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prettiestpon 06-25-2009 09:03 AM

well, i went to an alternative medical doctor who did a thyroid panel on me because my complaints were slugglishess, hypoglycemia, cold intolerence, anxiety, and low basal temperature.

i dont have a copy of my labs yet, but my tsh was 2.7 (.4 - 4.5 )
and my free t 3 was 462 which she said was a little high

but she said the labs showed nothing significantly abnormal.
but Then again she said they are just labs and do not give the full Picture

then she wants me to come in an do this's called med check. it tests ur body's energy levels and whether or not ur body actually wants thyroid medication.

i really cant Afford to keep doing all these procedures. but we'll see i guess.

im also doing a hormone panel saliva test kit. surprisingly i dont feel terrible after being off yasmin for 2 months, and i havent developed any severe acne :)

another thing she wants to test is my adrenals because my symptoms are the worse in the morning and she said thats when the adrenals should be pumping the hardest. maybe 10 years using flonase contributed to That, but im off it now for good.

everything sounds like one big mystery. maybe ill just need some progesterone and can call it a day, but i wont know my hormone levels for another month.

thanks to anyone who read and any replys are appreciated.

dolysods 06-25-2009 05:03 PM

Re: update
how is she testing everything else? i see a naturopath that does biomeridian testing. It has really been helpful to me

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