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Eagle 08-28-2003 02:22 PM

Amputation, from Foot Ulcers
Anyone ever had an amputation, or know of anyone?

I haven't, just asking. They threaten you with that when you have bunion calluses and ulcers on them that won't heal, as if you're not taking it seriously, but you're at their office! Maybe even changed doctors. You know all that and have been alarmed.

dwpavlik 08-28-2003 04:28 PM

I have had several friends and relatives with diabetic problems. Most of them had neuropathy. In their case they could not feel their feet well enough and did not believe the doctors when they explained about this part of the condition. In one mans case he had stepped on a tack and the tack stayed in his foot for a couple of days. He then developed an infection. This then got out of hand and he had his lower leg amputated. He was very thin. He also did not want to believe he had diabetes. Also he for some reason believed he was healed by God and no longer had to worry. So He refused to test in fear he would offend God. He eventually had his other leg amputated. Neuropathy and attitude and ignorance can be very dangerous in this disease. Be cautious, careful and well aware. Hope this is informative. I had others who suffered the same sort of fate.

catstrack 08-28-2003 10:46 PM

My grandad (mom's dad) was diabetic for years and did have his leg amputated. But, he didn't regulate his insulin very well, didn't eat properly, also drank a wee bit too much. Had lots of insulin shock reactions during his span, but that was decades ago and so much, IS so much better now a days for diabetics. I don't have diabetes (yet), but is prevelent on both sides of my immediate family...some have had to have toes removed.

Just my opinion, but I think if I was having any type of feet problems (and diabetic)...I'd find a good podiatrist, as that is their specialty. I know some people who are diabetic...have them even trim their toenails, in a steril(sp?) environment, as a precaution. As you know....tootsies are very important to keep a good check for diabetics. :-) But any doctor should be supportive, relay advice in a calm manner, and not treat an adult patient as a child either.

Good luck and best wishes! :-)

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