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alice3724 08-06-2007 07:27 AM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Thanks i really appreciate your information! I'll let you know how my 1st injection goes Stay healthy alice

clairenichols01 08-06-2007 02:59 PM

Re: Blood test
Don't know if you know much about what effect these results can have but my zinc was 10.5 (good range 13-25)
My iron 13
My TIBC was high 88 (45-72 normal)
my Trans sat 15 (low) 20-55 normal
ferratin 26 (30-150 normal
b12 598 (good)

Does this mean anything to you?


Audrey-B 08-06-2007 03:45 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hi Alice - i'd say if you will be at the doctors for 2 hrs that you will be getting infusions. I'm not sure how that works, but a while back there were quite a few threads on infusions. You might want to use the search facility or manually go back page by page to find them. There were a lot of replies which i'm sure you would find helpful.

I'm getting injections, which only takes a minute and i'm out of there.

FLFLOWERGIRL - a lot of doc's don't like people using the net to research things. I can understand it when you get perhaps a hyperchondriac (sp?) who has a headache, then reads up headaches on the net and next minute is rushing off to the doctor convinced they are dying of a brain tumour. There are quite a few people out there like that, so when the rest of us have genuine health issues and only use the net as backup for research i dont see the problem with that. I have told the Trichologist i see that i use the Healthboards and he doesnt see a problem with that as a support thing and as long as i'm getting the right information. He himself posts info on the net and doesn't keep anything secret and therefore making you pay for it in consultation fees, he keeps it freely available on the net.

I've had a number of doctors who wouldn't run tests or give me information on what illnesses cause hair loss. They would simply say it's stress, diet, insufficient exercise and my age (i was 34 when it started and will be 41 at the end of the year). After eliminating everything, plus start of menopause which i'm nowhere even close too, it had to be the iron. What makes me mad is i had to find out for myself, no doctor was of any help, nobody ran any alternate tests and basic blood tests which should have given clues, they simply ignored.

I'm happy that the Trichologist has an indepth understanding and is an easy person to work with and that he ok'd the injections and that the gp who administers them also is willing to go along with the injections and has shown an interest in my health.

It's early days yet, so i wont get too excited, just happy that i feel i'm getting somewhere and will wait and see next blood test results.

clairenichols01 08-06-2007 05:04 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
I have had so many blood tests now and Tony has suggested that I get iron injections my Ferritin was 26 which is low

my iron was 13
testosterone .7
zinc 10.5 low
TSH 1.1
AST high 44
ALT high 51

I have been taking iron supplements and zinc supplements and it has raised my latest readings to

zinc 13.2
Ferritin 43
iron 18

do these facts mean anything to you?

My nails are very thin and easily broken and have ridges on them. Do you have this too? Feverish at times.

I am also very hot to touch at night but have cold feet and hands.

Audrey-B 08-07-2007 03:23 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hi Claire - Most of your results are actually better than mine, so you are fortunate there. The thing you have to remember is that unfortunately no medication will work over night eg: even once your ferretin levels get to the correct amount, it still takes on average anywhere from 3 to 6 months (even 12 months for some) to develop a proper growth cycle for their hair and that is if the ferretin levels stay elevated.

I'm not a doctor, but from what i've been told each time i've had my blood test was not to look at the actual "iron" level as that changes throughout the day according to what you have eaten. The one to keep an eye on is the ferretin. The highest i got to was 29 for ferretin, then dropped to 26, obviously what i was taking wasn't right for me, but it has worked for others. If you have gotten from 26 to 43 just on the iron supplements then that is great. I wish i could have done that. I got my 4th iron injection last night and it hurt all night. Don't know why it hurts when he does it in my right bottom cheek but not the left one!! If Tony has suggested the injections i would find a different gp to administer it, unless your gp has actual reasons for not wanting to do it. I would ask your gp what the reasons are.

Your zinc appears to be good now, mine is 13 and he said that was fine and yours is 13.2 so that's a big improvement for you.

My TSH is 3.46 and he wants me at 0.2 and i have done some research on the net where i also found the 0.2 figure mentioned as being a good figure to be at if possible. I don't know how to get my TSH down, but Tony believes once the ferretin sorts itself out that in time the Thyroid issue resolves itself. He feels that long term low ferretin leads to the Thyroid levels becoming anything from mildly to severly out of balance. I hope he is right as i dont want to go from an iron problem being fixed and find out i've got a never ending Thyroid issue.

The only other thing i noticed in your list of results was your testosterone which is 0.7 and the pathology range is 0.7 - 2.8 so you are at the bottom of the range. Now i'm not sure if that figure changes according to what stage of your monthly cycle you are in or not. You would need to speak to your dr or Tony on that issue. I got 0.9 in my result and Tony didnt say anything whereas on any of the other things where he felt i was too low or too high he set new targets for me to reach.

The only other thing with me was my hormone test. The SHBG came in at 16 and considering the time of my monthly cycle i should come up between 48 - 185. Tony would like to see me reach 80 - 110. I've done research on this also on the net and it's not something you can easily fix apparently. Maybe this is why my monthly cycles have been all over the place for years and why i couldn't fall pregnant. I used to have normal monthly cycles until dr's began giving me fertility drugs and it messed everything up. I wish i'd not taken any of the medication given to me. I'm currently on daily drops given to me by a naturopath and this has helped so much, but every time they try to take me off them i go back to square one. The only other treatment is going on birth control, but some people have had hair loss with that,plus i've had other side effects from it when i have gone on it. Who knows, maybe once my iron is corrected everything might fall into place as the time frame for everything going of course is roughly the same as it all started happening in 2000-2001.

Just keep doing what you are doing and if you arent sure of anything you can always consult Tony as he seems quite easy going and helpful. You must also remember that getting things corrected takes time and it all works differently for all of us as we are all individuals and our bodys react to things differently from one another. Don't focus too strongly at this stage on a 100% recovery in a short space of time. Focus instead on a 25% or a 50% recovery.

clairenichols01 08-07-2007 03:30 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Thanks heaps.

I will try to lift ferratin but if you have any tips please let me know e.g. foods, supplements.

FLFLOWERGIRL 08-07-2007 04:53 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Audrey--That's funny about the hypochondriac. It was on the news today, the name for THOSE people is Cyberchondriacs. They actually did a clip on it. I had to laugh, I've been to many doctors and I tell them I go on the net. That's when they say stop!

I first looked up eating ice "Pica" and it said you must ask for a Ferritin test. I went to the Endo and he knew that's when it was a 2. So it is good to get the right information or I would have gotten a transfusion. This doctor is the only good one I have and he is very good. He asks me questions like what else did you learn???

My hair has been falling out a little for years I just thought that it was my thyroid. I really believe that it is the Ferritin, I may be wrong???? It is bad now compared to what it was but so is my Ferritin.

I really do wish you the best with your injections. If my number is not up in 6mo.'s I might consider them and a new Hematologist. What kind of injections do you get? Thanks! FLFLOWERGIRL

Audrey-B 08-13-2007 02:49 AM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - The injections i get are called FerretinH, but i'd say no matter what the brand name it's all iron at the end of the day. Last week was my 4th injection and the first week that i noticed i actually felt better than i used to feel. Normally by the time i got myself ready for work and got to work i would feel so worn out, not just tired, but last week when i would get to work my eyes didn't feel like they were burning and i didnt feel exhausted. Tomorrow is my 5th and last injection so i wonder what i'll feel like by the end of this week!!

You are fortunate you have a good dr, when you read a lot of people's posts there are a lot of have bad drs who simply dont understand or dont want to understand. I guess as hair fall out can be due to a number of reasons i can understand that some dr's wont simply run with an idea a patient heard on the net, but i dont like how some dr's simply pass it off as a triviality. That's why it's always good to do a lot of research yourself and not to solely rely on a dr or who knows where you could end up. I did have a good laugh at the term "Cyberchondriacs" which you mentioned :)

Hi Claire - You mentioned ridges on your nails etc, one of my friends isn't losing any hair but she has extremely badly thin and ridged fingers nails, but mine surprisingly are fine, which Tony Pearce found strange. I guess low iron levels affect everybody differently, but i have no idea why. In my friend's case her diet isn't very good as she can't be bothered cooking just for herself and a lot of the time she will simply eat cheese and crackers or an egg. Eating the same thing every day isn't good as our bodies need variety so that our metabolism stays in peak condition and so that our bodies can obtain a range of vitamins and minerals. It's best to include a little bit of everything in your diet and not stick to the same old foods day in and day out. Fresh beetroot is good for your iron levels and i use it fresh when i juice some fruit and veg to drink or i shred it and use it in salads.

Are you taking any supplements for your iron or have your stopped?

Have you read any of the info on Hair section of the Heathboards? There are a lot of people there who are having general hair loss problems as well as Alopecia.

Audrey-B 08-29-2007 01:01 AM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
I have now finished all 5 injections and i do feel better than i've felt in at least 6yrs. I particularly still notice it in the mornings and get out of bed much easier and i'm not as tired at work.

I did think that i would have loads more energy than i do, but the Trichologist said that too many other areas of the body need the iron more and get the iron first, so energy levels have to wait till last. Anyway, i'm glad i got the injections as i would rather have my post injection energy level than what i had prior to getting the injections.

The Trichologist was so happy that i had a gp who would administer the injections and he has a few other patients who have a ferretin of 8 and who cant raise their levels, but have gp's who absolutely refuse to give them injections and who feel that a ferretin of 8 is no issue and that the patients dont even need to take supplements!! Now the Trichologist will be referring these few patients to my gp, which i think is wonderful as nobody deserves to go through endless years of the symptoms which low iron can give a person.

I now have to wait another week or so before getting a new blood test to see where i'm at. I hope it will say over 70, but i highly doubt it.

alice3724 08-29-2007 06:20 AM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hello, I to am feeling better this thursday is my last infusion and had my blood check last week and happy to say my ferritan level is 197 now thats from a 6. i'm glad your feeling better it feels good doesnt it i havent felt like this in a long long time. Alice

FLFLOWERGIRL 08-29-2007 06:30 AM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Audrey-B--Congrats on completing your iron shots!! I'm glad that you are slowly feeling better. I can tell you, now that my Hgb is on the rise I'm feeling much better every day. I still have a few symptoms that docs can't seem to figure out? They say I may never know and just to forget about it because I'm feeling better. I don't know how I feel about that, I'm still thinking.

Are you taking your powder and organic iron now that the shots are over? Good luck with your test results. I really hope this works for you. When we find the perfect combo that works it makes the world of difference. And I ALWAYS thought that anemia was just anemia how bad can that be????????? Now I know for sure. What an education I must say.

You are lucky that you have someone that seems to really care about your health. He sounds so nice. You are quite fortunate. I'm sure it wasn't an easy road to find him.

You never know your numbers might be up to 70 with all those shots. You know I think that my hair had slowed down on shedding. I was thinking this but thought, no it's just my mind. But, my husband just asked me yesterday, don't you think that you hair is getting better? It's not all over the floor now, just a little. I have white tile and it really shows. I also started washing it more because I read that skipping days, only makes more come out at one time and it makes you more anxious. So I went back to everyday. Maybe that makes a difference I don't know.

Anyway, I'm glad that the shots seem to be working for you. My GI doc suggested shots over IV but then the Hematologist said no because I was absorbing, I should take supplemental iron. (((Yuck)))!!!!! 6 more mo's., then he will decide 1X or none. I've already taken it for close to 8 mo's. I did an anemia panel yesterday and should get results by Fri. or Mon., I can't wait to see my Ferritin levels!

I'm going to the Healthfood store to check out the amino acids today. It can't hurt, I hope. I also got some shampoo from the beauty supply store for thinning hair. It doesn't hold it in just helps to replace and build. Nixion is the name of it and it comes from England. My daughter is in Cosmetology and has a pass to shop at this store. My stylist told us to get this. She also told me in the beginning to get tested for Celiac. These people hear all sorts of stories and learn a lot of good information. But that wasn't my problem, just interesting. Lots of luck to you! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Audrey-B 09-03-2007 02:56 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - yes it's an amazing feeling to actually have some energy. I don't know whether "normal" healthy people have this much energy or a lot more b/c i seriously cant remember as it has been so long since i felt what i would class as being "normal". It's kind of scary to imagine having more energy in the morning. I have been doing indoors exercises using a mini trampoline and skipping rope, plus doing stretches and other floor type exercises. Once the days get longer i might even go walking before breakfast or after dinner and i intend on joining my local swimming pool too. I know exercise is beneficial, but when you feel you have no energy or motivation it is hard to start an exercise program.

That is excellent if your hair has stopped falling out and it's great when other people notice it as it must be obvious then. The trichologist told me that there is no harm in washing your hair every day, so long as you are being gentle and using a suitable shampoo. I too notice the longer time i leave between shampoos the more hair i lose in one go, but when i shampoo more regularly the all up total of hairs combine is less.

I do get paranoid sometimes that i will wake up and have no energy again and be back at square one so i'm looking at keeping up some form of iron supplement after i've had my blood tests done. At the moment i have started taking a mixture of spiruline, chlorella and barley grass. I buy it already mixed in powdered form in a bottle. It stinks and tastes even worse, but i know a number of people who take it and they say it improves their energy and well being, plus it has so many of benefits besides being full of iron.

I hope you keep getting better and better results :)

Audrey-B 09-03-2007 03:44 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
Hi Alice, Wow, that is excellent that you got up to 197 for your ferretin. I can only dream of that, my dr wants me up to 125. Did you get infusions or injections?

Hope your levels stay up. :)

alice3724 09-03-2007 03:49 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
I was on infusions once a week for 4 weeks, My last was this past thursday i have an appointment on the 24th and will see if i need them once or twice amonth and i also am going to have a colon oscopy soon drs. order i hope my energy stays good to. How about you how are you doing Alice

alice3724 09-03-2007 03:52 PM

Re: First Iron Injection Today
I was on infusions once a week for 4 weeks, My last was this past thursday i have an appointment on the 24th and will see if i need them once or twice amonth and i also am going to have a colon oscopy soon drs. order i hope my energy stays good to. How about you how are you doing Alice

if my reply comes through twice i am sorry it keeps telling me errors occured when mess. was submitted

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