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Trish17 03-20-2007 05:25 PM

Symptoms of anemia?
What are the many symptoms of anemia? I recently had bloodwork for lupus. Thankfully, they were negative. The rheumatologist sent the blood work to my gp, and he said I was very low in vitamins. He didn't specify, and I was so thankful not to have lupus, that I didn't ask. I was just going to start taking more vitamin supplements. I think many of the problems may have been due to anemia, according to what I've read on this board. If anemia showed up, I guess the gp would have seen it?
My gp also said that I have a very small thyroid gland (?) but did an ultrasound and said it wasn't a problem. I have never heard of a small thyroid! :confused:

alwayshotroddin 03-20-2007 05:54 PM

Re: Symptoms of anemia?
Hi Trish!

Here are the symptoms that I have dealt with before and after I discovered that I have iron-deficiency anemia. I don't know if they were specifically caused by the anemia or something else. I've been treated for iron-deficiency for 2 months now and I'm still not better so I may have something else wrong so your symptoms may be very different from mine!

dizziness --- off balance feeling, foggy headed
lack of concentration/memory problems
sore throats
extreme nausea
weight loss (I've gained my weight back since I've been treated)
insomnia (possibly due to the anxiety - I take Ativan now)
acid reflux (also probably due to anxiety)

I hope your doctors find out what is wrong! I'm sure everyone has slightly different symptoms for anemia since our bodies all work in different ways but I know that since I have been on Ferrex (iron pill) my energy level and appetite have increased substantially! I still am dizzy and have headaches and nausea but at least I can exercise and eat everday. Good luck to you!


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