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Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!! :(

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caisaco HB User
Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!! :(

Here is my story i will start with symptoms first:
body aches
teeth pounding
neck pounding and sore throat (BAD)
WHOLE head throbbing and back of head
constant nose blowing
back aches
bad cough
burning skin when something watches it

I was on allergy shots for three years for SEVERE tree, weed, dust, mold, grass allergies, being allergic to every type.

I have fibromyalgia and BEFORE I knew that, I stopped my allergy shots out of no where about SEVEN months ago just to see if the shots were causing all over body pain, headaches, and fatigue, it continues today so I know it is not the shots.

Since about 7 months ago I'd say I have been getting SICK, being on antibiotics every month for "sinus infections" my convenience care doctors diagnosed. They recommended an ENT specialist since I get them so often.

I went to my specialist a day after my last doctor appt. (they put me on antibiotics) and I was still very "sick" at the specialist appt. He took a look in my nose first and said "my god do you breathe at ALL through that thing? You have a badddd deviated septum.."
He found NO signs of infection in my ears, throat, nose, etc when other drs said it was bad in there. He also took my blood to check any viruses and checked my blood count, all was normal. So was my CT scan, clear sinuses.

He recommended allergy testing and I went and agreed to get a second opinion, I again tested positive for all the environmental kind bad as usual, cats is a new one and I have 2 indoor ones.

ALSO, peanuts and soy is a new allergy!!!!!!!!!

They are thinking because I stopped my shots out of no where that I am this bad because of it and I am getting worse.

I have been missing work because I just feel so incredibly sick, sometimes I fear I'll have to go to the hospital because I feel so weak I can't even open a juice bottle because I ache so bad.

I am getting over it today when yesterday I was so sick I couldn't even work a 4 hr shift I felt like I was going to faint from a fever and constant hot and cold chills.

My specialist said all the allergies positive tested were good news and he thinks the shots will make me feel better in a few months.. then he will give me surgery for my nose because right now he said it would do more harm than good.

Am I crazy, is HE crazy?? should I see someone else? He seems to know what he is talking about he just is confused to why I feel so bad every week and am constantly sick when he sees nothing wrong with me..

anyone else this bad.. ever?

I feel like I actually get worse at work, I feel okay sometimes then my throat starts hurting then I am effed. Customers also look at my grossed out and go "ohh do you have that thing going around...?" And i'm like no, I have allergies I think. I don't get anyone sick...

There's days like yesterday where I just wake up crying because I feel so sick and it's not fair I'm only 20 and I feel like my life is wasting away I just want to sleep most of the time. And my family and friends just don't understand and say I'm just dramatic and if a specialist told me I wasn't actually sick then I shouldn't feel sick

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Redrover13 HB User
Re: Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!

Get a dust mask from your local home improvement store. Make sure it is Rated N95 or N100. That should block most airborne particles. I react at my office, but have had significant respiratory improvement after wearing the mask.

It will suck at first because they are not extremely comfortable. Wear it all day at first to see if it makes you feel better. If so, start taking it off for short periods of time at your office, on the drive home, at home to see if you feel any reaction. If so, you'll be able to narrow down the triggers.

Just tell your coworkers that your doctor recommended it to get rid of some variables. I hope this helps!

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Peetter123 HB User
Re: Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!

It is your story and it is too long very surprised to hear all about your problems, because you are are facing these many problems, better consult with some specialist they cab definitely help you regarding this

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wolfart60 HB User
Re: Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!

I want you to research Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I have it and the same symtoms you have.

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Re: Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!

I am sorry you are dealing with this. It does sound like your first course of action is to get your allergies under control. Get on a good antihistamine - zyrtec wroks well for most people. it may be that you need to take 2 per day until your get your alley attack knocked back. My doctor and pharmacist also both recommend this for an attack. Do a nasal rinse morning and night. Get back on the shots. Once you get all that going it will be easier to tell if sinus surgery will help your condition. If the meds and shots take care of everything, there's no real reason to have surgery. If you still are getting stuffiness, sinus infections, etc then you would need it. Good luck and please follow your doctor's treatment plan.

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clickedoff HB User
Thumbs up Re: Desperate for allergy advice! Feel like I get the flu like 5 times a month, help!

Before I start my rant I want to tell you a little about me;
I am 27 years old and have suffered from allergies for over 20 years, specifically mold and mold spores. As a child I was on a wide range of blockers and meds which only provided moderate relief but with massive side effects. Sound familiar? As an adult I have continued daily use of Rx drugs and periodic use of OTC products such as benadrill. I have lived in apartments, condos and now my home just outside of Cleveland Ohio all of which I have suffered from allergies regardless of the environment my home is in (no water nearby, low mold counts etc etc). I experienced daily allergic symptoms and some days I would be nearly home ridden due to the severity of my symptoms. Please keep this in mind when you read the next section..
About 3 months ago I came across an ad online for a home ventilation system which promised to eliminate allergens and pollutants from the home, for good. Since I had tried just about every snake oil on the market to eliminate allergens I was obviously skeptical. I completed a form which offered me a ‘Free Air Quality Evaluation’ to see if this product would work for me. The next day a specialist from the company called to complete my evaluation. The call took about 15 minutes and the specialist asked me a bunch of questions relating to my condition and my home as well as provided me with a bunch of useful information. Apparently the system sort of collects all the contaminants and shoots it outside of the house while also monitoring the homes humidity. The craziest part about the whole thing is that JUST 1 of these units is enough to do an entire home!! (Just a side note, I currently own 3 or 4 dehumidifiers because they only work on 1 room) They only required 50% down then the rest isn’t due until the system is installed and its working so I decided to take a chance and buy one...
While the specialist was collecting my info I went on Google and searched for reviews on this product and a couple of the reviews weren’t too hot.. so I asked the specialist what the deal with all the bad reviews was and he explained that they had a few units which did not perform a few years ago due to some doohickey not working and they have completely revamped the unit and have not had problems since. This seemed like a reasonable explanation so I continued with my purchase..
A week later the unit arrived at my home and a day later a local, licensed home remodeling company called me to setup a time to complete the installation and calibration of the system. I scheduled the system to be installed on November 8th 2012 at 1pm. The installer arrived at 12:55pm on the 8th and had the system completely installed and calibrated by 3pm the same day. (Side note: No mess, no clean up and very professional, if anyone was curious) He showed me exactly how to use it and answered a bunch of my newbie questions : ). I was told it would take 24-36 hours for the system to clean the homes air and start seeing noticeable results, so I waited… and I didn’t have to wait long…
I woke up the next morning on the 9th and had my coffee as usual and got ready as usual, but something was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it until I went to take my anti congestion meds and realized I had not been coughing all morning as I usually do!
So far so good…
The next day I woke up and again, wasn’t coughing. I also felt like I could breathe almost deeper or with less resistance or something, if that makes sense? So I decided to not take my congestion meds.. Risky I know, Im a bit of a daredevil : ) and my day was fine, no congestion, no coughing, no sneezing, no headache behind my eyes, Perfect! This continued for weeks..
To make a long story short…
I have not refilled any of my allergy meds since November, I have not experienced a significant allergies since early December and I have not had a single day when I could not leave my house!! This system has completely changed my life for the better! I am no longer dealing with Rx side effects, I can enjoy time outside with my friends and my house smells really good too lol.. No more doctor visits every month or 2.. I collect overtime at work now since I don’t have to rush home to a NASA-looking resperator every day just to clear my airways! I am saving so much money because of all this that I have started saving to buy a new jet-ski, since I can use it now!! There should be some sort of public broadcast about this thing because it literally could end peoples reliance on meds and doctors for asthma and allergies. Its amazing..
Prob wondering what system im talking about huh? lol
Its called an EZ Breathe Ventilation System. I strongly recommend you take a chance with EZ Breathe. It seems to good to be true but it worked for me and honestly, if my house caught on fire that is probably the thing I would grab! Im like 99.9999% allergy and asthma free and loving it! : )

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