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vogan 05-01-2010 09:58 AM

No help getting benifts from DWP
Has anyone gone through this experience with the UK Goverment DWP
My son was diagnoised with ALS in nov 2009 and worked until Jan 2010 when he claimed unemployment benifit his benifit was stopped on 7th Feb 2010
and he has had nothing since(the reason his benifit was stopped the DWP say is because he missed an appointment with the DWP doctors),he has appealed against this decision 3 times and they have been refused even though hi nuroligist and doctor have sent letter to DWP shocked at his treatment from them,I have emailed eyvette cooper the UK minister for the DWP8 times and have nothing back also emailed gordon brown and other DWP ministers and had no responce from any of them.The DWP now say my son has to wait until at least July 14th 2010 before their may be a slot for themto hear his 4 appeal,they may have time to waste but my son does not,can any one help or give us some advice on how to go forward


Jim Lynch senior

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