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Jessilynh 12-17-2013 09:04 PM

Should I be worried...
I'm a 26 year old mother of two boys. My great aunt and great grandmother on my fathers side both died from als. I've been paranoid from a young age that this too would be my fate. However, I never have had any symptoms to make this a legitimate concern until now. Last year I had a lump feeling in my throat accompanied by awkward ridging on both sides of my tongue. My dr referred me to an ent who found nothing wrong and chalked my tongue up to markings left by my teeth. The lump felt like I had a ball of phlegm that I couldn't swallow. The feeling went away but has now returned a year later but this time with more symptoms.

I have been waking up with an extremely stiff right side. My hands are almost unable to make a fist. When writing at work I experience cramping. Both wrist have a weird feeling and constantly leave me bending them in attempts to crack them. Last week while eating lunch I experienced pressure in my head and my ear popped. When it popped back I suddenly felt as if my throat had gone numb. I could swallow but I couldn't really feel the food going down. I instantly had a funny feeling in my right arm. This wore off after about a hour. Then the next morning I had my stiffness. Now my right arm feels very weak. I don't have any issues with use at this time with my arm. However, my left leg is extremely tight and I was told today at work that it was obvious I was favoring my left leg. I haven't ate for a few days out of possible depression. I'm experience a lot of muscle twitching that does occur often in the right calf and foot. I also get the twitching in other areas of my body. At home I attempted to eat cereal and noticed I was favoring my left side to chew and when pushing the food to the right It was tiring to chew and swallow. I went to the dr today who referred my to a neurologist but the waiting is agonizing. I'd like to know now just what a neurologist thinks!!! Any thoughts would be appreciated! I'm petrified I won't be around to watch my boys grow up : ( please keep me in prayer as well!!!

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