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auxano 11-04-2007 06:53 PM

I could cry!
I have just had my test results back. Five months ago I had a ferritin level of 11. Since then I have been trying to take my iron tablets, but certainly not very regularly - less than 2 months worth. (one 325g per day)

I have been feeling so, so bad - tired, fuzzy, woozey head, cannot concentrate, headaches and so worn-out. I thought my iron would be really low again but she told me my ferritin level came back as 90.

I just cannot believe that - I have never been over 20!
I honestly feel so bad that I feel I MUST have really LOW iron!

The nurse thought I was an idiot when I told her I don't believe the test!

What could be causing me to feel so bad if it's not low iron? I just want to cry with frustration.

ChristineVA 11-05-2007 04:10 AM

Re: I could cry!
Could it be the iron itself is bothering you? High doses of iron can have side effects and some supplements may have added ingredients that can bother you.

I know it is depressing when you think you should be feeling better. One thing you have to worry about with different illnesses/disorders is not to blame everything on that one illness.

Many, many years ago I had thyroid cancer and subsequently getting my thyroid levels regulated it is a challenge. It is so EASY for me to blame everything wrong on my lack of thyroid. I think that's why I didn't even check out my iron issues for so long--I just assumed it was my thyroid.

In your case, I might try to switch to a lower dose supplement at this point since your ferritin is so good--try a daily multivitamin with iron at this point and see if you don't feel better in about 2 weeks. If you don't feel better, it's time to start looking for other reasons for feeling poorly.

CD111 11-05-2007 08:28 AM

Re: I could cry!
auxano, I feel the same way. However, I haven't had my ferritin levels rechecked yet. Going in today. I also feel tired and just not well in general and am thinking my body isn't absorbing the iron. I take 4x 325mg each day. My ferritin level was 9. Now I am worrying I may have really over done it with the Iron. LOL. But on the other hand I also realize, how much more stress I have caused myself worrying about my iron deficiency, everything that goes along with it and the rest of my life in general. I have had more stress in the last year then ever before, exponentially. LOL. So that could also be why you are feeling down and exhausted. Hang in there.

lindsalou 11-08-2007 01:49 PM

Re: I could cry!
Christine is quite right in what she says. We can sometimes focus to much on one illness and put every symptom down to it. personally if my ferritin was at your level, id be shouting from the roof tops (lol), but it is difficult when you attribute all your symptoms to anemia.
About 18 month ago, i was seeing my works doctor, who was totally ignorant to the effects of low ferritin, he was adamant my symptoms were that of chronic fatigue syndrome (that he said was proberbly secondary to me being iron deficient - even though id just had a course of iron infusions - and still felt like crap. He recommended taking Q10 ensymes to help boost my energy levels - which of course i ignored as i was convinced (still am) that it was down to being IDA.

Consequently, i spoke to my hematologist, who told me that even though i was having regular infusions and at the time my ferritin had raised (slighty), that it would take a while for the new iron stores to basically 'get to work', he said it could take upto 3months before the benefits of the infusions were felt, so just because your ferritin is up, it can take a while before you start to feel better.

Some people feel better almost straight away, maybe your one of the unlucky ones like me, that just takes that little bit longer.
The main thing is, is that your ferritin HAS improved, which is a very good sign.
If you dont start to feel any better in the next few weeks, then go back and see your doc.
Unfortunately, there is no 'overnight cure' for anemia.
Hope you feel better soon,

Audrey-B 11-09-2007 01:57 AM

Re: I could cry!
lindsalou makes a good point........just b/c your levels have suddenly hit 90 doesn't necessarily mean that you will feel great immediately. I had a course of iron injections over 5 weeks. After the first injection the doctor asked if i felt better, then after the second he asked again. When i said i still felt the same he was surprised due to one of his other patients feeling better after the very first injection. It took me four injections (4weeks later) to feel better.

Unless, as others have said, your tiredness etc is due to something else, is there a chance the nurse read out the figure meant for iron, rather than of ferretin? Have you had other things tested eg: thyroid? My thyroid was a bit out so at the end of the day my symptoms were likely a combination of both thyroid and low ferretin.

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