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Heathmiser28 04-04-2017 05:28 PM

Sorry for the long post! Terrified of als
Hey everyone! I'm a 28 year old female who is quite frankly feeling like I'm loosing my mind! So let me go back 10 years when I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid disease... after starting the synthroid I was in gym class and my heart skipped a beat, starting my dreaded journey with health anxiety..

I was put on klodipan for 5 years, then I got pregnant with my son and weaned myself off due to fear of harming him inside me... stayed off it, had my daughter. When she was about 11 months old I started getting anxiety really bad again... I was going to the gym and eating healthy so I didn't understand why it was happening... my family Dr told me to go on zoloft... the night he told me that I went into depression, I hate medication and it upset me I had to take it after being so strong for so long. I took it, and I ended up in the hospital with anxiety attacks so that was the end of zoloft for me. While in the hospital they did a cat scan of chest that came back fine.

My Dr called me the next day saying he had noticed my thyroid levels were high (well that would explain some stuff!) So I went on a lower dose. He scheduled an MRI to follow up on a swollen pituitary gland I had since my diagnosis. Mri with and without dye came back normal. I was still having body tremors and I could only sleep 3 hours a night. I started going to therapy. Had 24 hour heart monitor, came back fine.

A week after my mri my toe started twitching... the next day they were everywhere, so, of course, I went into a frenzy. About 2 weeks later my left arm and leg felt really heavy and fatigued. Feeling like not all the muscles were working in them. I switched family drs and started going to an endocrinologist who lowered my thyroid medication dose again. I went into the hospital with my legs feeling stiff and twitching and the Dr told me I was too younge to have ALS and told me to start klodipan again. They did a chest x ray that came back normal.

I started taking half a pill of klodipan ( a full pill made me fall asleep and I couldn't have that with my younge children roaming the house, since I'm a stay at home mom) my anxiety is a lot better, I don't have the full out attacks much anymore (I cut back to 1/4 klodipan)... but the twitching, fatigue is still there. I had convinced myself I was slurring my speech and couldn't swallow but that comes and goes so it has to be in my head (right?)

I feel like my left foot is dragging the ground more then my right when walking, but I can walk on tip toes and heels. I have twitches everywhere, even inside my ear which sounds so weird. But the thing is, I am constantly holding my daughter on my left arm, and when I'm out and holding her, shopping, I don't even notice the "fatigue" until I think about it. Same with my leg. I have been having a lot of pain in my elbows, upper neck and lower back... there is a buzzing feeling on my head and feet. Also a weird zapping that would go down my arm into the middle of my hand and make my hand feel tight... my husband does all the strength tests with me and although I feel weak it seems like I still have my strenght... I've been getting bad headaches and a still neck also and numbness/tingling in feet. Also my left pointer finger is very tight And is turning to the left, I'm guessing arthritis?

Twitches get less while I'm resting, when I move they start... or, oddly enough, when I think of them they act up (the mind is a powerful thing). I just can't think of my children living without me which is fueling this anxiety if that's all it is. My mom has rhearmitory ( I'm sure I spelled that wrong) arthritis and my dad had neuropathy. I pray every night to my dad and God to first keep my children healthy and safe, and if there is time for me to take the symptoms away so I can stop being crazy haha.

I go to my family Dr tomorrow and the endocrinologist again in 2 weeks. I also heard of mri dye becoming toxic in some people's bodies and causing all these symptoms? It's weird it all started a week after the MRI. Anyway, sorry for it being so long, I didn't want to forget something important which I'm sure I did haha I've had a lot of brain fog since my anxiety started acting back up. Thank you to anyone who responds to me, I really appreciate it. I think I need some tough love, since nothing else seems to get this worrying away! I just feel like I'm loosing my mind and causing myself all these symptoms, but in the back of my mind is my anxiety saying "but what if it ISN'T anxiety" ... update my Dr today said she thinks it's anxiety but sending me to neurologist to ease my mind

TimAlley 04-10-2017 11:11 PM

Re: Sorry for the long post! Terrified of als
Hello healthmiser,

Sorry to hear about your symptoms. You have not described ALS. See a neuroligist if it will put your mind at ease, but rest assured you have not described ALlS at all.

Take care,


P.S. i have heard many people are affected by the dye from the MRI with contrast. Include myself in that group.

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