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nona 11-19-2000 09:14 AM

Iron Injections
I would like to start a talk about those of us who do not absorb iron in our systems. I myself have to take monthly iron injections that are very dangerous and painful. If those of us with iron problems can discuss our situations and try to help one another figure out ways to make our bodies absorb more and thus making us much less Anemic. I know taking vitamin c can make the body absorb more iron, the acid in it does it. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

star 11-25-2000 11:46 AM

MY brothers take iron injection, they have a little port for it. I am sorry I don't have an answer for you but I do have questions. What type of anemia do you have? Have you been to any of those experimental places or trial sites? my brother has gone to a treatment facility in Boston and was also at one time in TAG a Thallecemia (I know I didn't spell that right) group and they went to Malta and there was like a convention but no really new news. He did meet people like himself which was nice but I really haven't. To me, it seems that there has to be some other way with all the science today. I use to be up on his condition but we didn't find too much but now that I have the net there seems to be alot out there. Do you have a certain type of diet that helps you or not? Now is the vitamin C suppose to help absorb with no side affects? Write back!

Noura 12-27-2000 08:26 PM

Hi.I just had my first iron injection a few days ago and it was very painful. I too have heard that Vitamin C boosts the absorption of oral iron supplements but found little in the medical literature to support. I think that those of us who are on iron injection therapy have tried nearly all other venues, but it seems that there is little available to help our iron stores and/or hemoglobin levels. I will post any new relevant information that I may find (I started an intensive literature review of all therapies including alternative ones.....
if only to avoid going back for those horrid shots).

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