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Tom629 08-01-2012 06:58 AM

Soothanol X2 for your back
I've recently ordered Soothanol X2 for pain.. however I've read it not a cream but in a liquid form needing only 2 drops to relieve pain.
Since I live alone I have no one to administer these drops to my back (where the pain exists and I can't reach with my hands). Is there any kind of applicator available to put these drops on your back without having someone to administer it?
I've used creams in the past by wrapping Saran wrap around a shower back scrubber, and applying the creams to the area of my back where I can't reach since the cream will stick to this applicator. But with liquid drops, they will probably fall off the applicator before I get it to reach my back..

Thanks for any suggestions


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