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  • My Allergenic Nightmare. Need Expert Advice

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    My Allergenic Nightmare. Need Expert Advice

    I have been having this problem for a couple of years now and am almost tired of fighting this ongoing issue. I am hoping to get some expert advice.

    At school age around 12 - 17 years old, I used to faint and pass-out at.This used to happen at least once a year but at most twice and no more than 2 times a year. I would feel hot under the collar, then start to feel uncomfortable and feel a lack of oxygen in my head.
    If I dont sit down, I would pass out and everything would be fine thereafter.

    Initially thinking this was sugar-related, I had made sure I get a breakfast in at morning time. But because it only happened once a year, I never took it that serious.

    At age 18, My final school year and during exam time, this happened again. But this time it was really bad. I was in a final exam paper when the drowsiness started and had to leave the examination room. I missed two papers that year. For a day long, I was drowsy and couldnt sit still because the drowsyness was making me uncomfortable and I was panicking and needed oxygen.

    I went to the doctor. I had my blood sugar tested and blood pressure tested and all came out fine. I dont have a problem with sugar intake. At this time I had a diabetes test done just in case but all came out in the clear. I immediately changed my diet to extremely healthy foods and no fizzy drinks etc, to try and help relieve my symptoms.
    The symptoms relieved a bit, but the drowsyness would remain periodically.

    I had a chest X-ray taken and all was fine. After going to the Lung and Heart specialist for test, all was fine.
    After a few days I felt an irritable feeling in my stomach.I had NO nausicousness or vomiting though.
    Just a pressure feeling like my stomach was going into a knot and pushing up against my chest.
    Doctor booked me in for a gastroscopy scan. It came out that there were burn marks on my stomach lining, so something was definitely irritating my stomach.
    Next up was a rast food allergy test.

    It came out that i was allergic to soya, gluten, wheat and peanuts.
    After doing extensive research, I found wheat allergy symptoms are fainting and dizzyness and Gluten/Wheat cause stomach irritations.
    The doctor gave me a chronic perscription of Zyrtec Anti-histamine (the cetirizine type) which i took 1 tablet daily. I excluded the allergens from my diet, but not so much soya and peanuts as I did not find those to be a problem.(Maybe they are somehow and I dont realize ?)
    The stomach irritations went away and I could after a year, eat bread again controllably and a limited dose

    Inhalents allergy tests came out positive to Dustmites and Mould mix.
    I got rid of feather pillows in my room immediately.I have done the spring-clean in the house to get rid of mould/dust.
    Replace bed pillows and duvet's with anti-allergenic versions.

    During all this time, I have also suffered from post-nasal drip. Which is bad in the mornings from about 4am - 9am but then clear up throughout the day.

    Now after school. I went to college.
    After this whole ordeal at around Age 19, I have developed an Asthma. The reaction would come and go. Sometimes I could go without a tight chest for days and use the Asthma inhaler once a month. Sometimes once a week.Sometimes every day.
    I never had to use this during the day. It would happen in the middle of the night or in the morning. So i use the pump and the tight chest goes away.

    From age 19 - 25 I lived fine with periodic asthma. I could eat wheat/gluten up to a limit and took the zyrtec here and there, but not ALL the time

    Now, at age 25 the Dizzyness and drowsyness started again. Almost identical to the symptoms I experienced at age 18.
    I have decided to stay away from Gluten/Wheat for the rest of my life, as I have read that the stomach irritations from Gluten intolerance can lead to malnutrition and life threatening diseases such as Osteoporosis etc.

    I have not had Gluten or Wheat for the past 4 month.

    What worries me is the below :

    I still have the Asthma, but it has gotten worse. I get the tight chest every morning and/or night. Using the inhaler twice a day.
    I can not go without this inhaler.

    I have started doing lots of excersice and weight training to help with my chest
    In the mornings I have a post nasal drip and I cough up loads of phlem.
    I find that a nasal spray helps, but not much really. It seems to only relieve the symptoms a bit.
    Sometimes when I drive to work early in the morning, I get like a "tingly" feeling in my head.
    When I say "tingly", Its like a extremely light, light headed feeling, VERY minimal.I open the window or drive with the air conditioning on just to help.

    When I get to work, I still have the "tingly" feeling in my head and I would start worrying about it. I find that when I worry/stress about it, it goes from "tingly" to light headed. Then from light headed to drowsyness and then I would start feeling like I am lacking oxygen.

    I had to go on sick leave for a day as this got really bad.
    I felt extremely tired in the mornings and sometimes had to concentrate to breathe properly.

    After being under a wheat/gluten free diet, getting rid of mould/dust from my room and excersice + training + a Zyrtec anti-histamine every night it got much better.

    I dont know what the cause could be anymore and the doctor is not helping at all. Just spending money on endless tests and medication.

    I have skipped antihistamine during the Dec holdiday period and I now feel the "tingly" light headed feeling is back. It didnt get much worse and symtomps dissapeared throughout the day.

    But I am worried.

    Do I have to permanently stay on Antihistamine now? What could the cause of this be?
    I'm lost and when I have to go off sick from work because of this, I look stupid trying to explain to my Boss what the problem is because I am not even sure myself.

    I would appreciate expert advice on this topic. Thank you

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    Re: My Allergenic Nightmare. Need Expert Advice

    I'm sorry you've had all these issues. but yes, it would appear you would need an antihistamine on a permanent basis. However, you don't mention a couple of things that would seem to be normal treatments:

    1) Allergy injections. Have you considered this? It should help with the airborne allergies. That and diet modifications should help you considerably.

    2) Asthma: If you in fact have asthma, you should be on a daily med and not just relying on your rescue inhaler - as it seems that you are. Have you seen a pulmonologist for the asthma? I highly recommend that you do so that you can get a proper evaluation and treatment plan. That should get your asthma under control which will make daily use of your recue inhaler unnecessary.

    Good luck!

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    Re: My Allergenic Nightmare. Need Expert Advice

    Thank you for your advice.

    1) Allergy injections. -> I have not had anything other than antihistamine. I will defnitetely consult my doctor on this thank you.

    2) Asthma: I have not been to a pulmonologist. I dont know if a pulmonologist and a lung specialist are the same but ive been to a lung specialist and they just did a basic breathing test and I was not suffering from any of the symptoms on the day of the test so it was hard for him to get a result from the breathing test. But I will consult my general practitioner, maybe there are long term tests that a pulmonologist can do.

    I can live very actively and the Asthma does not kick in when I do cardiovascular type activities (which is a good thing)
    I feel that my Asthma and the sometimes dizzyness is all related to allergies so maybe the allergic injection will get rid of the asthma in the long run.

    If it helps to tell you : My asthma is mainly stimulated by a deep cough. Ill have a very very minimal tight chest and a irritable cough. Then each time I cough, it gets tighter and tighter, eventually Ill need an inhaler.
    Also I cough up phlem, less phlem the tighter my chest gets. Once I use the inhaler, my chest untightens and I can cough up all the phlem and my chest is clear

    Thanks for your help. I will try your suggestions as well

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