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Rock528 09-25-2017 02:51 PM

When do I got the ER?
Just wondering when to take matters into my own hands.

Last checked 7 days ago, my HGB was at 8.1 and it drops 1 point, on average, each 7-10 days. I am likely around 7 right now (I kinda know how it feels). We are in the middle of diagnosing causes, but essentially my bone marrow is toast. Iron is fine.

I just learned my hematologist won't see me until bone marrow biopsy results are in and until she has a free appointment slot (I get this logic), but that will put me at 10 -14 days out for an appointment, new test, and potential transfusion.

She does not seem concerned, but I am. How do I know if I'm in bad shape and should head to the ER for a transfusion? Chest pain? Passing out? Blue fingernails? I am already short of breath, have headaches, fatigue, etc.

Anyone have an advice?

KnowingNow 04-05-2018 02:38 AM

Re: When do I got the ER?
I heard that if you were below 7 they'll hospitalized you. My hemoglobin was at a 6.7 and they just sent me home with some iron pills,which only work if I continue to take them everyday,but if I were to miss one day,I'll feel very fatigue again smh.

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