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Tifferzz 02-15-2008 10:18 PM

Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
Hello all. I have a question, has anyone here experienced "break outs" with taking B12 Pills or Iron Pills (Slow Fe)? I have been breaking out for about four months now, and now that I look back on it, that is about when I started both Iron Pills and B12 Pills. I have been breaking out on my scalp, behind my ears and the space between the back of my ears and my head, all around my hair-line (the whole way around my head), around the back of my neck and my chest, my upper back and shoulders. I mentioned it to the Doctor last month, and she just said it could be because of the "dry weather". I don't believe that one LOL. I haven't broken out like this since I was a teenager!! Even then, I never broke out on my scalp! I am not sure what is causing it and it is making me mad! I have not used any new detergents or soaps or anything, so I am not sure what is causing it.

I go to a Dermatologist (for the first time) in April, but that is for the brown patches that are on my face, although if I still have this break out stuff, I will tell her. Just wanted to post here to see if anyone else experiences this at all?? :confused:


Audrey-B 02-15-2008 11:58 PM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
Low ferretin can affect our hormones from what my doctor has told me. I began experiencing bad monthly cycles and it worsened as my ferretin fell lower and lower, but i never connected the two. My doctor has told me as my ferretin improves so should the hormones affecting my cycles.

I have noticed approx 8 or so months ago that my skin and scalp became oilier. I used to have very oily forehead and scalp as a teen and the older i got it cleared up. In the past few months i've had the odd pimple appear around my chin area which i have never experienced in my entire life, i dont get them on a daily basis, just every so often. I have wondered whether a higher ferretin amount has done something to my system. Perhaps it's a phase and it takes time for the body to adjust and when it does everything will go back to normal. It could also be hormones readjusting.

I like to use a good mud mask to draw out the impurities from the pores in the skin. I find it refreshing and excellent when skin is a bit on the oilier side. Mine is only my forehead, the rest is fine. My shoulder area can have a tendency to get a bit oilier than the rest of my skin, but no breakouts there. Have you changed your diet in any way and do you drink much water?

I will ask my doctor next time i speak to him. He is fairly cluey on all things to do with iron deficiency and how it affects the body. I have to go get test results hopefully on monday so will ask him.

moommin 02-16-2008 02:45 AM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
hello, i also have very itchy rash on palms of hands it seems to come around my periods and lasts for about two weeks , the itching is hell come to think of it it started over a year ago around the time i started taking iron i also have a rash on my legs and around back of left ear, shirley:confused:

ChristineVA 02-16-2008 05:16 AM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
I have a similar story but not necessarily with vitamins. Bear with me, it's a long story.

I have been taking Synthroid for about 13 years and I've always been fine. About 2 years ago, I started to have a chronic "rash" type of thing on my chest and back. It was almost like eczema in that I had rough patches. I would occasionally get these painful pimples on my chest. They weren't really pimples but that's the best way to describe them. I went to so many dermatologists and no one knew what it was. I was tested for lupus and other diseases (this is where I found out about the anemia). They determined that the constant rash/breaking out was a type of allergic dermatitis but they couldn't help me with it. I tried creams and antihistamines. The antihistamines helped but they made me tired.

I then *hoped* that the rash was due to the iron deficiency and that I would get better as that improved.

At the same time, I started having reactions to ibuprofen. About 45 minutes after I would take one, I would get a single hive/welt either on my chest on on my back. It was so weird. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen at the time (heavy periods and headaches due to the anemia). I then assumed I was allergic to ibuprofen and I switched to Tylenol. That worked fine for awhile and then I started get the hive, even with that.

Then I decided to try a stronger iron supplement--Feosol. Forty-five minutes after taking my first Feosol, I got a HUGE hive on my chest. Well, that did it for me. I realized that I couldn't possibly be allergic to ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Iron. So, I took all of these pills and I loaded ALL of their ingredients in a spreadsheet to see if I could find the offending ingredient. It was hard work. But one or two ingredients kind of stood out. The one I focused on was something called "Povidone" which is a binder for tablets. But I was very confused because, lo and behold, my Synthroid contained Povidone and [I]it[/I] wasn't giving me hives???:confused:

But, I decided to switch to Levoxyl (no Povidone there) and made sure that any other item I took did not have Povidone in it.

Well, when I got rid of my Synthroid, I got rid of that awful chronic "rash" and breakout that I had on my chest for 2 years. Heck, I couldn't even wear a V-neck top for a long time. It all cleared up in a matter of 2 weeks.

So, my point is that, yes, you could be reacting to something in your supplements.

help wanted :( 02-16-2008 08:39 AM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
ive read that b12 can cause spots but i havnt been taking it long enough to find out

Tifferzz 02-16-2008 01:22 PM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
Wow, I am glad that I am not the only one experiencing similar things!! Thank you all for responding!!

Audrey-B, the only thing I have changed in my Diet is I am eating A LOT more red meat. I do have my Peanut M&M everyday cravings LOL, but that started back in like August of 2007. These break-outs started around November 2007. I do not drink a lot of water (I know I should), but I drink a lot of Iced Tea (Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey), I carry a glass of that around with me ALL day. The weird thing is, I am not breaking out on my face at all, it's all around my hair line, on my scalp itself (all over my scalp), behind my ears and the space where the back of your ears meet your hairline, my chest, my upper back and around my shoulders. It's really weird!!

ChristineVA, I know what you mean about the painful part!! These are painful!! They get red and they hurt and then they get white and it's like white little blisters kind of. Like the fluid is white and liquidy (sorry, don't want to be disgusting, but trying to explain it). It's not like a pimple that you squeeze and an actual pimple comes out, do you know what I mean? These are all like white liquid filled type pimples. That's how they are at every place I am breaking out. The ones on the scalp hurt BAD too, especially when you are brushing your hair and hit one ... OUCHHHHHHHH!! I just went out and bought "Head and Shoulders" for my hair, I am wondering if that will make a difference at all. I dunno.

moommin and help wanted this is definitely interesting!! I am wondering if it can be due to either B12 or Iron. I am going to try and look up both pills and see if I can find anything, if I do I will post it back here. I wish these break outs were just at my period time, but they happen alllllllll the time and I hate it. I am at the point now where .... I hate going out in public wearing a ponty-tail in my hair because of the break outs. I am afraid people will see it behind my ears and behind my neck and around my hairline back there. PLUS, the space between my ears and my head/hairline ... I am getting a skarring there!! It's a bunch of like .... darker pink areas I guess where all of the break-outs have been and it's behind both sides and it's embarrassing!!! I wish I could get into the Dermatologist sooner or I wish my Family Doctor would know why, but she doesn't. :(

P.S. I stopped taking Birth Control Pills in August of 2007, you don't think that could be why do you?? Or do you think I would have started breaking out sooner than November 2007??

ChristineVA 02-16-2008 01:31 PM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?

First, check your pills for common ingredients, like I did. Actually, I might consider stopping them for 2-3 weeks if you can stand it.

In reading of your breakouts, it almost sounds like a severe allergic reaction. Based on the location, could it be some type of hair product (shampoo, conditioner, mousse, spray) that is new or has changed formulations? It almost sounds like when you are shampooing you are breaking out in all the places that the shampoo hits while in the shower (or conditioner). Or it could be a gel or spray and when you shampoo the next day, the product gets wet and gets on all those areas.

Audrey-B 02-17-2008 02:47 PM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?
Tifferzz - could it be an ingredient in the tea you drink? A lot of those products have preservatives and other things which not everybody can handle. Does the tea contain caffeine? If it does, it wouldn't be helping your iron intake if you are drinking it all day.

I remembered something over the weekend with pimples on the scalp. I have about 4 different shampoos and rotate them so that i'm not using exactly thesame one daily. From my deductions, it appears that my Dove shampoo, which i loved using, seems to coincide with the odd pimple/sore spot on my head. I will only get the two sore spots at the one time, but when i felt my scalp in both locations there was a tiny bump. This led me to rotate my shampoos and the problem went away.

Is your hair on the oily side? it could be blocked pores. I every so often poor boiling water over either some rosemary, sage or stinging nettle. I let it infuse for about 15 mins when i'm in a hurry, or an hour or overnight when i'm not in a hurry. After i have shampood and conditioned my hair i strain the herbs from the water and use the herbal water as a final rinse and gently massage my scalp as i poor the herbal water over my head. I let the herbal water fall into a plastic tub and then i poor it over my head again. I repeat this about 4 times so my scalp gets a good dousing. I then towel dry gently and dry my hair off. This really cleanses the scalp and is a natural astringent for oily scalp and helps clean out any blocked pores on the scalp.

OWL77 02-17-2008 06:25 PM

Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?

Yes, my B12 injections give me acne all along my hairline, especially behind my ears, and it hurts. I also get it on my scalp. It was worse when I first started my injections, in July. I still get it, but I am used to it now and it doesn't seem as bad.

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