDA shots.. because i'm not going to spend all that money and find out something else is still causing the permeability.. and i want it to work the best it can.. and who knows. if i fix the leaky gut i might not even need those shots.


no gastro will do this test.. gastros are a waste of time in regards to leaky gut. gastros want to give you a pill to fix something, or cut you open to see what's wrong. you have to go to an alternative doctor, or an MD who's is versed in this sort of thing.. either one shouldn't be hard to find.. i've had 2 or 3 MDs in my area who know of and believe in leaky gut. my primary MD actually told me NOT to go see a gastro because they won't help you.. they are completely off the WESTERN medicine spectrum and refuse the leaky gut idea. the test is called INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY or LACTULOSE/MANNITOL CHALLENGE TEST.. you can get it through doctor's data, or great smokies diagnostics but you need a doctor to order it for you.


leaky gut normally heals in like 6 months average or more depending on how bad it is damaged or what is damaging it. it could be diet, sweets, alcohol, candida, parasites, etc. causing the problem. so you need to work with a knowledgable doctor to do that.. i would start by eliminating foods you are allergic to, and gluten because that can cause leaky gut by itself if you are sensitive to it. then cut out processed sugar for a while and see how it goes.. mostly people heal up pretty fast if they avoid the cause of the problem... but if it's more complicated you can see specialty docs to help you with it.. as i am trying to do now.. (my case seems to be way complicated) because i'm not sure what's causing mine.. might be mercury because i did chelation therapy the "wrong" way a year or 2 ago.. so we'll see..

take it easy everybody.. and GET HEALTHY!

whatishappening 11-30-2007 04:35 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hi Scott. Thanks for the advise! My leaky gut is because of food allergies. ( I found this out with testing. ) What are your symptoms? I have autoimmune disease, connective tissue disease like arthritis spicifically. I too need murcury poisioning testing done. My dr. really thinks this is contributing to my problems. Fortunately my natural dr. is also a md too ! I am deffinately sticking with him, as he knows both sides. My Rhum. dr. ( that only knows how to prescribe meds,) doesn't believe in natural means of healing.

Sco24 11-30-2007 06:12 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hey whatis:

my suggestion for you would be to follow an MS-like diet.. are you familiar with that? it's also called the Best Bet Diet.. it's perfect for autoimmune disease, takes into acount the autoimmune process and molecular mimicry, etc. and is very anti-inflammatory.

i had hashimoto's thyroiditits, which is autoimmune before cutting out gluten/wheat/dairy, which then the antibodies went away. as for other symptoms there really weird, ranging from low-blood sugar feelings to all out HORRIBLE ACHYNESS symptoms like i have the flu.. that's when i eat dates! and i love dates, darnit.. haha.. i use to eat them a lot and finally i got allergic to them (leaky gut) which really upsets me so yeah.. you'll definitely feel better once you can heal the leaky gut and avoid food allergens..

what type of food allergy tests did you have and through what lab? were they the ELISA food allergy test through meridian lab or immunolaboratory?


whatishappening 12-01-2007 05:58 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hi. I had my allergy testing through my natural dr. When i had my consultation, he suspected that it was food allergies all along. It was the injections of syrum underneith the skin. It has been one week today that i started cutting out gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar and soy. What's wierd is that my knees ( the main source of my problems) feel worse than before i started this diet ! What is going on with that ...:confused: Now for you... eating too many dates caused the allergic response, i guess?? My doc. says everything in moderation. I will deffinately look at that diet you suggested for me, thanks ! What do you think about citrus foods affecting LGS ?? Ttyl :)

Sco24 12-01-2007 11:34 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
not too sure about citrus foods.. i got sensitive to those as well... rediculous. As for your knees how much fish oil or omega 3 supps are you taking? you just have to make sure your supplementing or at least trying to make up for nutrients your not getting with food your cutting out.

have you mentioned the knee pain to your doc?

So for the allergy test that was the RAST skin ***** test? I'm not sure but maybe your knees are bothering you because there's more food allergies that weren't picked up with the allergy test you had. I heard the ELISA food panel is one of the most accurate. But who knows, i guess you could always talk to your doc about that.

Maybe your body is purging toxins and that's why your feeling a bit worse before you feel better? I read about a few people who felt worse when starting the diet. are you drinking a ton of water? OOOOOOOOOOOr, haha, it doesn't have much to do with food at all. what's your diet consist of now anyhow? what do you eat on a normal day?

talk to you later

whatishappening 12-01-2007 07:30 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hello ! Maybe your right about the " getting worse before getting better thing." I read lots about that... even know my dr. never heard of such a thing. But anyway here goes my diet:

Breakfast - bananna ( yucky mixed powder drink from dr. ) and rice cake with apple butter

Lunch- romaine salad with carrots and chicken with vinagerette dressing.

Snack- cashews or almonds

Dinner- fish,rice and some kind of green vegi.

And once again, yucky drink mix. ( different one for night time )

That's basically it ! I do take fish oil twice daily along with glutamine pills.
Man, it's hard to eat this way especially when the holidays are here !!! How long did it take before you felt better? I really need some inspiration to keep me going !! Thanks for all your responses, they really help ! :)

pursie 12-02-2007 02:56 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
hi all , this is interesting , im not sure if i have leaky gut but i have on and on antibiotics and have had a sore throat and tummy it feels so inflAMMED AND THE Tissue feels damaged sorry about caps!
i have hashis , so this diet would benefit hashsi people aswell,??
so what basically can you eat , and is red meat out of the picturexxxxxxx
thanks form katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:angel::angel:

whatishappening 12-02-2007 06:47 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hello. My doc. said a basic diet consisting of fish, brown rice, veggies, nuts ( not peanuts) and water is the healthiest !! He said that especially red meat is a NO and not too much chicken too !:( Basically because you are eating all the bad stuff the animals eat, makes sense.) I guess unless it is organic ??? I am not sure on that one.
Oh, and Scott. Regarding my knees, they have been drained numerous times and for some reason, they have been the main part of my probs. I have been on Prednisone and Methotrexate for like six months now so god only knows how bad i would be if not on it now ! I thought being on all these meds i would feel better, right ? Maybe only 50%.:mad: I just know that what you eat consists of 50 percent of your health, makes sense. Not too many people are smart enough to look into helping themselves by eating correctly. Most listen to medical docs. that don't know much about nutrition and just about medicating. Sad. Scott, are you going to do anything different since your last showed that LGS still existed? TTYL :) Deb

pursie 12-02-2007 07:09 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
thanks ,
ok so basically we:angel::angel: have to lead a very strict diet wow it sounds awfull how long does this have to go on for ??
and suagr is out of the picture aswell lol ah well its worth it i heard that having strong laxatives cleanse some of that bad stuff out aswell thanks again love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sco24 12-02-2007 11:51 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL

sorry to hear of your troubles. what you can do is get a lactulose/mannitol test to see if you do have leaky gut.. also, have you had food allergies tested? if so, which test?

after you cut out things you are allergic to there are really, A LOT of things to eat. when i first started eating this way i felt like crying.. haha.. but the alternative was have no control over my life or how i felt, and to just leave it up to doctors, (who in the case of many diseases including autoimmune) have NO CLUE how to help you but put you on DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS that have a great chance of making you feel worse off. So, diet, in my view, is the one thing that can drastically improve how you feel, how your body functions, and gives you some sense of control over your life.

So, regarding hashimoto's, its proven even in western medicine that the antibodies are associated with gluten intolerance.. not for all, but for a lot... when people cut out gluten for 6 months average, the antibodies went down. now, even if that's not you, the diet is really good for inflammatory reactions in your body.

Basically it's a paleolithic diet, what the "cavemen" use to eat.. it's ideally suppose to actually encourage the eating of "wild game" meaning chicken, deer, ostrich, turkey, etc. etc. whatishappening is right, that don't buy conventional if you can.. get organic, or grass fed... because if basically do eat when that animal did... but organic is fine, i eat it a lot.. fish is great too, but try and get the least mercury toxic there is, like alaskan wild salmon..

before you know it there's a TON of fruits, veggies, nuts, wild-game meat, you can eat.. your suppose to try to keep grains to a minimum (just have to see how you feel when you eat a lot and when you don't).. this is really important... the ratio of good fats to bad fats in your body... (IMPORTANT, DON'T FREAK OUT OVER DOING ALL THIS AT ONCE, START WITH THE DIET BASICS, THEN CONERN YOURSELF W/ THE OTHER STUFF.. all at once can be overwhelming at first.. so don't panic.) The good fats are like omega 3s etc. and are anti-inflammatory.. while other fats, like omega 6 are inflammatory.. obviously both are good for health, but they have to be in the right ratio... now days, the western diet is estimated to be a ratio of like 20:1 omega 6:3... but it should be like 2:1 or 1:1 in favor of omega 3. this has a HUGE impact on the inflammtory response in the body.. controlilng immune system and everything else.. this is not hard to do, especially if your not locked up by a bunch of food allergies like i am.. but again, some people will have to be more strict than others,, just have to see how you feel and how far you have to take it.. overall this can be really healthy, and you can add more foods in depending on your own body.

Also, there's a cafe near my home that is called Cafe Gratitude.. they make foods that are along the lines of this.. and they are GREAT. you can make nut ice cream, nut pie.. its really almost better than real sugar.. if you guys ever want the recipe let me know.. its a ton of stuff.. so don't worry, there are things to eat, but its basicaly you that has to make them.. most people get impatient and want to go BUY something already made.. because well,.... its faster. haha.


as for my leaky gut i'm going to go see a woman up in seattle regarding mercury to make sure, or at least rule out any possible role it could be playing in my leaky gut... then pursue some parasite testing and bug testing.. then possibly load up on bug killing herbs after that to make sure NONE are in my system.. then down the road if my allergies are still buggin me i'm giong to do some allergy shots called LDA.. use to be called EPD by a Dr. Shrader in New Mexico. apparently they work really well and can even be used for autoimmune disease (fibromyalgia, lupus, etc.)

but for now, i'm hoping i can just heal this up on my own and pinpoint the cause of it.

do you ever notice anything that triggers your knee problems? when did they start? what is the dignosis on that?


pursie 12-02-2007 12:32 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
thanks so much scot,
ok i think i remeber you on the thyroid boards do you tremeber me???? there is someone to a similar name to yours i think its scoot??, so yes i would love for you to be able to share your recipes and what nots, i do exersize and have a good diet but what im doing wrong is i have red meat and alot of it and i cant really afford the organic stuff but i might just buy it for me and cook it and leave it in the fridge to last afew days the veg arnt organic but i could gte some fruit dosnet have to be does it and i could buy some omega 3 oil capsules form the health food shops i do drink alot of suagr free hot choc so where do you think i can improve scot and thankyou thanks so much for your time of trouble you may have just made me stop! and think for a miniite , i thought i was on a reasnable diet thing is i have to be treated for anaemia now this means i do need alot of red meat could this be ok if its organic i have to be carefull it also sounds like this diet may be a good weight loss idea aswell ???? so what do you think can i still change it round im extreemly fed up i have had infection after infection the latest one was bad kidney ifn it could have turned to septis as the dr said im on my 9th lost of biotics for this year alone !
so lets just say i feel really ill i have 3 little kids to look after and all this started before i was 30 im now 37 and had my life pulled form under me im weak and ill sure i have had damage form the biotics but all the infections might not have been helped form my smoking wich i have got down to 2 ciggies day at my wits end is an understatement thanks scott so much please can you give me alittle hint in the right direction lots of love katherinexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxps how old are you scott and do you or did you smoke???????????????????????????????

Sco24 12-02-2007 02:44 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL

I think i remember you from the thyroid board.. but my name is sco24.. i think theres another person with scoot.. haha..close enough though.

well for starters pursie if i were you i would quit smoking! i know its easier said than done but heres how i think of it.. i never smoked, but nerely ALL my relatives do or did. And they all have had health problems, from ovarian cysts to breast cancer to lung problems to influenza and death.. it's just not worth it.. especially if like you said, you have 3 kids, a life i'm sure you want to keep and a chance to NOT have ill health. it pretty much comes down to what you want out of your life. try to fill the pull to ciggs with something else.. more time with your kids? family, friends? a hobby, a career, time to people less fortunate than youself (charity), something, anything you love to do.

as for red meat try to cut it back and eat the wild game meats instead.. even if there not organic. sometimes you can find grass fed (grain free) game that is NOT organic so it's cheaper, but still its better than the grain, caged fed birds.. the reason being the fats ratio i talked about gets really wacked in the birds when there fed ONLY grains. just like human beings, so they are less healthy.

Try to cut back on the sugar, the chocolate, etc. Intead try to space it out more and more, filling up the week with veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. that way maybe on weekends you can have a little treat, some desserts (healthy kind i can give you recipes) .. for example dates, those are great and can make really good desserts. the big thing is, is to try and shift your diet slowly but surely to where it is healthy.. trust me, if you were to implement this diet all the way, or even partly, it will make you feel a lot better, you won't get sick so much, and you won't need so MANY ANTIBIOTICS, which can cause havok in your system... also take good PROBIOTICS for your intestinal health.

you'll also drop weight like crazy... oh yeah, the reason for red meat is the saturated fats... i guess in short there's these things called prostoglandulins (for sure spelled that wrong) that are divided up into groups, say 1 and 2... they control the immune system, and other health things like inflammatory reactions in the body... omega 3's help promote the regulatory and anti-inflammatory ones in group 1, while saturated fats produce inflammatory 2. monosaturated fats have no affect on this i believe, which makes them ideal if you need energy, etc... there in olives, olive oil, hazel nuts, etc.

that gets complicated, i get confused with it all sometimes, but you can read all about this if you type in best bet diet, etc... which it primarily was brought about for autoimmune sufferers, etc. it really helps...

anyway, there's a lot of info out there, and if you ****** some of this stuff you probably can find a lot better explanations than what i'm giving you this quickly... there's also things like almond milk etc.. there's a ton of good foods out there.. you just have to get yourself to make the change then your good.. then you can help other people out that are in your situation... it's a good thing.

and drink lots of pure water.

oh, by the way, i'm 25yrs old... had this all start after i had knee surgery when i was 22... it's been a long road and hopefully i can heal my leaky gut up... then i can finally eat all the good veggies/fruit again..

have a nice sunday

whatishappening 12-02-2007 06:06 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
Hello ! Good luck with all of your testing ! Sounds like your on the right track. Did you really notice a good change once you started eating correctly? I just noticed feeling a lot of energy and lost some weight, cool there... It really is mind over matter. If you want to feel better, take control ! I know i couldn't live with myself if i went back to eating what i wanted and listening to my rhumy dr... My natural dr opened up a new door! About my terrible knees... After my daughter was born, this all started. Slow pain in one, very gradual and finally swelling, then scary enough, my other knee did the same thing. That's when i knew something was really wrong. Tons of testing which lead to meds. When i went to my natural dr, he told me that my hips were out of line ( no other dr.s knew this including my gp, ortheopedics and rhumy drs !) He gave me prolotheropy shots to fix this, amazing... and suggested i have food allergy testing for my lupus like condition. Obviously what he suspected was right on. I guess it has been about 3.5 years all together.
When did you start noticing your problems ? And what foods are you allergic too? I do admit that i am DIEING from not eating any dairy ! Especially my coffee and cream and none the less sugar too !!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh

pursie 12-02-2007 11:29 PM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
thanks scatt i didnt realize i was talking to a 25 year old male !! lucky me on a sunday aswell lol sorry scott xxxxlets keep this healthy ,
im going to take your advice cos it all rings true it always feels like there is an inflammation process going on in my body ?? the drs really cant expalin the flare ups i have??? its not sjorgans or lupus so afr just hashsi and antibodies out of control i expect ?????
i will start it slow and just but natural yogurt and stuff and evian and i will try to have fish more i presume fish in tins like tuna really dont count and i will get some omega 3 pills thanks scott , and hi its been a while or are you still visiting the thyroid dissorders/?
and thankyou for telling me about all thsi i had no idea scaott, lots of love katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxps do you live in sunny america or cold americaxxxxxxxxxxxxx:angel:

Sannah 12-03-2007 10:31 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
[QUOTE=Sco24;3330253]how was Theodore Cole anyhow? knowledgable? what was the cause of your daughter's leaky gut? what was the treatment like?

I think Dr. Cole is an excellent doc! My daughter's leaky gut was caused from all bad flora and no good normal flora. She couldn't maintain good flora because of her overall health. Dr. Cole put her health back in balance with Psychosomatic Energenics. He put her flora back in balance with rectal ozone and Chinese herbs. I don't have leaky gut but my normal flora is out of whack too and he is treating me now with Chinese herbs and rectal ozone. I feel MUCH better after starting this treatment over a month ago.

Sannah 12-03-2007 10:37 AM

Re: Leaky gut STILLLLL
[QUOTE=whatishappening;3330446] My leaky gut is because of food allergies. I have autoimmune disease, connective tissue disease like arthritis spicifically. [/QUOTE]

Hi What's. From my knowledge of leaky gut, the leaky gut causes the food allergies and then the autoimmune diseases. Allergies are an overactive immune system (your immune system shouldn't be reacting to these harmless things) and autoimmune diseases are an immune system that has really gone out of control because now it is seeing your own body as a threat. Your immune cells are in your gut and if your gut isn't healthy and functioning normally your immune system cannot be healthy either.

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