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clareo 09-12-2006 07:29 AM

iron level-8.3
hi i just did an anemia test and it was 8.3, 2 months ago my doctor did it and said it was borderline (12 i think) and that it cant have changed in 2 months. he was obviously wrong. is 8.3 bad? he gave me 200 ferrous sulphate at the time and bcos i cudnt take them bcos of the side effects he just said leave it. is severe tiredness, light headedness, dizzy, weakness, headaches, swelled eyelids, shortness of breath all symptoms of this. im taking spatone now which i found myself on the internet. just wanted to know if 8.3 is bad and whether all my symptoms are bcos of that. ive also got chronic sinusitis at the moment so its not good at all :( neway thanks

knittinggirl 09-12-2006 07:42 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
I have had a similiar experience. I had a test in May and my reading was 12.9, but by July I had a reading of 8.3 too. So it can change in 2 months, but mine was due to heavy menstral bleeding due to a hormone problem. I have some of the same symptoms you have, also the swollen eyelids that have come and gone for the past three months. My husband who is a nurse says it may be due to the capillaries being fragile from the anemia and I tend to rub my eyes a lot.My doctor said I almost needed a transfusion. I take slow Fe once a day, and in a 6 weeks my latest reading was 9.9, so it is going up. I also had severe headaches and some days incredible fatigue. Hang in there and talk to your doctor about some iron.

clareo 09-12-2006 07:52 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
thank you for ur reply, so you nearly needed a transfusion because of the 8.3? i hope not thats scarin me now. im gona go c my doctor this week but he will wana check it again which means waitin another week for results :(

anah 09-12-2006 08:23 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
Hi, new here and reading posts about anemia...........I have an ongoing struggle with anemia as I have very heavy periods, and right now I'm being tested for low thyroid (anemia is a symptom of low thyroid, but low thyroid can also be a symptom of anemia.....though we have heavy periods, our bodies may not be able to replace the red blood cells adequately because low thyroid can hinder the stimulation of red blood cell developement in the bone marrow.........).

I did have a blood transfusion 2 yrs. ago, my hemoglobin was 7.1.........I was feeling disoriented, dizzy, lightheaded.........very scary. My doc called when they got the lab results in and instructions were "go to the hospital immediately IF someone else can drive you, do not drive yourself, and the doctor will be waiting for you -- you HAVE to have blood transfusion". Seems most docs want to give a blood transfusion if you are under 8.

Perhaps I did HAVE to have one (they were worried about how the low level would affect my heart, although I really don't have a "heart condition". I wouldn't wish it on anyone, plus they gave me a colonoscopy and endoscopy while I was there to check for bleeding, and I also had a DNC to thin the endometrial lining of my uterus so I would have lighter periods.........this helped for maybe 6 months, but that was it). Since then, I have read several places that "erythropaetin" helps the body make its own red blood cells and reduces the need for a blood transfusion. Since my hemoglobin general is between 11 and 14, I'm going to talk to my doctor and see if I can take that to boost my red blood cell production and possibly then I can be up to or over 15, and hopefully feel better.


emmy108 09-12-2006 11:56 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
My hemoglobin was 7.9, my doctor a GYNO didn't seem to think I need a blood transfusion, thank God! I am going to see about a colonoscopy Sept.23..and re-test my hemo in 2 weeks! I wonder if I should be going to a Hematoligist?? My anemia is severe!


japlopper 09-12-2006 03:01 PM

Re: iron level-8.3
My GP sent me to a hematologist when my hemoglobin dropped from 11.9 to 8 in a couple of weeks. I'd think you'd need to see a a hematologist with a count that low- there may be something going on that's easy to fix that only a hematologist would recognize by seeing your results.

I felt awful at 8 - I couldn't function. How are you coping?

I hope you get answers soon,

knittinggirl 09-13-2006 08:37 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
Don't be too scared, I am sure that he just meant that if mine had been much below 8. he would have thought about a transfusion. I went to my family doctor recently and she wanted to do a colonoscopy but I am going to wait until my next blood test in October to see if my level is continuing to rise like it has to make that decision. I know what caused my low hemoglobin, heavy menstral bleeding that I needed a DNC, and had hyperplasia of the uterus with atypical cells. The atypical cells are gone now, bit I need another biopsy in Nov. I don't understand why my family doctor wanted me to have a colonoscopy, when my gyno didn't suggest it. I would understand it if I didn't know what caused my bleeding. So I am waiting it out for the next CBC and Iron checks. If it hasn't risen then I will have the test. I needed a break this summer was a blur and an ordeal, and if i get the atypical cells back I will probably have to have a hysterectomy yet.

knittinggirl 09-13-2006 08:45 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
When my doctor told me that my level was 8.3, I said well maybe that is why I have such headaches and why after walking 3 miles I would always get a headache. Suprisingly I was walking everyday and pushing myself in the heat, but i cut back a little after that and am starting back now that it is starting to rise

japlopper 09-13-2006 09:01 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
Knitting Girl,
It's interesting that you mentioned walking. I've been low on hemoglobin, but at my last count a month ago, it had come up to 11.9. I just now started walking again and running a tiny bit, but my limbs feel like bricks after exercising. I went to have a count done yesterday because I've been so pale. I just hope I didn't make things worse by exercising, but I've also read that your body adjusts to a lower hemoglobin after while - I just don't know how long that takes.


emmy108 09-13-2006 01:32 PM

Re: iron level-8.3
Hey Jill,

I Think I will see a Hematolagist, Emotional I am very down, I can't wait to get another blood test to see just any improvement, this board has been great to read and learn and for support! I am scheduled to see about a colonscopy as well...but like knittingirl..want to see if I improve before I go through that.. I do think a hemo Doctor..would be best as I want as much blood work as possible to see how I am ..I had to ask my OB-GYN for a Ferritin test and I think that she should have initiated that herself, or better yet a referral to a Hematologist!

thanks, emmy

knittinggirl 09-13-2006 02:40 PM

Re: iron level-8.3
I know what you mean about the walking and exercising. I still seem to get a headache after I walk, but i am trying to keep going, I sort of feel like this is not going to get the best of me. Also i believe all my exercising over the years helped me to handle as low as it got to be. Surprisingly at the level of 8.3 I was walking at a fast pace and busy in my life with bleeding from heavy to light from march until july. I just had this attitude that I was not going to let this stop me. I felt a little tired but i have to say that I was surprised when he said I was that low. my gyno said to me at the DNC I believe you tend to minimize things, and I guess he could be right.I do get tired though of being tired after just a 2 mile walk, that frustrates me.

Emmy, I know what you mean about waiting for the colonoscopy, that threw me for a loop when my family doc said it, i thought why , I know why I am anemic when you bleed from march to july, but I believe they try to cover their bases. The nurse said to me, it is standard procedure with anemia.Well I will wait until i get my blood results in October, I am plain tired of tests from the summer. I will just keep taking my slo Fe. I dont understand why my gyno didn't order a ferritin profile, but he never did. I have those tests for October. He wasn't very helpful when it came to supplements either. he just said well you can take some if you want. When I went to my family doc for my eyes that keep puffing she was the one that I think overreacted a bit about the colonoscopy, but she did say to take iron, so I am. She said oh, if we could only not turn 40, boy do i agree.

Shamrock 09-13-2006 04:19 PM

Re: iron level-8.3
I had blood tests last week where my Hct came back 24.1 and my Hgb is 7. My primary care doctor called me back right away and I saw a hematologist for the first time yesterday. My report says that I have 0 iron stores! Last summer I had a full GI workup with the endoscopy and a colonoscopy on the same day. Anyone that needs them should just go and have them. Trust me,if you have a good doctor doing the procedures you won't even know you had them done. Anyway,my endoscopy showed esophagitis and the colonoscopy showed just 1 small polyp that they removed then. Nobody at all seemed worried so I wasn't either. I went for a routine check-up last March and had blood drawn and my Hct was 28 with Hgb 7.7. They sent the report in the mail and said to take oral iron which I have been. Anyway,yesterday the hematologist wouldn't even let me leave the hospital. They gave me a dose of IV iron and I have to go every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks and have a bag of IV iron. When I asked the nurses if that would be it they told me it will depend on my response to the IV. She couldn't believe I was even walking around and said,"it's amazing how the body can compensate."The hematologist seems to think that my iron deficiency is caused from an absorption problem because of the esophagitis and a few heavy periods. He said that you can lose small amounts of blood with esophagitis over a long time and not even be aware of it. Anyway,if you're not feeling well and you're very anemic,definitely ask to be seen by a hematologist. Right away they know which blood tests to order and how to treat you correctly. Good Luck!

emmy108 09-13-2006 06:35 PM

Re: iron level-8.3
Wow, this is very intersting! Knittingirl may i ask how exactly you feel after walking 2 miles.. I do alot of yoga and I believe that that has helpled me overall as well..but a brisk 2 mile walk is pretty good i think..are you in you need to sleep? exactley how do you feel?

Shamrcok, your story is unbelieavable, thanks so much for sharing anemai is suppose to be from my periods as well..very heavy over the last year. I want to go see a Hematoligist, but I am concered that he will want to put me on IV ion like you, please don't get me wrong here my health is 1st..but that makes me nervous, I really believe in trying eveything else 1st.. do you feel bettet now?

knittinggirl 09-14-2006 07:09 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
I do feel tired afterward, bur no debilitating. I do still get a headache after walking, but it usually goes away after awhile. When I was 8.3 I was walking 3 miles and pushing my pace in the 95 degree heat. I don't know how I did it, but surprisingly I wasn't that tired. I do believe the body must adjust. The worst thing for me right now is the Provera I have to take for 10 days to bring on my period so the lining doesn't build up. Gosh what we have to do. It is great to have the support on this website.

emmy108 09-14-2006 08:13 AM

Re: iron level-8.3
Has the Provera helped?? And how long have you been on it? I am 46 years old and know that i will be menapausing soon, and no period at all.. but my Gyno wants me as well to do something about my heavy cycles, It is a diffucult decision, I haven't been on birth control since I was 23 years old..I have started to try some Natural Progesteron Cream to see if that will help with my periods, but doubtful..Thanks


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