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moltoncore 04-19-2018 09:46 PM

Wondering about results of latest blood tests
Just completed a blood test. Many results but the hemoglobin started me wondering. Doctor as well... ordered a follow up ferritin / iron test.

Here are my results: Everything looking good except for high ferritin. Going to give blood on the 26th and see f this can help lower the ferritin.

Hemoglogin at 12.8 (I've been trending down over the years)

Ferritin (CLH 0075)

F Ferritin 427 H 18-368 (ng/mL)

F Iron 83 45-160 (ug/dL)
F TIBC 293 228-428 (ug/dL)
F % Transferrin Sat 28 20-50 (%)

Folate (CLH 0076)

F Folate 6.2

Can anyone comment on these results?

yayagirl 04-20-2018 06:26 AM

Re: Wondering about results of latest blood tests
Hello moltoncore,

I really like using the mayoclinic website as it explains so much.

As you can read there, if the liver is compromised by alcohol or disease it causes hemochromatosis. It is important for the doctors to find out what is causing the excess iron in your blood and if possible treat the disease and also you need to modify or stop anything you may be doing to compromise your liver, such as drinking alcohol.

Many people regularly give blood regularly to lower the excess iron; getting the iron level down is important to your health.

My family has always cooked with cast iron frying pans. I was told that was why my iron was at a good level. However, unknown to me or my doctors, my liver became compromised with Hep. C from a transfusion many years ago back before blood was tested for Hep. C. Then my ferritin became too high. Because of the Hep C I could not give blood, but I quit using the cast iron pans for cooking and my iron level dropped.

I was able to take the new drug Harvoni and the Hep C was cured. Then my iron level dropped too low, so I resumed cooking with cast iron pans.

Different things affect iron levels, so it's good to figure out if anything you do is affecting your levels. You can get your DNA tested to see if your hemochromatosis is hereditary. If so, others in your family may want to get tested. My DNA was tested and mine was from the Hep C and is not hereditary.

I hope that helps some.

moltoncore 04-20-2018 08:25 AM

Re: Wondering about results of latest blood tests
Hello Yaya, thanks for the reply. I have visited this page before. In fact it was the only page I found that has as a normal reading up to 500ng/ml. All the other pages I visited put 300-350 as the high range. So, color me confused.

I forgot to mention that my B12 came in at 394 which my doctor said was within range. and which I felt was low considering I eat meat eggs and cheese...

yayagirl 04-20-2018 04:20 PM

Re: Wondering about results of latest blood tests
Hi moltoncore,

You're welcome.

Maybe you need B12 injections if you can't get enough from your food or eat more of those foods...??

I personally trust the Mayo clinic before other sources but it is by far not the only one I check. I also shop around for doctors to make sure they understand the effects of nutrition and the side effects of manufactured medicines. Most doctors get precious little of that knowledge in their education.

Because your B12 seems low or at the lowest level of normal you may want to request a bone density test, and if the bone is porous then find out why.

Just because we eat certain foods doesn't mean our bodies are using them everywhere they are needed. I just found out I have a dangerous level osteoporosis and I eat plenty of calcium foods. My body has not been putting the calcium I eat into my bones. I went home and opened a can of fish that includes the bones. But if my body isn't working right the calcium won't go into my bones.

I read that inadequate amounts of vitamin B12 reduces calcium absorption into the bones because the body is attempting to stabilize blood calcium levels by taking it out of the bones. My endo just upped my B12 from one injection per week to two injections of 1000 mcg per week. Injections because he wants it directly into my blood stream. He doesn't trust my digestive system, and frankly neither do I.

It was also discovered that I am also thyroid resistant, meaning for some reason not yet detected my body is not fully utilizing the thyroid that I take. I have an extraordinary endocrinologist. I am now on both T3 and T4. The added Cytomel does seem to be helping. I believe my mother had the same issues and she ended up with dementia because doctors gave her such a low dose of thyroid out of fear that it might cause a stroke. Well, IMHO she probably had a stroke from being without the proper thyroid intake. I knew nothing about it back then.

All that to say we are all different with differing needs due to our own body's needs. Doctors need to think beyond the so-called standards for normal and be more proactive regarding symptoms (of course not all symptoms mean the same thing for all people.)

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