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matt ca 10-04-2012 05:15 PM

Sinus congestion from allergies
Hi all. i am new to this forum and i am having difficulty dealing with my new allergies.

Long story short, on June 1/12 i decided to live a more healthier lifestyle, so i gave up smoking and started to jog 70-80 minutes / day.

Everything was fine until i noticed that i was not getting deep sleep,so after seeing a few doctors, one of them looked up my nose and told me i have congestion from allergies, so i went and got an allergy test and found that im allergic to 18 different types of trees, pollen,dust, etc, and decided to get allergy shots.

Now, i understand that allergy shots may take some time to be effective although i am having a hard time sleeping at night due to my sinus always being plugged up (this only happens when i lye down).

Apparently, it seems i have sleep apnea because i sniff/snort every 5 minutes and this is keeping me awake all night.I have not had a goods night sleep in 3 months and i am extremely exhausted every day, to the point where i could no longer work or function.

I have spent a lot of money on OTC medication and nothing seems to work.I have tried almost every brand of antihistamine,and most sinus congestion meds, neti pot, vitamins, herbs but there is nothing that keeps my sinus clear through the night.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Liquidplasma 10-04-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Sinus congestion from allergies
Unfortunately you are in one of the worst allergy seasons frankly ever.2012 is a record breaker so like most ppl thus year drugs can only do so much. I myself am in a similar boat to you, although I sleep longer I wake up often. My face/ sinuses flare up badly, weird facial pains, sore tense facial muscles,pnd , tight throat etc . I'm on singulair, steroid spray, reactine and muscle relaxers. I can't drink any alcohol as this multiplies my symptoms 10 fold( alcohol gravely increased histamine levels in the body a big no no). The only thing I can recommend to you is see an ENT so they mAy prescribe a steroid spray. Although minor risks are involved it usually puts to shame OTC stuff

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