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tomyry 11-20-2012 01:47 PM

Herbs for prostate problems
I have a large prostate and have been taking prescription meds (finastride and uraxtroL) to treat BHP . These meds work well but I dont like the idea of taking meds and decided to treat my problem with natural herbs. I started 3 weeks ago with 1000mg of saw palmeto 2x daily and horney goat weed, pygeum, stinging nettle, cranbery extract and l-agrinie 2x daily. So far I feel very well and have a lot of energy and my urinary and sexual functions are much improved. Since this is a short time I was wondering if anyone else has long term experiences with this type of program? Thanks

lenvegas 12-02-2012 08:23 AM

Re: Herbs for prostate problems
Hi, the herbs you are taking are right on the money. the big one not on your list is zinc as it is essential in prostate function. Pumpkin seed extract is good and bee pollen is a good anti inflammatory. These days health food stores have many prostate formula vitamins so you can get all the ingredients you need in one pill, it will save you money. I take one of these type formulas and it works for me. these you should take for the rest of your life. Also I would get off the prescribed meds. Prescribed meds always have side effects herbal formulas do not Hope this helps yoy

tomyry 12-02-2012 08:35 AM

Re: Herbs for prostate problems
Hi Lenvegas. Thanks or your validationof my herbal regimine. I will definitely add zinc to the mix. I decided to use the individual herbs rather than an all in one pill since I want to jump start my program and i am using much higher concentrations. I quit using the finastride as soon as I started with the herbs and slowly the side effects of that are going away such as watery ejaculate, and diminished ejaculate output that just dribbled out. I really noitice my badder fully empties now, although my urine stream is good it takes a while to get it all out but thats ok. I am about one month into this thing and i couldnt be happier. In another month I will quit the uroxtral and go 100% herbal. Thanks again for your encouragement.

richrf 03-05-2013 09:40 PM

Re: Herbs for prostate problems
I was told by my Chinese doctor that regular use of cooked tomatoes (they should be cooked) are one of the best cleansing agents for a prostrate, removing all of the toxins. I checked on the research studies and this has been confirmed. The impetus for the studies are the large amount of tomatoes eaten in Southern Europe and the corresponding low incidences of prostrate problems. Supposedly the active ingredient is lycopene, but I never trust this approach. I just eat the whole tomatoes. If you google tomatoes and prostrate you will see the research reports.

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