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dani31kuyk3nda1 06-10-2015 10:40 PM

Wishing Doc Never Tried to Save My Lower Leg
Hello everyone. I can attest to a deep understanding of there are worse things than losing a limb. In my case, keeping my leg has costed me my life, health, and mental stability.
In 2008 I was in a motorcycle accident. I had complete compound fractures in the left tib/fib. After multiple surgeries I developed osteomyelitis and MRSA/VRSA. I begged the doctor to amputate, but wanted to save it to spite my wishes.The wound was debreeded, rods pulled, and bone flushed out. I had a bone graft and am held together by plates and screws. After getting a full recovery I want back to work for the army with a full medical release. I worked out and got back into shape with some trouble but was ok to run the fitness test. I made it a quarter mile and then suffered a refracture. I was sent by the ortho to have a nerve conduction study done. The nerves in my leg have virtually no conductivity or conductivity where they should not. After I healed, I asked the doctor for a release to go back to work. He said for me to not even bother trying to do anything I used to do because I would keep injuring myself. I asked him to amputate the thing but he said he wouldn't because the leg is perfectly good. So I asked him again, since it is perfectly good, then sign my release. He refused to sign and said my leg will not hold up. After asking him the second time to cut it off, since my good leg is no good, he kicked me out of his office and said good luck finding a doctor that will amputate.
I am left with CRP/RSD, unable to work or be on my feet for any length of time due to horrible pain and swelling. I was a very active person and being stuck at home doing not much of anything is causing health issues and depression among other things.
I want my life back and getting rid of a useless leg would be a good start. I have a high pain tolerance but I have no tolerance for giving up my life due to risks of reinjury and worsening my condition.
I am in a way now where I do not know what to do or who to even talk to. I want at least some of my life back.
I am now 40 years old and have lost the past five years with my kids and wife due to pain, swelling, and multiple reinjuries.

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