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    Old 06-08-2007, 02:04 AM   #1
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    Iron Injections

    From what i have read on this board a lot of people are taking iron supplements of some sort and others have had to get iron infusions. I haven't read about people who have had iron injections given to them by their doctor.

    It took me a year to get my ferretin from 8 to 29. Firstly i was using an over the counter liquid iron supplement, then i moved to a more powerful supplement in powdered form and after a time my levels dropped to 26. I was going to keep taking the supplement, but have discussed getting iron injections as this would speed things up quite a bit. This would mean one injection per week for 5 weeks.

    My dr gave me the information sheet and the list of side effects looks plentiful, but he assures me that most people are fine with this. He also says he has a good track record with these injections and i wont be left with a tattoo on my butt from the injections, which if administered incorrectly can stain the skin in the area the injection is given.

    I was wondering about experiences others have had with these injections and side effects. Also if you have had trouble getting your ferretin levels up and then got the injections, did your levels manage to stay up or did they drop after stopping the injections? Thanks in advance for any information

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    Re: Iron Injections

    got them before, and about 5 years later, i am taking them again right now. i think this is mostly because i did not sustain a good diet (esp. w/ being aware of my anemia history).

    i don't remember gettting "tattoo" on my skin 5 years ago... i felt soreness and maybe had a small bruise..
    this time, i took 3 shots so far (once per week) and it's been i think a month since that last one . but because i've taken the injections on the same spot, i have a huge bruise that has just recently gotten lighter (now it's light-dark green rather than black/purple!). bruise is about 3 inches in diameter. not a pretty sight!

    if i had bruises before, they did go away. my new doc told me that she was afraid i might have a bad reaction to it (before she gave me the shots), i told her i never had a negative reaction to it, but she kept a close eye on me anyway (after the first shot). so far, nothing weird happened, unless i am just unaware. most thing my doc asked me about was if i felt nauseaus or different than usual, and i didn't and still don't. i only feel better after taking the injection. it's amazing how it makes a huge difference in my day! you feel it work right away. and i don't have bowl problems with it either.

    i wouldn't worry about it, but i suggest you monitor any changes or discomfort you experience after taking the first injection.

    i was happy to know someone brought this issue up tonight, since i felt i was the only one taking injections here!

    i hope this helps Audrey.
    Take care.


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    Re: Iron Injections

    Hi all, its my first time posting.

    I've thought about asking my doctor for iron injections. I recently found out I'm anemic - Hemoglobin=10, Iron=11, Ferritin=6. I'm 38, still have periods, but I didn't think bad enough to cause this mess.

    They put me on Slow Fe, had explosive diarrhea. After a week and a half, called to complain. They put me on Chromagen. First pill I took I was vomiting within 35 minutes. I called to complain. They said to just take over the counter iron. Well, I'm scared to. I emailed a doctor who specializes in iron deficiency and he said to start low, 18mg, of ferrous glycinate. Does anyone here know what that is? Did you handle it okay?

    Personally, I'm fed up already.

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    Question Re: Iron Injections

    New here too...I was dx with IDA. HGB 8.5 w/Ferritin 2. After 4mths of 2 kinds of Iron and being sick I am also considering iron injections. Too afraid of the IV at this point.

    Have already had all GI work-up's done and they say that it is my periods. However, Iam am also Hypo and on Nexium which I understand from these boards that it doesn't help my situation. I am also going to have the procedure of Endometrial Ablation to stop the monthly bleeding. My current HGB is now 10.9 w/7 Ferritin 6 wks ago. I just know that I have to stop this madness and viscous cycle, no pun intended.

    When I first started the iron with such low numbers I felt okay. When I started the oral iron I became very ill went from Doc to Doc and got no help. I got really sick and even ended up in the ER over it. I thought that I had Lupus and was tested for all that as well. Now I was told by the Hemo Doc to cut back my Poly Iron to half the dose and my iron fell 1 whole point and that does make a great difference when it gives me Tackycardia.

    He was going to infuse me but I was too scared. I was told by the GI Doc to get shots. But the Hemo Doc wasn't too interested in that. Now I think that I will call on Monday and ask about it.

    Does anyone else have any information about these shots. It doesn't seem that too many people get them?? The oral iron is Killing me!!!!!


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    Old 06-11-2007, 03:31 PM   #5
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    Re: Iron Injections

    Thanks for your info Para That's why i raised the injection issue as nobody had mentioned having them from the amount i had read on this board.

    For the others considering injections, from what my dr discussed with me and from what i've read on the info sheets he gave me, you can't simply request iron injections b/c you don't want to take iron orally. You need to be on the correct dosage of oral iron long enough for them to see whether your levels are going up or staying put. Most gp's wont even tell you what the correct daily dosage is and the over the counter iron you buy has such tiny daily amounts in it which will never boost your iron. If the iron is making you ill then it's the wrong type. There are different types of iron so as not to cause problems, but some people are very sensitive and might have problems finding the right one for them. Then people who have asthma and certain other conditions can't get the injections apparently, must be something to do with the bad side effects. Also your haemoglobin (sp?) needs to be at a decent level. I know my dr told me a few other reasons but i can't recall them all.

    Maybe due to all these things is why you don't read of too many people on here talking about injections. I simply thought iron was iron, no matter whether you got it via a needle or took it orally.

    I'll likely start at the end of the month as my chemist cant fill my prescription as two suppliers are both out of stock for this product. That amazed me. I thought it would be readily available. I guess not too many people are on it.

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    partygirl HB User
    Re: Iron Injections

    I've been told that iron injections are the best for anemia, but i am not so convinced, i still have it after many treatments.

    Old 06-15-2007, 01:05 AM   #7
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    Re: Iron Injections

    Partygirl, how many treatments of injections have you had and do you get them weekly or monthly?

    Have you ever been able to find out why your levels aren't going up/staying up with the iron injections?

    Once i begin getting mine, if i drop back down again i will most definitely be pushing for someone to find out why i'm not absorbing it and storing it. For me it's not enough to be told by a doctor to simply keep taking supplements. I would want to know the reason why.

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