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geye 08-29-2007 06:35 PM

does Acupuncture work
I've been looking into acupuncture for a couple of things anxeity and hormonal imbalances . im just not sure if it will work . .None of my friends or anyone I know how has tried acupuncture.But a doctor recommenced it .

jacal5 08-29-2007 07:55 PM

Re: does Acupuncture work
I tried it for chronic pain from repetitve strain injury in my arm. After the first treatment I felt like a new person, I was able to rasie my arm above my head for the first time in three years without pain. A few hours later the pain came back into my arm. I continued treatment for six weeks and never was pain free like I was after the first treatment so I stopped going.

Even if the acupuncture improved my condition, I still would have discontinued
treatment because the pain from the needles going in was horrendous. Before my visits I would take prescription pain killers or stop in a deli for beer, I would take anything to numb the pain from the needles! The head of a physical therapy facility where I go for treatment had the same experience as me, he said the needles were very painful, and his nerve pain was only temporarily relieved.

I would never subject myself to that torture again, ever. You are better off with just anxiety (I'm not making light of your problem, I'm an anxious person also and have suffered with it for many years), than anxiety with a depressingly painful treatment like acupuncture.

I don't know how successful acupuncture is for your conditions.

Good luck!

Barrygood 08-29-2007 11:07 PM

Re: does Acupuncture work
Acupuncture works only for certain conditions.
As to the success of the treatment, that depends on the severity, type of problem and the time frame involved as well as the quality and knowledge/experience of the Acupuncturist.
Regarding the issue of pain upon insertion, That will depend on where the needles are placed and the "sharpness"(size) of the needle point. Make sure that the Acupuncturist uses "Disposible Needles."
After the needle is inserted into the correct acupuncture point, the pain from the insertion will go away.

sunshine123 08-31-2007 12:25 AM

Re: does Acupuncture work
Acupuncture helps my TMJ a lot as well as other health issues. Sometimes, the needle will hurt going in, but that only lasts for a nanosecond and then I feel relief. I'd tell anyone to give it a try and see if it works for you.

PrincessSweetNS 08-31-2007 10:03 AM

Re: does Acupuncture work
Acupuncture helped my backaches, IBS, shoulder pain, headaches, infertility (hormonal imbalance) and even aided me to lose weight!! If you have a good, qualified practitioner who knows what they're doing, then it really doesn't hurt. You might just feel a pinch, but it goes away in a second. Nervousness and tension CAN attribute to the pain, though, just as with anyhting, if you're nervou, you'll tense up and feel pain. So just relax, and take a deep breath. If it's not right fo ryou, think abotu acupressure, it's the same thing, only without the needles....but I like acupuncture more.

Let us knwo what you decide. :D:D

Pat4258 08-31-2007 04:40 PM

Re: does Acupuncture work
I have used acupunture for many problems, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, back pain, stress etc. You have to find and acupunturist who is a true healer. I have been to a couple that did not do anything for me and one who made my symptoms even worse. Over all I would recommend acupunture.

jenniferc16 09-07-2007 05:02 PM

Re: does Acupuncture work
I HIGHLY recommend acupuncture! In fact, I had the same problem as you. After coming off the birth control pill after many years on it, I was suffering from terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I had anxiety while on the pill, but it was horrible coming off it. I never wanted to go on meds for this problem and I was 'this close' to doing so... then I had a consultation with an acupuncturist (who was also a chiropractor).

Let me tell you, it has been a year and I feel so much better. At first I went once a week for a few months, then tapered it down some. My acupuncturist told me I probably was suffering from hormonal imbalance and referred me to a compounding pharmacist. The compounding pharmacist gave me a hormone test and after getting the results he created natural progesterone tablets tailored to what I needed.

The combination of both these therapies helped me. However, I did not start the progesterone until a few months after the acupuncture. So I did notice a decrease in my anxiety with just the acupuncture alone. Please at least give it a try. Don't be scared about what you hear about it hurting. Does not hurt a bit, just feels a little prickly at first. You get used to it. Good luck and feel better!

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