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Bob2 03-17-2005 12:10 PM

Ester C Questions
Is anyone here taking Ester C and is there any thoughts on its worth over normal vitamin C. I looked at sites that came up in an internet search engine and some that looked fairly indepentant cited studies that seem to show that ester C is absorbed by the body better and utilized better than normal vitamin C. My interest is peeked because I have some osteoarthritis and wonder if this product would help prevent the joint degeneration. Some of the data on the sites indicate that it will help. There are a couple of sites that talk about vast joint improvement in dogs.

I take standardized turmeric to keep down the inflamation, but this does not improve the condition of the joints. My theory is that it slows down degeneration. I am looking for something that will actually improve the condition of my joints.

Shakespeare 03-20-2005 03:45 PM

Re: Ester C Questions
:wave: Hi There!

I use esther-c but not for the benefit that you can get to your bones. I take it for the delicate tissue around the eye area. I have constant dark areas due to allergies and basically a hard life.

I asked my pharmacist to help me find something that would help in that area. He told me that esther c is absorbed better and will benefit the production of collagen. He also mentioned that it would help somewhat with my arthritis. I take * so there are no other additives and this might make a difference (I dunno).

Thats just my two cents worth.

:jester: The Bard of Ohio

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