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nsbv 08-30-2012 12:17 PM

intense itching and elevated bumps
hey there... When I itch i get elevated bumps underneath where I've scratched and/or my skin turns red where I've itched.
I have been experiencing the itchiness all over my body, excluding my feet and face (but it itches on my neck and scalp). I don't have any dry skin or hives showing up.
I have been noticing this intense itchiness since late June or early July. My first doctor visit resulted in being prescribed Reactin (20mg a day). It helped for about a month and now my body is immune to it, or so I assume since I began to increase the dosage all the way up to 60mg a day and still no relief. Now I'm taking 25mg twice a day of Apo-Hydroxyzine but I still experience itching and burning sensations on my body.
I should note that I noticed intense itchiness last year in the month of August but it was only on my hands. It would come and go and only last for an hour or up to a couple days. I didn't think I needed to visit the doctor until now.
In addition, I have been treated for yeast infections at least 5 times in the last year! My very first yeast infection occurred around the time of the hands itching, last year. Besides being treated for multiple yeast infections, I have also been treated twice for Bacterial Vaginosis (which may or may not be related to the itchiness)
I do not take any drugs, prescriptions, or vitamins. I have been off of birth control for about 2 years now. I have taken Reactin, 10mg a day, for about 2 years now but just to help with my animal allergies (cats and dogs)
What have the doctors done? Not too much, so far. I mentioned a doctor giving me antihistamines, which don't seem to be helping - there has to be a deeper cause. I have made multiple doctor appointments with about 4 different doctors. Finally, I have an appointment for a physical to get a thorough blood workup done and I have an appointment with an allergist.
All the doctors think that my itchiness is allergy related since the antihistamines were helping at the beginning but after reading your post, "Suzie", I believe it could have a lot to do with the yeast infections.
Something I forgot to mention is that my periods have always been regular. They have never been more than a few days off count and always rotate from light one month to heavy the next. However, in the past four or more months, I've noticed the color of the blood being almost a light pink for the first day (whether I'm on the light or heavy cycle) and last month my period was 2 and a half weeks late (no, I'm not pregnant).
I need answers! I really hope my doctor visits next week find the problem so I can get some relief!

danabarb 08-31-2012 03:29 PM

Re: Intense itching all over body!
I have had allergies since 1985 and they are so bad that I have to get injections for them, but this year is the first year I have had itching on my feet. Just went to get my allergy injection and showed the doctor the rash. He verified what I thought; it is eczema and, as you may know, that walks hand in hand with allergies, many times. He told me to put some Cortaid cream on it!

margiepoo 09-03-2012 07:19 AM

Re: Intense itching all over body!
I'm glad you've found some relief for your allergies. When you don't get the rashes, hives or blistering some people don't really think you have a problem. I've had the same kind of itching for months and have been recently diagnosed with an allergy to nickel, cobalt and disperse blue 124. Now that I know, it makes perfect sense. Now I'm just trying to figure out what will help and how to avoid the offending irritants.

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