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hayley0610 03-20-2008 12:59 PM

36 and all of a sudden strange feeling!!!
i am 36 f and about 3 wks ago i felt as though i was getting a cold but it never turned into boss also felt the same way but hers did turn into a full blown cold whereas with meds and such mine didnt develop but i did still have the feeling like i was getting one....i felt a bit better over the days but then a day before i went on holidays i started to feel it again so i pumped myself full of meds and the day i arrived on holiday and for the entire week i felt completely normal again with no sign of anything so i figured i had just recouped fully from this soon to be cold....well i got back 2 days again and literally within hrs of being back and still now the feeling is here again!! so just a bit of history, i live in canada where the snow is starting to melt so mold is in the air....i have a lot of pets and have had them for yrs and yrs now with no probs at all....i was also on a plane ride with sick people coughing all around me but to feel the exact feeling i had is too coincidental to me!! the signs are a feeling in my head of a head cold, a very runny nose,blowing it a lot and the starts of a sore throat but it doesnt turn into anything and being tired, i doubt it is my animals as i have had them forever and even though i know one can develop allergies later on in life i am not having itchy watery eyes and sneezing.i just feel warn out just like when one gets the feeling the day before a full blown cold starts! also if i leave my home for hrs and hrs i do not feel any better,i dont know what it could be but i think i am going to try and get some non drowsy allergy meds to see if that helps, anything anyone can recomend? also if it is allergies and not a cold will the meds make me feel normal again so i can narrow down wether this is a cold or just something in the air?

Titchou 03-20-2008 03:22 PM

Re: 36 and all of a sudden strange feeling!!!
What meds did you take that made you feel better? Generally speaking, cold meds don't help allergies and vice versa.

hayley0610 03-20-2008 11:10 PM

Re: 36 and all of a sudden strange feeling!!!
well i just just cold fx and vit c i didnt nec, feel much better after taking them it just so happened that i went to punta cana and the day after i arrived it seemed this cold was gone then literally the day i came back same feeling i had before i left thats when i realized this maybe not just a cold after all.

hayley0610 03-21-2008 03:50 PM

Re: 36 and all of a sudden strange feeling!!!
i just took a brand name allergy pill and nothing changed

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