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Jessicaann84 08-05-2018 11:23 PM

Been suffering from anemia for years. I was sent to ER with hemoglobin of 2.7 a few years back. If I go up to a very high dose of iron per day the anemia will subside and my hemoglobin levels go up to normal range- however as soon as I start taking a normal dose of iron per day, my hemoglobin levels drastically seem to start dropping, and I start losing energy and getting symptomatic again (heart pounding/fluttering, pale, etc).

I have been therefore taking a very high dose of iron for years and have just started slowing down on it again because I am afraid of permanent damage to my organs from iron overdose. I can already feel my symptoms starting again so I would imagine my blood levels are starting to drop again. Any suggestions on how to get this under control for good?

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