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boots4me 10-29-2007 03:31 PM

Acid/Alkaline Balance - anything to it??
Does anyone pay attention to their acid/alkaline balance? A few years ago I got one of those test strip things and watched what I ate and got my balance close to about 6.7 to 6.9 most of the time and I did feel better and looked a lot better. I still have the strip thing and started testing sometimes and I'm never higher than 6.3. I quit a pb med that gave me lots of problems in July and still don't feel as good as I should and with the side effects of the med my health pretty much went to pot.

My dr I had a few years ago reacted as if I was nuts to even think about the acid/alk thing. I know it's dependant on what you eat and how soon you test, but I rarely had 6.3 before, and not with this consistancy. I know the higher I managed to raise that number, the better I felt and looked.

Anybody ever drink one of those alkaline teas? I suppose a lot of teas are alkaline. I drink green tea but that doesn't seen to make a difference.

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