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Frozen art 07-30-2006 04:46 PM

Finger amputation
History; I froze my hand in November. Lost all four nails, three have come back normal. The little finger did not come back normal, I lost about a third of the last digit. Tissue died back leaving exposed bone, that has been removed (not surgically).

My local wanted to amputate at the knuckle after tissue recovered in March, I thought that may be a bit excessive. After visual exam in March the term Osteomyelitis (bone infection) has been the reason for amputation. It was late June before I got [B]any[/B] infection and I know how that happened. The pain other than what I expected from recovery is similar to an ingrown nail. If I eliminate the nail then it will always be super sensitive without a nail to absorb the little bumps that occur everyday but I may still have the remaining bone. The nurses say the decision is mine but if I don't let the doc cut his attitude changes ([I]I told you how to take care of the problem, cut it off and now you are wasting my time looking for alternatives.... or some thing similar)[/I].

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I think amputation based on a visual exam may be premature. I realize most will have no experience with freezing the ends off your hands. It is one of the hazards of working with Santa Claus;) .

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