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    Thumbs up There is something wrong with my blood

    I am an 18 year old male. I have not been feeling good since the beginning of October. I started getting this on and off feeling of lightheadedness - at its worst it can come and go every few seconds - and even my arms sometimes get the same feeling in them. I got a complete blood count on the ninth of October, but I didn't get to see the results until today when I went to the doctor. I have high cholesterol, and now I am on a diet and exercise plan to bring that down - I will start taking medicine for it when insurance clears it. But I am more worried about the other things from the blood test. While my cholesterol is high, some of the other things are low, below or just barely within the reference range for them. I think I might have some kind of blood disorder such as anemia. I have been tired, pale, depressed, and my hair has been falling out. I got non-ulcer dyspepsia suddenly in May and I had to start taking PPIs, which I know can block the absorption of B-12 and give you anemia. I don't think I have been taking PPIs long enough for that to happen though. My doctor didn't say anything about these results ... I wonder what he thinks. Anyway, here are the irregular results:

    WBC 7.2 k/mm3
    RBC 5.18 m/mm3
    HEMOGLOBIN 13.9 g/dL (Reference Range 13.0-18.0 g/dL)
    HEMATOCRIT 41.1 (Reference Range 40.0-50.0 %)
    MCV 79 fL (Reference Range 78-100 fL)
    MCH 26.9 pg (Reference Range 27.0-34.0 pg)
    MCHC 33.9 g/dL (Reference Range 31.0-37.0 g/dL)
    RDW 13.9 % (Reference Range 12.1-18.2 %)
    PLATELET COUNT 176 k/mm3 (Reference Range 130-450 k/mm3)
    MPV 9.9 fL

    GLUCOSE 89 mg/dL
    UREA NITROGEN 10 mg/dL (Reference Range 8-25 mg/dL)
    CREATINE 0.87 mg/dL
    BUN/CREAT RATIO 11.5 (Reference Range 10.0-28.0)
    SODIUM 146 mmol/L
    POTASSIUM 4.2 mmol/L
    CHLORIDE 106 mmol/L
    CARBON DIOXIDE 23 mmol/L
    ANION GAP 17 (Reference Range 4-18)
    PROTEIN,TOTAL 7.0 g/dL
    ALBUMIN 4.6 g/dL (Reference Range 3.2-4.5 g/dL)
    GLOBULIN 2.4 g/dL
    CALCIUM 9.8 mg/dL
    ALT 17 IU/L (Reference Range 10-50 IU/L)
    BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 0.3 mg/dL (Reference Range 0.2-1.3 mg/dL)

    TSH 2.27 mU/L

    This was three weeks ago, so some of the levels are probably even lower by now. Does it look like I have some kind of blood disorder or will develop one? How can I get some of these levels to a healthier place? Thank you.

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    Re: There is something wrong with my blood

    Originally Posted by fjg177 View Post
    .... My doctor didn't say anything about these results ... I wonder what he thinks. Anyway, here are the irregular results....
    Welcome to the boards, fjg!!

    I'm sure you're anxious to know more about the tests results...and I know others will disagree with me...but we're not trained to read and/or interpret the results of these tests. Therefore, it may not beright to offer our opinions as the info may be incorrect or misleading, and would cause unnecessary worry or misleading reassurance. I would encourage you to review these results with your doctor for more info..

    That said, did your doctor suggest cholesterol medication? If so, based on what information? Have you done any research on the topic yourself? If not, I would highly recommend the cholesterol boards and the high/low blood pressure boards where you'll find pros and cons based on personal experience. I was offered an "opportunity" to take a statin, but declined based on the side effects that people experienced. Ironically, my cholesterol went down when my potassium went up (via the DASH meal plan) and I discontinued a med known for elevating cholesterol...but point is, research the info for yourself so you can make an INFORMED choice.

    As far as as getting your levels to a "healthier place" (your words, not mine), providing your doctor's staff approves it, I would recommend the DASH (Dietary Approaches for Stopping Hypertension) eating plan which was developed by researchers of the federal government to control blood pressure...long story short, this dietary program was found to be beneficial for diabetics, cardiac patients, etc., providing they had healthy kidney and liver function...the meal plan is high in fruits and veggies, and fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, and many people notice a positive change within two weeks!

    I've said enough...take care!


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    Re: There is something wrong with my blood

    Thank you for the welcome and the advice
    I am just wondering if anyone here has ever tested for similar levels. I am concerned because some of the numbers are lower than they are in healthy people and I am wondering what these abbreviations mean that have the words "reference range" next to them. For example, I know that Hematocrit is supposed to be at a level of at 45% for men, but I am not at that level. It can be really hard to get answers from my doctor. I don't have any bleeding that I know of. I had an upper GI fluoroscopy and apparently every thing was fine so that ruled out any large bleeding ulcers. Maybe I could be bleeding small amounts at a time or maybe whatever is causing my non-ulcer dyspepsia is causing me to not absorb minerals or vitamins as well as I used to. From my (extremely limited) understanding of the subject iron, b-12, and vitamin deficiencies can cause abnormal changes in the blood.
    I am waiting for my insurance to clear the medicines my doctor prescribed. One was basically fish oil (all I could read on the prescription slip was "Omega-3") and the other was Fluvastatin 40 mg.
    Every day is a struggle until I can find out what is wrong with me. Hopefully when my weight and my cholesterol/triglycerides lower I will start to feel a little better.

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    Re: There is something wrong with my blood

    fig177--I can speak to the anemia related portion of your labs. No, I am not a doctor, (only in my home), but I have 2 years of experience with anemia/low ferritin and would be glad to share some of my own experience if it would be helpful to you.

    Regarding your Hgb-L normal, Hct-L normal and RBC's (RBC's look good), you are NOT considered to be anemic at this point. To explain it; when one or more of those numbers are below range you are considered anemic, so you see you are not right now.

    Ferritin is the iron stores in the organs and bone marrow. You should request that your doctor test you to see if yours is low or being lowered, if anything it is a good number to know for future reference. Also, I would request an iron panel that will show if you are low in iron that is in circulation for use and much more. It does provide more information about your iron stats/anemia, although the Ferritin is a more reliable, telling test of iron stored. At least insist on the Ferritin being tested, this will give you a good idea if you are using up too much iron. I would also ask for a B-12, folate testing while you are at it. Although by your MCV you don't look like you have anything to worry about concerning B-12. A B-12 deficiency will make this number go up higher. In the presence of anemia from B-12 and iron this number can be skewed and look more normal which fools some people. This is why testing is important. Your MCV is on the low end of normal. If you were to fall below range then the cells would be smaller and carry less oxygen throughout your body which is all a part of anemia. So on your labs in the case of iron deficiency anemia the H & H, RBC (RBC sometimes) MCV, MCH, MCHC go low, while the platelets and RDW go high on the Hematology lab reference range, if that helps at all.

    IMO, I don't think that you have been on PPI's long enough to be the problem. However, if you have a low stomach acid already and took PPI's then that may very well be an issue. I would think that your lowered numbers are a result of your stomach since you are having problems there, it would make sense. Have you been checked for H-pylori yet? Hope that you are feeling better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL

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    Re: There is something wrong with my blood

    hi, iam new, i read your article, and saw your lab work, looks pretty good, i hope you will be feeling better.

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