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raziel1687 09-22-2012 07:28 AM

Possible Latex Allergy???
Ever since I've started my current job I have been more sick than I've ever been in my life. I RARELY get sick. If at most, I get a cold.

So mainly I've been getting a lot of random rashes. It first started out on my right arm near my elbow. Then I got a rash under my jaw, and around my eyes. Then yesterday, I developed this really weird case, where it started on my arms near my hands, and then it worked it's way up on my right arm. Where I had the previous rash on my right arm near my elbow got really bad. And then I started getting a rash on my left hip. Also a little on my right palm and on the bottom of my left foot and in the middle of my back. What kind of rash ends up in random places like that?

I've also been having many UTIs this year (about every 3 months I'll get one). One turned into a kidney infection.

I've also had many colds, and a moderate sore throat that would change intensity every few days.

Also, I just recently had appendicitis and had to have surgery (not sure if that could be related?)

I've suspected toxic mold at my work cuz our roof is in terrible condition and it rains quite often during the summer months here. And the roof leaks terribly.

Now I'm suspecting it may actually be from a latex allergy. My mom has a latex allergy. Sometimes I use latex gloves at work, and I also use latex condoms with my boyfriend which I read can attribute to UTIs.

May my suspicions be accurate? Is there a test I can request from the doctor to determine a latex allergy?

Thanks for any advice!

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