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20legendforever 03-13-2011 07:13 AM

TCM/Acupuncture for acne
Hi I am also currently under TCM for my acne.

I would like to clarify that having a good diet is important for TCM to work. I am sure that your physician would have advised you on what your body is lacking and food that you need, in order to maintain the vital energies in your body.

A healthy diet is always important for any medicine to work to its fullest capacity.

By the way, I heard from those who have tried TCM that it takes a longer to work and when it does, it leaves amazing results.

:cool: Be patient. Someday, something will have to work for skins.

james079 03-13-2011 11:50 AM

Re: How long before TCM/Acupuncture kicks in please?
[QUOTE=Baby-G;1544812]I've been taking TCM for almost 3 months, and also started weekly or twice a week acupuncture sessions at the beginning of Feb for the treatment of mild-moderate acne, but have seen no improvements as of yet.

I know it can take well over three months before I can see minor results but I'm really getting frustrated and feel like ending the treatments.

Those who have received these treatments before, please tell me how long before it should start to show improvement? I have wasted over the equivalent of US$1000 so far and don't want to waste anymore money. I practically have no more money to buy food and necessities anymore. :([/QUOTE]

This way of treating acne is as bad as it gets. The evidence that TCM and the use of acupuncture with acne is non existant. Testimonials yes, evidence no. All this about yins and yans fire and heat mung beans and Chrysanthemum petals, my goodness. If you continue TCM long enough you will see improvement as the older you get your hormones will stabilize. As for all natural Chinese herbs and foods being good for you, baloney. How do you know they are natural? Recents tests in China town stores have shown that you are lucky if what you are buying even resembles what they say it is. As for food, like your general health you should eat well. You should write down everything you eat and see if anything flares up your condition. If a female has acne there is strong evidence that oral contraceptives help. Again if you are a female and as well as acne you are overweight and have an increase in facial hair and irregular periods you should be checked for polycistic ovarian syndrome.
Your PCP can give you ascript for skin creams and oral stuff. On your own wash with gentle soaps, dap yor face dry, no squeezing, poking as the germs can be sent deeper into your tissues. If I remember Accutane was the drug of choice years ago, but with side effects like any other drug.

sjb 03-14-2011 07:12 AM

Re: TCM/Acupuncture for acne
Hi I suspect the better diet with or maybe even without herbs might have done it without any acupuncture at all. In my opinion acupuncture is useless for some other conditions. :)

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