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Ashley9045 07-26-2008 04:23 AM

My legs feel very tired all the time, especially when I wake up in the morning. Some mornings it is not as bad as others, my ferritin is also a 5 so I am wondering if anyone else has the leg tiredness going on with their anemia and low ferritin. Thanks!!

ChristineVA 07-26-2008 04:26 AM

Re: Anemia/Legs
Probably. I would consider that this is the problem. If it is still going on when your ferritin raises, then you would have to consider something else. I didn't feel "normal" until my ferritin got into the 20s.

FLFLOWERGIRL 07-26-2008 07:33 AM

Re: Anemia/Legs
Ashleymichele23--I had terribly weak legs, they thought that I had MS. I saw a Neurologist and had MRI's of my head and neck and nerve conduction testing along with an evaluation.

When I had a period and 2 ferritin I felt like I had jelly legs and a very strange head feeling at one point. I was unable to go to a store or out for a year. This was due to the fact that I wasn't able to take the right amount of iron necessary. The RBC's kept getting smaller and carried even less oxygen to the muscles, It was a real mess. When it comes to anemia the symptoms are vast and different for everyone. If you have other problems going on it also can make them worse. The longer the anemia goes on the worse the symptoms are on the body. I think that I was very anemia for a long time but didn't know it until I hit the bottom. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Ashley9045 07-26-2008 08:29 AM

Re: Anemia/Legs
Thank you so much for your response! I also think I have been anemic and have had low levels of a lot of things for about 3-4 years. (That is how long I have had a heavy period every month). I kept thinking things would get better until I became so extremely exhausted my doctor ran more detailed blood tests and found out I was lacking so many things, the ferritin level being just about a 5. I also thought I had MS due to the leg weakness and it has scared me so much, but I know being this depleted has to affect your muscles and every thing in your body. I realize now that I need to have the surgery done to remove the fibroids or nothing is going to change because I still get a heavy period for 3-4 days everymonth and it has worn me out. I finally go to the specialist on Aug. 4th and hopefully a decision will be made then. Thanks...

flowergirl2day 07-26-2008 07:17 PM

Re: Anemia/Legs
I had several episodes of neurological symptoms in my legs last year. The legs would simply give out without any warning, sending me down. It happened once even as I was entering the hospital for a test. I blamed my medications. It really scared me and I stopped taking my Lipitor immediately. This drug is known for causing permanent muscle and neurological type of damage in some people. While off this drug briefly, I had yet another experience - my legs, feet, and toes became paralyzed while I was out walking. Though I didn't fall down, I could not move anything. I cannot tell you how scary this transient paralysis was. It only happened once. I wonder if having low iron levels could have contributed to it? I feel weak and extremely tired (almost zombie-like) almost all the time, and it's not just the legs. Sometimes I don't know how I keep going and functioning at work.


Ashley9045 07-27-2008 10:20 AM

Re: Anemia/Legs
Hi flowergirl,
I have a feeling the weak legs is from the Anemia since I feel the same way. The exhaustion has been unbearable at times, for 2 years I have been a joke with my family and colleagues at work how I would tell everyone by 7:00PM I was in bed asleep, well, now I know the reason. With everything being so low in my body, no wonder after working all day, I was exhausted by 7:00PM. Like I said I had this awhile now and I do not remember what it was like to feel good again. Did you have fibroid surgery?

flowergirl2day 07-27-2008 07:10 PM

Re: Anemia/Legs
Ashley Michelle,

thank you for your post. I am glad to hear I am not alone in having these types of problems. I hope the leg weakness to the point of losing muscle control is a thing of the past. There's enough to deal with as it is.

[QUOTE]Did you have fibroid surgery?[/QUOTE]

Not yet. There are some indications that fibroids could be causing (at least partly) my low iron. As someone pointed out in one of the posts, there can be several factors contributing to an iron depletion or deficiency. I can think of at least a couple of other good possibilities - just from reading the posts on this board. I will be having some tests over the next few months. Unfortunately, things move very slowly here. Time will tell. One thing that bothers me though is that not a word was said to me about what we can do about this situation. Starting the iron supplements immediately would have made sense. I guess that means that until the cause is found -in a few months, if ever- there'll be no supplements. I could be wrong, of course. On the other hand, the one thing I don't need is to get sick from them. I already have gastric issues and daily nausea and would be hesitant to rock the boat -so to speak- and make things worse for myself. I will get the B12 as suggested though.

Does anemia and/or low iron cause general muscle weakness all over the body? Unfortunately, fatigue is a common side effect of many meds - so it's hard to tell what's what. :(

I am finding the posts on this board very informative and extremely helpful. Thanks, everyone! :)


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