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Mike8765 04-23-2008 03:40 PM

What do you think of 'circulator boot', 'ArtAssist' to prevent amputation?

Someone in my family is facing amputation of a portion of the foot (toes except the big one) and a bit below the toes.

Osteomyelitis with cellulitis and the docs are saying that the infection has gone too far.
The soft tissue are still responding to antibiotic therapy.

I've come across some articles where in one the 'circulator boot' is said to have helped cases like the one I'm talking about avoid amputation. The wound and bones healed.

A certain John Filip MD is the practicioner and uses his compression boot to increase blood flow to leg and foot, while administering antibiotics, soaking the foot in sea salts (?) and uses other substances.

He's at his own clinic, the Bryn Mawr Wound and Vascular center. Not to be confused with anything to do with Bryn Mawr hospital.

Solid, conclusive studies are missing but they boast 15-20years of success in preventing people from being amputated, where traditional medicine would have had them amputated.

That treatment is at the clinic only.

There's also Art Assist, a compression system that you use at home. There's more research on this one but without combining treatment with a professional, I'm a bit worried.

Both make claims of being able to help prevent amputations in a pretty good number of patients.

What do doctors think and they do they have better suggestions?


skidude1012 07-24-2008 01:32 PM

Re: What do you think of 'circulator boot', 'ArtAssist' to prevent amputation?

This post in kinda old, but I have had experience with both the circulator boot and the ArtAssist. The circulator boot in combination with local antibiotic injections saved my Dad's foot and leg. I highly recommend it. My Dad went to a clinic in Jacksonville Florida for the treatment. He is now using the ArtAssist to maintain his circulation. If you need futher, info, please reply.

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