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Audrey-B 06-18-2007 01:16 AM

Lysine For Ferretin Levels
A lot of people on this board are trying to raise their ferretin levels. I'm on an iron supplement which hasn't really made my ferretin levels go up all that much. I did manage to get from 8 to 29, but then dropped to 26 while still on the supplement. I'm now waiting to have iron injections.

As well as being on the iron supplement, before breakfast and dinner i take a complex amino acid tablet which my trichologist has advised me to do. One of the ingredients in this tablet is Lysine. I got curious as to what role Lysine had to play as it's normally what people take to keep cold sores at bay. I found out that it is an immune booster and that daily Lysine supplement of 500mg was found to increase the blood levels of ferretin and so helping women with iron deficiency anemia.

I have posted this as even though my iron supplement isn't getting me anywhere fast, i noticed over the weekend that i seem to have an abundance of baby hair which has sprouted out all over my head. I have suffered from a steady amount of hair shedding over the last 6yrs and only found out about a year ago that you can suffer hair loss due to anemia. I'm wondering if this amount of new baby hair is due in some way to the Lysine component of the tablet that i'm taking as i've been taking it since february this year.

The tablet i'm taking has Lysine and Glutamine in it and nothing else. I read up on Glutamine but it doesn't have particular relevance apart from being a liver detoxifyer, provides fuel for the growth of immune cells - particularly intestinal lining cells - I suppose it does have relevance as people with IBS, Crohn's disease and similar type illnesses could end up anemic due to their condition and apparently your liver can end up sluggish due to you being anemic.

Is anybody else taking any other types of supplements aside from iron supplements which could help with either lifting ferretin levels or getting rid of the side effects like hair shedding?

littlebunnyfoo 06-18-2007 04:59 AM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
Hi Audrey - I just read about lysine on the web a few days ago. Sounded as if it does play a role.

laura3377 06-18-2007 07:05 AM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
Hmmm, I'll have to look into this. Thanks for posting. I know I used to take Lysine when I was younger to treat cold sores and it worked amazingly well at shortening the duration of the cold sore. I had never heard about a connection to ferritin.

osteoblast 06-18-2007 01:39 PM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
AudreyB-You have raised a very interesting question. I don't know what supplements would help. I did get my ferritin of 38 to 50 recently and my dr. wants me to continue with the iron. ( I know on this board that 38 is not so so low, that others are way lower) I am going to a nutritionist soon . I will ask about out how to maximize the ferrous sulfate . I will be sure to post any guidance on this with the board. Also, I will be sure to ask about the lysine now that you have mentioned it. I checked and my multi vit doesn't have lysine.

Do you know whether there is a time delayed effect of taking the iron. My endo, who may not know that much about iron deficiency, told me that she didn't want to check my ferritin level until I had been on ferrous sulfate for 3 months because it wouldn't show on the results earlier. Have you heard this before?

Audrey-B 06-21-2007 12:38 AM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
Osteoblast - I've never been told of a "correct" time to have blood tests, but i first saw my Trichologist in February and he told me we would do blood testing in 3mths. Now for part of this 3month period he got me to use up the liquid iron which i had been on prior to seeing him. By the time 3mths was up i guess i wasn't on the iron supplement he actually had me on for a full 3mths, but in any event, my new blood test showed that ferretin had dropped a bit. I do know you can't go testing every few weeks as that is kind of pointless. I wont have another blood test until i've had the iron injections as they take way too much blood to do the testing.

As a side note to the Lysine/Glutamine tablet that i'm on, i have noticed for a while now that i'm not as hungry as i used to be and eat smaller portions at meals and still feel full. I used to be so hungry all the time before and felt i could eat a horse for breakfast, lunch and dinner and people at work used to joke that i must have a worm farm in my stomach. I would eat breakfast, have morning tea at work, have lunch, sneak out in the afternoon to take a snack, then a full dinner at night, but i was starving in between meals. I don't know if this is due to anything, but as i never really put on any unreasonable amount of weight i never worried about it and just thought myself lucky to have a good metabolism.

So now i'm not STARVING all the time and once i have had lunch or dinner i dont feel uncomfortably bloated. I seriously think the lysine/glutamine mix has got something to do with it as i feel so much better.

lindsalou 06-21-2007 02:01 PM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
What an interesting post, I have done a internet search on lysine and it appears that a deficency can cause anemia and hair loss. Im going to investigate further with my doc and maybe give it a try.

Audrey-B, i have the same problem you metioned about always being hungry, i have to eat a little, but quite often, although ive never associated it to anemia- very interesting!.
Does anybody know if its okay to take lysine if you have celiac disease?

Audrey-B 06-22-2007 01:01 AM

Re: Lysine For Ferretin Levels
I don't know about Celiac's disease and Lysine. My sister in law has Celiacs and as far as i know it's wheat products you need to stay away from. As for being hungry all the time, i don't know whether there is a connection to anemia or maybe insufficient Lysine in my system. I just find it odd that after a while of taking the Lysine & Glutamine combination i have noticed a difference regards being hungry and the state of my stomach afterwards.

I do know that Lysine is one of the necessary amino acids and my specialist always tells me that the complex amino acids are the building blocks of protein. (whatever that is supposed to mean).

The problem is that our bodies don't make Lysine and you need to get it from foods you eat, but foods containing Arginine cancel out Lysine. So the aim of the game is to eat foods high in Lysine but not in conjunction with high Arginine foods. There are charts on the net which tell you which foods have Lysine/Arginine.

It's all so confusing isn't it. I think with all this research and information we are all on our way to becoming scientists :)

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