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japlopper 10-23-2006 02:57 PM

B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
At my last appt, after I told my hema that despite my 12.8 hemoglobin count, I was exhausted, she looked at my test results and found that my B12 was just a little low - at 255 - she said they just changed the levels for normal, so I was suddenly considered a little low - nothing too drastic. So she gave me a B12 shot, and after a few days, I did feel better, but now I'm feeling tired again.

My question is, does anyone have muscle twitches when their B12 is low? Mine are all over my body - very short twitches every once in awhile, and at first I just thought it was nothing, but now I'm realizing that the twitches came when I found out about my hemolytic anemia - which came with the low B12.

Anyone get muscle twitches with low B12?


Merimac 10-23-2006 07:09 PM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
I have not had muscle twitches with the low B-12, but I have had a sense of muscles just relaxing against my will, dropping things etc. I have had muscle twitches with low potassium levels, so you might want to find out about your potassium while you have your doctor's attention.

Sirri 11-04-2006 03:02 AM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
My muscle twitches were related to a low Potassium level and not my B-12.
After taking supplimental Potassium, my twitching stopped and didnt return after I stopped taking the pills 6 months later.

IamUnique 12-05-2006 06:46 PM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
I have low B12 and YES - I have small little muscle twitches everywhere. It doesn't hurt but is annoying. When I first started getting the B12 shots I noticed that the twitching was alot worse and had to eat at least one banana every day or I went crazy. I remember reading somewhere that when your body is reloading B12 it burns thru your potassium levels. I have been taking B12 shots every two weeks now for 5 months and it is much better but I still have a few small twitches a day.

Good luck to you

japlopper 12-06-2006 12:22 PM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
Thank you IAMUNIQUE.
Your info is invaluable.

You're describing my twitches exactly. I'm going to go get some bananas!

Thank you so much for the info. The twitches worry me and annoy me, and even though they are better, they still happen. I noticed it during an MRI - they told me to lay still and hold my breath, and I twitched. They are definitely much less than before, but I am so happy to hear about the potassium thing. I'm on Prednisone too, which also can deplete your potassium.


IamUnique 12-06-2006 06:31 PM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
Glad to help. Have they determined that your numbers are getting better? And how long have you been fighting with this?

I had the same thing during my MRI but in addition to the twitches I also had muscle spasms and strong jerks - noise made them worse. The MRI tech was not happy with me because I could barely stay still. I had to litterly lay on my hands pulling my shoulders down in attemps to be somewhat still.

Are you doing anything to get your B12 level higher?

Looking forward to chatting.

japlopper 12-07-2006 05:59 AM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
A few weeks ago, my B12 count was 787, so they've definitely come up, but since then, I've been on Prednisone and Decadron, which is a more powerful steroid, so I don't know what that does to my vitamins.

I am feeling better in some ways, but I'm still tired. My hemoglobin count was 12, which for me is a big deal. This whole thing started with Autoimmune Hemolytica Anemia in May. I got jaundiced and nauseous, and my hemoglobin count was 8. I was really short of breath and had heart palapatations. They did a scan of my liver because they thought I had a blockage in one of the arteries to my liver or gallbladder. But no, it was hemolysis - my body was producing antibodies to my red blood cells, and in doing do, making me not absorb any B12 at all. She explained it like exploding blood cells. Anyway, even after they got that under control, I had trouble getting all my levels back to the right numbers. I'm still not quite there, but at least I'm confident that I'm headed the right way. It's a terrible struggle. B12 defiiciency looks like so many other conditions and it makes me sad that people suffer when there's such an easy answer for them. I don't know why drs think it's so rare - especially with the way we eat today!


IamUnique 12-07-2006 06:04 PM

Re: B12 Deficiency and Muscle Twitches
Sounds like you have had a hard road. I am glad to hear things are going into the right direction. I agree with you in the fact that I think more doctors should look for these items more often. But on the same token I do see the doctors side as well. I was lucky to have a great group of doctors whom I have seen for many years. In my case it was by chance we found it when we did. My great grandfather passed away at the age of 47 from this condition so it runs in my family. My neoroglogist advised that I am only his second case of PA and he's been a physician for many years. Normally the B12 anemia's strike when people are in their late 50's early 60's. I guess it's one of the joys of getting older.

I have a 14 year old daughter and her pediatrician tested her so that way we could at least have a base line for the future. Her numbers are less than half what they should be but still in the normal range. Obviously I will be watching her closely.

Keep in touch.

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