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david82165 01-25-2012 09:53 AM

Chronic Uticaria Help!
I was taking zyrtc every morning with benedry and was feel fine for a long time then I my rash, hives, and swelling came back. I went to the allergist and he prescribed me Allegra, Singular, and Zyzal. I have been on this combination of drugs for 3 weeks and it is not really working. I was taking Allegra in the morning, Singular in the evening, and Zyzal at bedtime. I notice my allergies where very bad in the morning and around 4pm. My doctor said to take the zyzal in morning and the Allegra at bedtime with the Singular. Also take another allegra at 1pm. I tried this for a few days and still was bad in the morning. Mornings seem to be the worst - Can I take zyzal with allegra in morning and another allegra at bedtime. Singular in the evening. Also, not sure why my doctor took me off zyrtc and replacec with allegra. Sorry if I have confused all of you. I am just trying to get on the right combination of meds at the same time everyday. Any help would be much appreciated.

patrick2011 02-24-2012 02:04 PM

Re: Chronic Uticaria Help!
I thought since no one else has I'd chime-in here. I take similar meds for chronic hives-- Zyrtec & Singulair. I also get a Epinephrine shot at my dermatologist's office once or twice a year when the pills don't seem to be working. All my symptoms are gone the following day. But the pills usually work.

I take 1 Zyrtec alone every day. I take 1 Singulair if the hives persist. I've found taking them both together at the same time works the best if the hives are particularly stubborn. So if that's the case I try to wait until its time (evening) for my Zyrtec and take the Singulair at the same time.

I've tried others like Allegra & Claratin but they don't work for me. If you are interested you can check out my thread on this at:

Here's hoping you find some relief.


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