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danitica 03-16-2018 12:32 PM

Tired of feeling sick.
I am a female 25 yrs old with constant fatigue, leg pain, foggy head, dizziness, sleepiness during the day. I got diagnosed with chronic gastritis couple of months ago. I am getting better from gastritis.
I got a CBC done 2 weeks ago. My Hemoglobin was 12.6 (has been lowering for the last months) MCV: 85.9 MCH: 28.2 MCHC: 32.8 MPV:11.9. Yesterday I got another CBC done but now my hemoglobin is 14.7? other values are still on the low side and MPV still on the high side. Ferritin was normal at 60.

Is that sudden fluctuation normal? and are does borderline low values of any concern? thanks.

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