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flds 01-17-2009 01:43 PM

eosionophilia - Weather allergies
I have been suffering from bad cough which last for about 2 months. This cough is caused when I catch a cold or during change of weather. The cough is so bad that I start getting a headache. This has been going on for the past 20 plus years.
When I chew a gum or have a piece of ginger or clove in my mouth the cough is controlled, I do not cough during the nights when I am asleep.

I had been to many doctors and ENT specialist nothing worked. I had blood tests done and doctors have said that I have increased white blood cells (eosionophilia) and another said that I have weather allergies.

I was looking for suggestions or answers to this kind of cough (sickness).
Would appreciate some suggestion.


danabarb 01-17-2009 10:50 PM

Re: eosionophilia - Weather allergies
I have been coughing for 20 years and it is all due to allergies. Like you, when the weather changes, the cough comes on as well as the headaches and it is barometric change in pressure that does it. You could have vasomotor rhinitis, which is nothing serious-just an pain. The best treatment for me for this is acupuncture. I have found that the medications from the drs. just bandage the situation temporarly. the acupuncturist seems to throw the body back on balance, but it will not be done in one time. You may have to go several times. However, you will feel MUCH better after the first visit-especially with your headaches. Hope this is of some help.

flds 01-23-2009 04:59 PM

Re: eosionophilia - Weather allergies
Thank you for your reply.
I have been feeling a bit better for the past 4 days, as I have started taking cod liver softgels and multivitamins. I still have the cough, it is not that bad. Hoping that it will go away within a week.

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