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Whitbygirl 01-01-2018 07:36 AM

Can pain to back of neck be caused by Anemia?
Does anyone know if pain to back of neck is related to Anemia..?

quincy 01-01-2018 08:49 AM

Re: Can pain to back of neck be caused by Anemia?
Neck and back pain is usually related to the mechanics of muscle, misalignment, nerves, position, injury...etc.

Can you give more info....have you had xrays? Do you have any other health issues, have you had complete blood testing? Do you have anemia and are you on supplement for that?

Have you had vitamin D and B12 checked?

Anemia can certainly cause weakness, sleeping more than usual, and I would suspect pain, etc.


Whitbygirl 01-01-2018 12:32 PM

Re: Can pain to back of neck be caused by Anemia?
I suffer from bleading ulcers and a large hiatus hernia for which I take 322ferrous fume rate twice daily and 20mg Omeprazole twice daily which seems to keep me on track but due to a virus I have not been eating and I think my blood is down as I am tired and jelly legged, I also have this pain in the back of my neck which comes and goes, just wondered if it was connected like the pulse beating in your ears.

quincy 01-02-2018 07:13 AM

Re: Can pain to back of neck be caused by Anemia?
Have you had the hiatal hernia dealt with, and regarding ulcers, have you been chacked for h. Pylori?
Stool sampling could be done as well.

It's possible blood pressure or heart issues is connected with the pulsating feeling in your ears. Since you are weak and it's not improving, please let your doctor know and push for forther testing to be done.

Please keep us updated.


bethree5 01-02-2018 05:32 PM

Re: Can pain to back of neck be caused by Anemia?
I have two related experiences which may help.
1. 3 yrs ago I was unknowingly a walking case of undg severe iron-def anemia. Cause turned out to be a combo of longterm slow blood leak caused by tiny ulcers coming & going [culprit: 1/2-aspirin/day therapy plus a few massive rounds of ibuprofin due to pain (read on)] - plus - apparently a poor digester of iron to start w/, assimilation further undercut during same 4 yrs by rabeprazole for hiatal hernia GERD (stomach acid so low, difficult to digest iron). By the time I went in for checkup I was also experiencing shortness of breath, difficulty mounting stairs ['jelly legs']. During the prior two months I'd begun experiencing an occasional stabbing pain in left rear torso just above kidneys just below ribs - did not respond to nsaids, but one of those OTC electric-vibration thingies helped. When doc got my checkup bloods, sent me to ER. rbcs were depleted & misshapen. By the 2nd unit of plasma, that pain ebbed, & disappeared w/ the 3rd, never to return. [Also reqd 4 units of iron transfusion in hosp, then a couple more rounds over next 2 mos - since then all good]. Research suggested the pain might have been simply a passing strain/ injury which couldn't heal & worsened due to anemia. Hematologist agreed, noting that blood problems are so systemic that effects can be myriad & unpredictable. [Other things which immediately improved: thinning hair, weak nails, intractable constipation.]

So that's one possibility.

2. Perhaps more likely: you say you have a "large" hiatal hernia. I hope you have a gastro & are monitoring symptoms & aware if things are getting worse. At the time of my anemia crisis, I'd had GERD for 5 yrs. Many tests were done to find blood leak incl swallowing-camera thing, which showed a pretty ordinary hh. Two yrs later symptoms became worse - active interference w/digestion, gradually more frequent. Those symptoms were always accompanied by burning pain in left shoulder (top of clavicle, sometimes extending to neck). Gradually I adapted my diet & eating habits-- cut out bread, noodles, had to keep eating less more often. Over the course of a yr, I'd find myself inducing regurg for relief-- the shoulder pain would disappear instantly (along w/stomach relief). I learned online this was caused by irritation of the vagus nerve (longest nerve in body, connected in 3 places to diaphragm, which gets pushed out of shape by severe hh symptoms) -- & that most people feel this in the back of the neck.

Long story short luckily my internist is also a gastro; when I reported this at annual checkup he knew my stomach was starting to breach the diaphragm, possibly starting to twist. Just had surgery 2 wks ago [huge hiatus - more than 1/2 of stomach was above diaphragm & had folded over itself twice].

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